Our final pillow post this month comes from…. me! When I’m not spending my time working on craft books, I’m busy making them. I also blog over at Digs&Bean: stop by when you have a minute. Quilting and sewing are my current favorite mediums. Pair that with a healthy love of fusible web, and you get lots (and lots) of applique, like in this project. I love pillows: they’re quick, fun, and have endless design potential. But I wish my doggies weren’t so keen to wash (er… chew) them, or my house would be even more pillow-riffic. So this week, the contest is a bit different: if you win the drawing, you’ll get a copy of Pretty Little Pillows and these pillows! Of course, you can also make your own.

Free Project: Try the Two-Tone Truffle pillows in any color you like!

Interested in winning a free copy of Pretty Little Pillows? Each Friday for this month (ending Friday, July 30th), Lark Crafts will post a free project and giveaway offer. For a chance to win that week’s prize, you will need to comment on the post during the times and dates specified.

Comment on this post between now and next Wednesday, August 4th by 9pm EST, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free copy of Pretty Little Pillows and the Two-Tone Truffle pillows from the book. One winner will be selected at random on or before Thursday, August 5th at 10am, and announced on Friday. Click here for the official rules.

Congratulations to last week’s winner, AnneGirl. And thanks to everyone who commented!


19 Responses

    SarahC says:

    Thanks for the free projects!

    Briana Arlene says:

    I love these pillows. Great muted color combo. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ashley L says:

    The one with the house is so cute! These would make good gifts for my younger cousins.

    Sandra says:

    It's wonderful that you offer free projects; thank you. These Truffle pillows remind me of slices of toast, so I think I'll try making some…having a whole loaf's worth of marmalade-spread- & peanut-butter-spread- & buttery- toast slice pillows would be so much fun. For a breakfast nook, maybe…hmm.

    Aleese says:

    Scrumptious! If I put them on the bed I'd wake up to find them missing and little bits of fluff on my mouth! :D

    sy says:

    these are so cute. thanks for sharing. i saw them on the book preview at amazon and love them.

    justval says:

    Those pillows are so cute, thank you for sharing. They are on my ever-growing list for Christmas presents!

    A Haun says:

    These are such neat pillows.

    Donna says:

    What a great giveaway. I love the pretty little series!!

    Kristy says:

    I love the colour of those pillows!

    jeanne says:

    i love the triangle pillows.

    Krousegirl2 says:

    id love to win this book! great looking projects!

    Ina says:

    What adorable pillows! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Christine says:

    I love the book and the pillows! Please sign me up :-)

    I never got to taking sewing class as kid so winning a free book would be a great time to start! :)

    Kirsten says:

    Sign me up too. I want the pillows and the book.

    Kim R. says:

    I'd love a chance – please enter me!!

    AmandaCarestio says:

    A winner has been selected… congratulations, Sandra! My pillows will be on their way shortly.

    Thank you to everyone who joined us for our month of pillow goodness!

    You have observed very interesting details! ps nice web site.

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