Fresh Flickr Finds: Bird Love!

June 06, 2011, 13:19 pm  Posted by Lark

My little secret is out…. I’m a total Flickr addict! It’s such a rich source of inspiration and community… and pictures of really cute dogs! And there’s even a special group of bird lovers (like us!) called Bird Nerd. Here’s a batch of bird-themed goodness, fresh from flickr!

(Click on the links below to see more from these artists.)

1. Canary, 2. calma, calma!, 3. Miss Wagtail In Water, 4. felt birds with eyes!, 5. Barn Owl Brooch, 6. bird and ginko leaves, 7. State Birds Detail, 8. three felt birds, 9. Green Felt Bird, 10. 023, 11. 3 green felt birds, 12. Trio of Goldfinches


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