Fresh Flickr Finds: Vintage Scarves

April 11, 2011, 13:14 pm  Posted by Lark

Working on Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Scarves means we all did a bit of research into (er…shopping for!) vintage scarves. The history of scarves is rich, the designs are varied (and sometimes a bit odd, which are my favorites!), and there is certainly plenty of “scarf eye candy” online. Here is a sampling of juicy scarf closeups from the collection of Library Fashionista on flickr – a little Vera, some Liberty of London, and, of course, some hot air balloons. And for more about her collection, here’s Edith:

I started collecting vintage clothing in the mid-1980s. Originally I would pick up vintage silk souvenir scarves – some of my collection favorites include a scarf from the 1939 New York World’s Fair and a Pendleton Roundup scarf (the Pendleton Roundup is a very old rodeo held in Pendleton, Oregon). In the past few years I’ve had a marvelous time collecting Vera Neumann scarves. Unlike most scarf artists who were anonymous, there have been several books about Vera in the past few years, and, of course, seeing her signature when picking through a pile of otherwise bad polyester scarves at a thrift shop is instant gratification. The scarves I covet most are from Liberty of London. I’ve only come across a handful over the years, but they absolutely send me over the moon. Scarves can be clever, romantic, beautiful, cheeky, and pieces of art in their own right, so it’s easy to become addicted.

Do you have a fabulous scarf collection? Feel free to share your links in the comment section!

(Interested in adding some Vera to your scarf stash? Comment on Nathalie’s post for a chance to win!)

Click on the links below to see more of these scarves (and more!) from Library Fashionista’s collection.

1. Central Park scarf, 2. Vera Op Art scarf, 3. Opera audience scarf detail 1, 4. Liberty of London detail 1, 5. Square pattern scarf, 6. Purple scarf with circles, 7. Balloon scarf detail, 8. 1952 Liberty of London Scarf Detail, 9. Carnival scarf detail 1, 10. Key scarf detail, 11. Brigadoon scarf detail 1, 12. Caribbean scarf


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    Em081106 says:

    I have collected scarves also. I LOVE them. I like Vera too. I have several of the calendar scarves from the 50′s. My granddaughter likes my scarves also. She always asks to play with a couple when she visits.

    L G says:

    I’ve had a collection of silk scarves for MANY years (my own, my parents’), and have always worn scarves for as long as I can remember. I had several groups of students during my teaching days who called me “Scarf Woman!” It was only fitting that I became Scarf It Up! when I began to make knitted,crocheted, and felted scarves and accessories. I no longer wear those vintage scarves, because I only wear my own creations now.

    Most recently, I’ve made the decision to repurpose the collection of vintage scarves, creating Silky Rag Bags from my own scarves and those of my friends who generously donated theirs to me. The scarves are cut on the bias into strips, knotted together, knitted; then the back is crocheted, the bag is lined, and a vintage button closure added. Many can be seen in this FB album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150111767531516.278001.44229996515. In addition, for each person who offered me a scarf (or many), I made silk button earrings and buttons which can be seen at the end of this flickr set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scarfitup/sets/72157594552681743/

    I feel like a traitor in many ways, to have destroyed the beauty of the scarves in this way, but the bags have been well received and appreciated by many, and the earrings loved by those who gave me their scarves.

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