Giveaway: Felt Bundle and Book

September 30, 2011, 09:38 am  Posted by needlearts

What’s better than a book giveaway? A book giveaway that comes with a bunch of felt! Our friends at National Nonwovens were kind enough to ship us a couple big felt bundles and we matched them up with a couple of the projects in Stash Happy: Felt!

For this first giveaway, we’re giving away all the wool felt you need (and more) to create the Autumn Leaves Coffee Cozy. It seemed only fitting: Not only is it the project on the cover, but it just changed seasons and the leaves in our neck of the woods are starting to look a lot like the ones on that coffee cozy!

To enter for a chance to win a copy of Stash Happy: Felt and a bundle of felt, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Friday, October 7. Any comment is fine—though we’d love to hear what felt projects you’ve made or plan to make! Two winners will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and notified by Monday, October 10.Congratulations to our winners Rachel (who actually does need a coffee cozy!) and Amanda C (not the author of the book, a different one)!

Click here for the official rules.


217 Responses

    Hilary Frye says:

    Felt is such a great material.  Flexible, colorful, dense, and unraveling.  I’ve made ornaments, beads, and purses with it.  Now that it’s Fall, it really puts me in the felt mood.  I’d love to win this giveaway.  The book looks intriguing…and I have some great felt pieces in my stash, mostly National Nonwovens to make the projects!

    Dollie says:

    I have tons of felt projects on my To Do list. Owls and pinecones are just a few of them. Thank you for a fun giveaway!

    dolliescreations at gmail dot com

    Heike says:

    I would like to do a felt projekt in the future and I hope, I´m one of the winner of that lovely giveaway.

    Htoda2nd says:

    We like to make Christmas ornaments and puppets with felt.  Comes in so many colors and easy to work with.

    Desi Wilson says:

    I’m making some adorable felt ornaments to Christmas. Please include me in this drawing, Thanks!

    Victoria Albanell says:

    the felt is ideal for jewelry, I love this material

    Mtrose59047 says:

    I loved making a little felt rice ball. It turned out cute. 

    Gracefaces says:

    very cute, have not made any projects with felt since elementary school but would like to try again

    Dell says:

    I made a little mushroom from a pattern online. So cute. Would love to win.

    Elizabeth says:

    I would love to try working with felt.

    Love working with felt!

    Annmarieboune says:

    Haven’t worked with felt much before, would love to try!

    It’s been a little while since I’ve sewn with felt, but last winter I made some ornaments and stockings!

    E B says:

    Have been making felt creature with my daughter.  Such a great material.  I think I’ve made her last few Halloween costumes out of felt also.   Would love to see the project ideas in this book!

    Kelly Massman says:

    I love making felt flowers and embellishments for scrapbooking! thanks also for a chance to win!


    ellenf says:

    I once made a Halloween costume for my oldest out of felt—an elf sitting on a toadstool!  It turned out great!

    Vicki says:

    Wow I would love to win some awesome felt!!! The stuff you buy in the stores doesn’t compare to the good stuff. I’m hoping to make some citrus coasters soon -they will be my first attempt at working with felt so hoping for good results!!

    Juleann says:

    Oh I am so excited for this. I am a felter myself and always get excited to see what others come up with!

    Roxanne says:

    Great idea for Christmas! love felt, sewing it, making it, using it!

    Christina Wright says:

    Love it! <3

    LB says:

    Right now i’m working on a couple of felt ornaments for christmas

    Sherb56 says:

    I love to craft with felt and I want to make some Christmas ornaments…  Thank you for a chance to win!

    Olsonkyla says:

    I am currently picking out the perfect orange and green felts (some plain some felted plaid wool) to add to a black and orange table topper projects. So much felt and fabric . . . . so little time :-)

    scribblearts says:

    I love the strong, graphical aesthetic of felt. Can’t wait to make a leaf necklace.

    Dawn says:

    I haven’t tried felt projects yet because I don’t know where to start!  Would love to win so I could begin  :)
    Thanks for the opportunity.  Good luck everyone!!

    Megan Panda says:

    I have not worked with felt before, so this would be an exciting venture for me!

    Christina Gordon says:

    I have made some cute felt candies. I love working with felt!

