Fresh Flickr Finds: Bird Love

August 16, 2010, 09:38 am  Posted by Lark

Are you nerdy for birds? Don’t worry: you’re among friends! Inspired by Megan’s post about bower birds, I trolled flickr for some inspiration of the feathered variety and what a treasure trove! Owls, doves, geese, blackbirds (my personal fave!)…. I love them all. For all birdies all the time, take a look at the Bird Nerd group. If you’re equally obsessed with birds and mini quilts, you’ll love Kathreen’s bird post during her mini quilt month over at WhipUp.

(Click the links below to see more work from each of these artists.)

1. lil-sad-owl, 2. Little Bird Quilt, 3. spring, 4. raven quilt, 5. Peacock yarn art, 6. Traffic Pattern, 7. Vintage Fabric Applique Bird Cage Pillow, 8. The Cream and Burgundy Flowers Bird on a Wire Clutch , 9. black bird mini with frame


4 Responses

    Love the birds! I'm a sucker for bird beads and have been finding it really hard to part with them!

    Lisa Jordan says:

    Such a lovely assortment! I was thrilled to see my little woolly guy amongst them.

      AmandaCarestio says:

      Lisa – couldn't have a collection of birdy goodness without one of your little creations! They're the cutest!!!

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