Free Project Friday: Fabric Remix Redux

August 27, 2010, 08:00 am  Posted by needlearts

Coffee Bag LIner

We’re all abuzz about designer Sandy Stone this week—just wait ’til you see all the fabulous, funky, and fun projects in Fabric Remix, which hits bookstores on September 7.  (In fact, we’re having such a celebration that we’ve decided to extend it into next week, too, when we give away some free copies. Stay tuned.) Today Sandy made a special bonus project for our Friday giveaway, and you’ll never guess what she upcycled to create this unique accessory. Here’s a hint: Most of us couldn’t even get out of bed without its contents.

Give up? It’s a coffee bean bag! Here’s how to make this groovy, super-simple, one-of-a-kind, totally-Sandy Coffee Bag Basket Liner. All you need are:

  • basic sewing tools
  • one 28 x 44-inch coffee bag (you can get two liners from one bag this size)
  • one 18 x 12 x 8-inch wire basket (or close to this size; the rule of thumb is that the opening of the coffee bag should fit somewhat loosely over the top of the basket)
  • one 4 x 60-inch fabric remnant (length could vary according to basket size)

I’ll let Sandy take it from here:

Many coffee shops roast coffee beans on the premises and will usually be quite happy to give away the burlap bags in which the raw beans are delivered. Just ask for one the next time you stop in for your latte! I’ve chosen to use an open wire basket in order to reveal the cool graphics printed on the bag.

1. Turn the bag inside out and re-stitch across the top where the bag has been cut open. Cut the bag in half horizontally to create two smaller bags.

step 2

2. With right sides facing, pull out the bottom corners and align the side seams with the center bottom of the bag. Stitch across and perpendicular to the side seams 6 inches from the corner; this seam should be around 11 inches long. Trim off the corners and zigzag or serge the raw edges to prevent fraying.

step 3

3. Turn the bag right side out and place in basket. Pull the top edge of the bag over all four sides of the basket and use a ruler or hem gauge to make a cutting line 3 inches from the top of the basket. Cut off the excess burlap.

step 4

4. With right sides facing, pin your fabric remnant 1/2 inch from the edge. Overlap the ends of the remnant strip where they meet, tuck the exposed raw edge under and topstitch.

step 5

5. Turn the remnant strip over to lie flat on the burlap so that the wrong sides are facing. Turn the raw edge of the remnant strip under about 1/4 inch as you topstitch it onto the inside edge of the bag.

step 6

6. Place the liner in the basket and pull the top edge over the sides to show off the cute border.

Thanks, Sandy! If you’d like a download of the instrux, well here you are. And read my interview with Sandy, in case you missed it on Wednesday.

Don’t forget about More Fun with Fabric Remix next week, and come see Sandy (and other Lark Crafts authors Cathie Filian, Tina Givens, and Vickie Howell, too!) at The Creative Connection event next month.

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  • AmandaCarestio

    I just love how Sandy blends old and new…. so inspiring!

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  • http://www.examiner.com/arts-and-crafts-5-in-national/rebecca-restrepo Rebecca

    This is amazing! I'm featuring a series of upcycling crafts at the Examiner.com. I'd love to review this book!

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  • Valerie

    We'd be happy to send you a copy, Rebecca.

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  • Thom

    For any Asheville folks, Dynamite Roasting in Black Mountain gives away their coffee bags!

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