    Dawn Rogal says:

    I’m going to be having my first solo gallery show of soft sculpture and about 90% of my pieces are felt, I’m so excited!!

    Jane Carlstrom says:

    Ah, YES! Felt is a favorite medium in my hands.  Flowers, hats, pins, hair clips.  I like to full the 30%Wool-70%Rayon blend to get a fabulous pebbled texture and beefy hand.

    Skepole says:

    I love to work with felt. For Halloween I have made some ghosts, some cute chair covers and pillow.  You can check out the picks on my flickr  http://www.flickr.com/photos/skepole/

    Kari says:

    lovely book and felt!  Right now I’m gearing up for Christmas by compiling patterns to make embroidered felt ornaments.  I also have a pattern for an autumn squirrel that I’m planning to make using wool felt.

    Sue D says:

    I plan on making felt hair clips.

    I would LOVE to make some felt food for my toddler…it’s so nice and plush and wouldn’t hurt when tossed at big sisters head ;)

    Amanda Coble says:

    I have her Fa La La La Felt book and would love to get my hands on her new book! I have made Holiday ornaments for my children, Mom and Mom-in-Law to give as gifts this year.

    Catherine says:

    I made birthday crowns for my sons last year.  I plan on making new ones this year and would like to make some felt ornaments.  Thanks for the chance!

    Cool, felt is perfect for fall! I’d like to do more felt projects — I did some needlefelting last year, and would love to try combining the felting with cut/sewn/appliqued work.

    The book looks great. I love using felt for embellishments on things but I don’t think I’ve ever made a fully felt project. It would be fun to try something from the book.

    Julia McGuire says:

    I was just thinking about where to get supplies for felt portraits. they are darling. and i have a coffee press in need of a cozy, too. :-)

    becky says:

    what is better than felt and learning new things and winning a give away

    isabel f. says:

    wow!!! I will love that book!!
    count me in :)

    Robinsnest1001 says:

    I have so many projects I’m dying to try w felt- just need to get more felt : )

    that would make a perfect gift for a friend that’s getting married

    katrina_kerr says:

    What a great gift idea.

    anne voss says:

    I am hoping to get to do some felt leaves, embellished with thread sketching.

    Ooooh….  I would LOVE to win this!  I’m obsessed with embroidering on felt right now.  I haven’t finished many projects, but I have a few works in progress.  I’d actually like to have some wool felt, because all I’ve been able to find is acrylic felt.

    What a fun thing to win!  Hope it’s me

    Samantha says:

    Thanks for the give away — hope the random number generator picks me! :)

    Beth says:

    Would love to win. Have made some pincushions but want to expand my repertoire!

    Readerwoman says:

    I am new to crafting this way with felt – although I have been crafting for 40 years! I am looking forward to learning some new techniques – my favorite thing to make – anything for the home!

    Cnphillips1 says:

    I have made some really cute bird Christmas ornaments with the tiny amount of wool felt that I’ve been able to find.  I would love to make some jewelry with it.

    all those nice earth tones would be a nice to add to some wet felting for some “pottery” like pieces.

    diane brides says:

    I have a french press that would love to have the cosy on it made from the felt!!!! my fingers are crossed!!

    Robin Pichelmayer says:

    I love any kind of wool felt.  I have an obsession (or so my family says so) with wool felt, hahahaa…..would LOVE to win this!thanks!

    I ‘m just starting to work with felt – it is a lot of fun!  And I especially like Fall colors, so this win would be just the thing.  Thanks for the opportunity!

    Megan Ewing says:

    I love reading craft books and getting new ideas! I love working with felt my favorites to make are felt beanie buddies.

    Marie Knight says:

    I am an avid diy person and have tons of felt.  I would love to have another book for my collection.

    Jpburton12 says:

    I would love to make the coffee warmer for my mom for christmas!! :D

    Jagels says:

    I love to work with felt. I am making pin cushions right now with felt.  Would love to have this book. thanks.

    Trudi says:

    The projects I’ve seen so far from the book are all wonderful, but I think I’d start with the hot pads.

    Melissa says:

    I am new to working with felt and look forward to experimenting with the medium.  Thank you for your generous giveaway

    Allison C says:

    Love felt! I’m in the middle of making finger puppets, a stuffed dragon, and appliqué designs on bibs.

