Free Project Friday: Stash Happy for Mom

May 06, 2011, 09:49 am  Posted by needlearts

It’s a cliche: Mom’s busy cooking in the kitchen. But hey, at least while I was growing up that cliche had some truth to it. Whether she was convincing my sister and I that we actually liked eggplant or baking her famous peanut butter balls (famous because the recipe was not written down and thus never the same twice), I have her to thank for the wide variety of food that I eat today. Except seafood–she can’t take any credit for that.

Not all moms are cooks, but most moms can use an apron or a potholder. Maybe the potholder is only for break-and-bake cookies. Or maybe the apron is actually for the garden and it will never come back inside clean again. Either way, with just a small amount of fabric you can whip up something quick for the special lady in your life that you call mom.

The apron project from Stash Happy: Patchwork is exclusive to this post and can be downloaded by clicking here.

The matching potholder can be found in our free stuff section, right over here.

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