Fresh Flickr Finds: The Pillow Edition

July 05, 2010, 09:15 am  Posted by Lark

We’ve declared the month of July Pillow Month to celebrate Pretty Little Pillows. We’re starting the week off with a bit of pillow inspiration from flickr, but check back this Friday for a free Pretty Little Pillow tutorial, a bit of insight about the designer, and a chance to win a copy of the book. Now, back to inspiration…

Pillows just may be my favorite crafty canvas these days. And I’m not alone; check out (or drool over – your pick!) this fresh batch of flickr inspiration. For even more flickr fun, take a peek at these pillow-centric groups: Pillow Talk Swap and My Lovely Pillow.

(Click on the links below to find more work from each of these artists.)

1. YIP 365.78 :: Floor pillow, 2. pillow talk swap finished, 3. Couch pillows!, 4. Mod Square – Quilted Pillow Cover in Shades of Orange, 5. Porch Pillow, 6. Hopefull Hexagon Pillow, 7. Pillow Swap 2 – front, 8. Pillow Talk Swap Pillow Cover, 9. Pillow Talk Swap 3 | for my partner


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    justval says:

    Using scrap material to make such wonderful pillows is wonderful. I absolutely love the vast array of colors and patterns.
    They remind me of my husband's great aunt Lucy's pillow. She did all her pillows by hand, never owned a sewing machine.

    My best friend is having her first child in October and I wanted to make a pillow (a quilt is a little beyond my beginner skills). This has given me plenty of inspiration! I have some scrap material from my wedding tablecloths and can use some material from the bridesmaid dress I wore in her wedding…and get some new material! OH! Such cute pillows…thanks for the inspiration!

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