    Stipplequilt says:

    Would love to win this and make a cozy for my coffee cup!

    Deb says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!   I’d love to win.

    MelodyJ says:

    I would love to make felt desserts.


    Larisasbh says:

    I can’t wait to have this, Thank you!

    Anonymous says:

    I have a beautiful bundle of felt and no idea what to do with it.  (I could never in this world be creative enough to make portraits like those on the right.  Thanks for the chance to win.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

    justval says:

    I envision lots of coffee mug rugs and holders with those wonderful leaves. With fall quickly coming upon us I am ready for wonderful rich fall colors!

    bptakoma says:

    Wool felt is the best!  I’d like to make some antlers for my dog to wear at Halloween and Christmas.  I think if I cut up plastic jugs for the shape, they’ll hold up and not be too heavy.   

    Cory says:

    I love working with felt because it’s easy enough to sit down and make projects with my 8 year old, and we can both enjoy the process.  Last year she entered the county fair with a felt strawberry tart, which she sewed all on her own (mom did help with holding the tart while she used the 5-inch needle). I’ve been wanting to make some coasters to go with my felt advent calendar.  

    Trixi says:

    I love working with felt! At the moment I’m making all sorts of purses.

    Sue d says:

    I like this and have recently been experimenting with felting. Looks lie it will be a fun craft.

    Ella says:

    I’m working on pincushions right now.

    Nicole Underwood says:

    awww, Happy Fall everyone! What a delightful little craft. If I win, I’ll give it to my 11 year old daughter who adores anything crafty and is always looking for new projects. Cheers!

    AnnWS says:

    Love wool felt–I make lovely flowers to trim my whimsical upcycled hats.

    Scotdog says:

    I’ve been using felt to make clothes for my dolls.  It is perfect as I don’t have to get a sewing machine out & I definitely keep all the little pieces as then they make great “patches” for my dolls. 

    X3_daydreamer_3x says:

    Wow, I’ve never entered a sweepstakes but I’m glad to try and go for this one! I’ve been making themed felt hair bows when school stressed me out too much. So far, I’ve made a lot haha but my friends seem to love them so I’m always excited to make more with new designs XD Thanks for letting everyone have a chance

    VickiT says:

    Oh gosh, I’d love to win this. I have never tried using wool felt before. I’d love to try it myself as I’ve seen others talking about how wonderful it is.

    Crunchy Con Mommy says:

    I’m a felt junkie! I mostly make felt food and toys for my toddler son, but last week I made felt candy corn coasters. I’d love to check out this book and of course win some felt!

    Brendadeibel says:

    Oh I would love this, especially the chance to play with wool felt!!

    Marlene says:

    What a great giveaway!  Working now on an advent calendar for granddaughter!

    SmilynStef says:

    Love those fall colors … I use felt for die cuts in card making … thanks for the chance to win.

    BFromM says:

    I love the coffee cozy.  That would be very useful

    Klibramento says:

    What a neat and timely chance! I have not yet entered into the wonderful world of felt, however I soon will be. My best friend just had a sweet baby girl, and I would love for her to have cute felted bows and accessories. I never thought being a new Auntie would be such an inspriation for new crafts! Thanks for this opportunity.

    CraftyMoni says:

    I would LOVE to be in your contest! I came to this site after looking through Big Little Felt Universe at the library. such great projects! I’m specifically looking for a felt mailbox project. 

    Pickychickybird says:

    What a cool giveaway! Would love to win this and make some felt purses.

    denfelton says:

    Oh, me me me! Christmas ornaments and bookmarks and fabric collage and and and…

    denfelton says:

    Oh, me me me! Christmas ornaments and bookmarks and fabric collage and and and…

    E Luetzow says:

    Love it!  Time to start making holiday gifts for everyone!

    Steph says:

    Love felt!  Work with it every day.  I have so many ideas I need to live three life times to do them all!  So why not provide me with more!!  Awesome giveaway!  :)

    Dairyqmamma says:

    Oh I’d love to make some little autumn gnome dollies with those colors!  The book looks wonderful, thanks for the opportunity!

    Anonymous says:

    Wow..thanks for the chance to win!

    Stephanieklap says:

    I felt compelled to enter…heh heh heh.

    kreedich says:

    LOVE felt and felted wool. It reminds me to dig out the halloween-theme wall hanging I made from felted wool and embroidery a few years back. I went to a rug hook-in today and purchased these wooly halloween eyeballs!

    Kay K says:

    We are making felt puppets for our puppet show in my Kindergarten classroom!! Love the autumn colors of felt!!

    Jodi R says:

    I have tried my hand at a felt child’s hat. I have also needle felted a teddy bear. I really enjoy working with felt. Hope I can win this book – looks like it has lots of fab ideas.

    just saw what you could do with felt—i want to make the brooches and pillows!

    RIRN56 says:

    The book and project look fabulous!!!

    Jen Emery says:

    I’m making a felt candy corn garland…with lots of other felt projects on my “to make” list.

    rae says:

    this looks so fun!  thanks for the opportunity!  ;)

    martinmosaics says:

    I love wool felt crafting. I have been collecting my grandmothers old sweaters and felting them. I hope to turn them into a sentimental project to remember her by. She would have loved to do this type of art. 

    martinmosaics says:

    I love wool felt crafting. I have been collecting my grandmothers old sweaters and felting them. I hope to turn them into a sentimental project to remember her by. She would have loved to do this type of art. 

    Yes! I am always looking for new felt projects. I currently made Autumn and Winter lettered banners from felt to hang in my family room!

    Suze says:

    I’ve always loved felt. This would be a fun book to have, as well as heart felt holidays.

    Kathi Rowell says:

    I just started using felt in my applique projects and I am hooked!  The book sounds awesome too!

    Louise says:

    Cool! Last week I was making fox masks from felt. too bad they aren’t in the book!:)

    Susan says:

    I’ve felted a gigantic flower and some jewelry, and knitted then felted (fulled?) a beret and a 2 cloche hats.  It’s like magic!

    Gwen Mills says:

    I have so many Christmas gifts to make from felt, this would be perfect!

    Penny says:

     Okay…I hope I win this book and felt.   I need to start making Christmas gifts and this looks like the best place to start. 

    Donna Hickman says:

    I am a mother of 8 children, all of which I homeschool. I was looking for an easy craft that would be fun and exciting for them. Felt crafts seems like the best fit for us!

    Mirja says:

    I love working with felt!

    anita butler says:

    Pleaseentr me in the giveaway. felt is my favorite medium to work with. It is very forgiving!

    Julie_sopha says:

    Oooh! I would make some kind of flower(s) to clip in my girlies’ hair! 

    Beverly Tilton says:

    The possibilities are endless!!!

    Deb D says:

    I love making felt pincushions, but this book would help me branch out into other projects.

    MM says:

    As a Childcare provider – I as always interested in getting new craft ideas – granted I like them to be more kid driven meaning they might not always have that professional look but just providing the fun material is a great way to start any project.  Thanks for the ideas!

    Firesideag says:

    I am looking for felt projects and this looks like a start!

    Taryn says:

    I would love some great felt!

    booktoon says:

    I FELT compelled to enter this contest; even though I FELT there would be a lot of competition. If you FELT the way I do about FELT–then you can understand why I FELT I should come here and enter regardless ~ I just FELT lucky that’s all!

      Booktoon says:

      opps, I see someone else felt compelled–didn’t mean to steal your thunder. Nothing is original! LOL

    Angi says:

    I love working with felt.  My favorite projects I have ever created were made with felt.  Especially the really adorable stuffed white Christmas squirrel (with red scarf) ornament I designed and and made for my husband one year.

    Anna Wachtel says:

    Super cool! That Autumn color scheme is perfect for the wood-grain themed trivets and coasters I’m planning to make for holiday gifts.

    Mandylikespie says:

    A couple weeks ago I felted a sweater and made slippers to keep my feet warm! It’s getting chilly in my neck of the woods. :)

    Mhairi Hall says:

    Wow.  Found your site through Sew Mama Sew and I am thrilled.  I love working with felt so this is the ultimate site for me.  Would love a copy of the book too.  Thanks for such a great site

    B. Coffman says:

    Felt is so fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

    Felt always seems so do-able!  Not as intimidating as other materials.  This is a great time of year to start a new project with cozy felt.

    Elkirkley says:

    I just finished a set of peter pan shoes, captain hook hook, and tiger lily headband for my son and his friends to play dress up. Next I’m going to start on holiday gifts and decorations. I say every year that I am going to get started early enough, and this year I really am. I love that coffee cozy it is too cute!

    Thien-Kim says:

    I’ve never thought of making a cozy for my french press. As much coffee as I make I think I need one! kimstoys at gmail dot com

    ellenf says:

    I hope to teach my granddaughter to sew using felt.

    Cindy says:

    Felt is my favorite  material to workwith  !!!!!! Cindy

    Clairejt11 says:

    I’m looking for a new project for my daughter and me to get involved with together – she is 9years old & she loves animals & anything to do with nature –  the owl brooches on Bugs and Fishes by Lupin really caught my eye. We both love the autumn colours and my mind is racing as to what we can create together…..
    Claire Thomas

    Ikaxela says:

    I’m very excited about this… thank you for the opportunity to join the giveaway. I have so many projects in my mind!

    Mary Cousins says:

    Would be awesome to win!! Thanks for this giveaway! :)

    Thepricklypinecone says:

    I have been making simple felt flower brooches with button centers. I would love to get more ideas on what to do with felt!

    Kristi says:

    I don’t knit, or crochet, or quilt… I FELT! I can take a small bag of supplies with me anywhere and often the most amazing conversations spring up with those around me. Little pocket felt monsters and creatures for halloween gifts are what I am currently working on. The coffee cozy will be next on my list.

    Ann Dilcher says:

    I need a fall felt project or two so this would get me moving. Great giveaway.

    Laurie says:

    I love felt, especially for little embroidery projects like covering a little tin for a sewing kit or adding a patch to a bag!

    Shirley Moore says:

    Ok, I’ve never made anything with felt, but I’m totally in love with that cozy! I have been lurking around felting blogs for the last few months, so this is a very exciting giveaway!

    I love felt..any kind. I just made my grandkids Halloween dolls made out of all felt!

    SueBE says:

    What an awesome giveaway.  Thank you!

    I plan on making a few felt flower hair clips and using felt on some pillows!

    Susan Susanlambert says:

    I used to make little penny purses from felt.  It’s so much fun to sew with!

    Lindylindy26 says:

    Love the retro style felt coffee pot!

    Susan says:

    I’ve not worked with felt for some time. Would love to win the book. Thanks for the chance!

    Cemetz09 says:

    I love the concept of this book!  Felt is so fun and economical.  I would love to make the cozy on the cover.

    Cemetz09 says:

    I love the concept of this book!  Felt is so fun and economical.  I would love to make the cozy on the cover.

    Kathryn Clark says:

    This a great giveaway.  Haven’t tried feltting yet.  But would like to try it.

    Kathy Clark

    Meliah Ross says:

    What a great book my kids and I could definitely use this in our curriculum.

    glsslp@charter.net says:

    I really haven’t done much with felt, but am very interested to learn.

    Jill says:

    I’ve been felting old sweaters to make a cozy for my stainless steel waterbottle.  It will be made from the sleeve of a robin egg blue sweater with a tree, deer, mushroom and leaves appliqued from other sweaters.  This is my first attempt at felting and I’m excited to make it. I was inspired by the coffee cozy on the cover of the book (which I would like to make for a friend). I have many ideas sketched for felt projects….fingerless gloves with owls appliqued, baby and adult hats, hair flowers and headbands, toys, patchwork scarves, coasters with fall colored leaves appliqued, little pouches with embroidered flower motifs for storing tissues and sewing and art supplies, a pouch for my kindle, a mushroom pincushion, ornaments….so many ideas!

    JennyC says:

    I have so many projects, but my main ones now are brooches (flowers, ‘shrooms, etc) and any goodies from this book :)

    Harinder Sahota says:

    i have been making felt dolls. : ) 

    Isagian says:

    I love felt!

    Vdeweese says:

    Oh the things i could do with those autumn colors! very cool!

    Jenni says:

    I love working with felt!  It looks like a great book.

    taught self to sew learning how to knit would love to learn to felt it looks so much fun 

    Susan says:

    I’ve loved felt since poodle skirt days.

    Very fun! Thank you! Just recently made this project with my girls using felt, http://hopefulthreads.blogspot.com/2011/09/softies-craft-book-month-sewing.html 

    Sarah McG says:

    What a fantastic giveaway, and the coffee cosy is so seasonal!

    I love making things with felt, I am sure that I would enjoy making any of the projects from the book.  Hmmm, that reminds me, I need to replace my penny rug.

    I love felt. I make penny rugs and you can never have enough felt.  Love this website!

    Shellsney1 says:

    Sooo excited to possibly win these two books! I am a newbie and the ideas here have really inspired me! Thanks!

    karen says:

    Awesome idea for a project working with children! thank you for the opportunity and the idea!

    Catlyn Lawson says:

    This is really great! Iv never had the chance to make anything out of felt and would love to give it a try! :)


    Heidi KB says:

    I think my French Press needs a cozy – it’s getting cold outside!  :)

    Calabella says:

    I have started making felt ornaments for my young grand kids so Mom’s glass ornaments won’t get broken when little hands explore.  Would love to win this book and felt and love the autumn cozy.

    Anne says:

    Oh, please.  How lovely!  I plan to make many holiday gifts for family and friends.

    Deborahjeanfancy says:

    I like making things out of old wool sweaters that have been felted – bags, slippers, mittens, dolls, beads and jewelry.  so fun!

    Connecticute says:

    I am a wimp when it comes to trying new things.  I’ve wanted to do some wool felting crafts, but haven’t yet.  Mayber this will be my chance!!

    Carriblees says:

    I LOVE wool felt – I love the colors of Autumn – and I would love to win!  

    Peg says:

    FELT is so fun and there are so many possibilities.  I’d love to make some felt jewelry and ornaments. Looks like a great book and I’d love to win!

    kathyS says:

    wow, real wool felt, amazing

    Hazel Catkins says:

    Oh, this book looks lovely!  I love to make felt crafts with my kids and it would be great to make some truly pretty holiday gifts with the kids!  Thanks for the contest!

    Sharon says:

    I love the cover and would love to win the book.

    Karen says:

    I love working with felt, no unraveling and the projects turn out so cute.

    Dhonna says:

    I usually make little animals; birds, penguins, bears…or ornaments, my next project though is a set of felt and fabric doilies for under my living room lamps, it’s my own design, so I’m not sure how it will come out!

    Nicole Luedtke says:

    My son loves monsters so I plan on making him a two little stuffed monsters from felt for Christmas.

    Hillary Carter says:

    Ooooh! My French press definitely needs a cozy since I leave it out on the counter!

    Jennifer R. Gojira says:

    I would love to win this! It looks amazing. Thanks for the opportunity! 

    Nancy Narma says:

    Felt is a wonderful medium that i would like to work with again. I had done some appliqued felt pictures in years past..would like to reintroduce myself once more.

    Katie says:

    I’ve never felted :( I’ve thought about it a lot , but I think I was a bit intimidated by something new. But I Love the look achieved with felt! hope to be able to dive in and start some felting. thanks for the opportunity! 


    Heather says:

    I love felt i have made felt magnets and food which my kids love. Its so easy to work with.
    proudmommy5305 at sbcglobal dot net

    kmteague says:

    as fall is in full swing here in upstate ny, I find that the colder weather motivates me to pull out fiberous crating materials in an attempt to start making hats and other cozy things. i would love to do some felt projects this year!

    Kim Reid says:

    I’d love to make some felt decorated tote bags – Thanks!

    Ehynick says:

    wow, i have never thought about working with felf but this has definitly sparked my interest.

    Julie Hahn says:

    That french press cozy is adorable :) After knitting, working with felt is my favorite craft!

    sew4mygirls says:

    I’ve never actually made anything with felt…I stalk cute felt projects though! I think I would actually like to make some projects with the fantastic material that doesn’t fray.

    Darcy says:

    LOVE love love felt and can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

    Suzy McQuown says:

    I make scarves with wool felt and woolen scarves for the annual auction that benefits the dog breed rescue where I am a volunteer. This book looks as though it is full of great ideas and wonderful projects.

    Suzymcq says:

    I make felted scarves for the annual auction the dog breed rescue I volunteer with holds twice each year. This looks like a book full of great ideas!

    I <3 felt!! :-)

    Yvonne Browne says:

    I enjoy making colorful.little felt purses.I attach them to to my lapel or my pocket with a  safety pin that I decorate using felt and yarn to make very small flowers.   I carry my keys  and small change in them eliminating the need for a pocketbook when I go to the local market. I’d love to win the giveaway to make more and more..

      Thinking like that shows an expert’s touch

      Morgane dit :Ok c’est la suite des photos avec le petit village trop mignon?!Alors c’est peut être a cause du temps pas super lumineux, mais ca m’avait plus attirée dans l’article precedent…

      Feminists are strange critters.When a woman comes out of nowhere and challenges the system, as Sarah Palin has done, it will be her own sex that provides her severest critics.Do feminists hate and envy all successful women?Who can forget Gloria Feldt tag-teaming with Perez Hilton in attacking Gloria Prejean?

      “The woman Rudel picked looks like she has a brain and good genes.”The women were and Peta Wilson and Grace Kelly and if you think they look Jewish then you must be as blind as a bat. Like my wife and children they are superb examples of blue eyed blonde Northern European beauty which is exactly what we real White men live and die for.

      Good article Ciaron – one story struck me about a book shop being left untouched while a shoe shop next door was looted. Our consumer society values NIKE shoes over books.Keep up the analysis…

      Certo che iniziare un campionato fra poche ore senza sapere se le retrocessioni sono bloccate o meno oppure se le promozioni vengono decise sul campo o a tavolino non deve essere facile per nessuno….personalmente sono contento se nulla cambia e spero la pensino come me anche i club tanto da respingere definitivamente la nuova formula.

    Dlsmiller52 says:

    My latest felt projects are appliqued pincushions. Would love to win this book!

    Amy Bolduc says:

    I made a tea cozy from a lovely old red sweater. I added poppy appliques. It was sweet!

    Rachel says:

    I NEED to make the cozy! Since I’ve cut down my caffeine, I use the french press exclusively, but it just doesn’t stay hot long enough.

    Kristin Lee says:

    I am trying to plan an make a few things for the friend’s kids for christmas.  I just am not sure what to make them outta felt :)

    LOVE felt! And the lovely Lupin, who’s work is on the front cover of the book. :) The wool felt is hard to come by in this neck of the woods!

    Rejoicing says:

    I’ve never sewn with wool felt before, but I’ve wanted to!  And those leaves on the cozy are just so perfect!  I would like to make a wearable project with that motif!

    Annaoconnor says:

    I love to make gift card holders out of wool felt.  First saw the idea at the International Quilt Festival here in Houston.  It’s next month.  Counting the days.

    Laura says:

    This looks like a wonderful book. I’m keen to read it and finally do something with my growing stash of felt. 
    Laura Edlund
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

    I love the way felt looks, but I’ve never sewn with it before!  Can’t wait to try it!

    Marci Ellsworth says:

    I would love to make the cozies! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Lindsay says:

    Can’t wait to make some coffee cozies! So perfect for fall =]

    Samantha S. says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn to felt.

    lorraine says:

    i love craft felt..currently im knitting a bag that looks like a mushroom and im going to be adding felt circles to the top of the mushroom cap..hard to describe but its coming out rather cute ;)

    Linda Breeden says:

    It is getting to be cool felt weather, I love to make felt purses and I love the cute felt pins to wear on all my winter sweaters and jackets .  Linda Breeden 10-07-11

    Gayle says:

    I love working with felt and would love to be your lucky winner

    Kathy Davis says:

    I love felted items.  I once made felted coasters with 20 high school special needs students.  We even dyed the wool with Koolvaid. The kids loved it. They turned out great.

    Felting!  Wow so many things to be made!!  I use felting to make jewelry ….projects on the radar this winter..felted Bags and cozies!!

    Felting !!  Oh the possibilities…jewelry, cozies bags oh my!

    Some really excellent content on this website , thanks for contribution.

    excellent points altogether, you simply gained a new reader. What would you suggest in regards to your post that you made a few days ago? Any positive?

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