Giving Handmade: Holiday Shopping List Holder

November 23, 2011, 10:45 am  Posted by needlearts

The crowds, the traffic, the cost…shopping around the holidays can always use little things to make the day better.

Of course, around these parts we’re all about making things by hand for gifts (have you noticed that fancy blog header?). But the reality is we all have lots to buy in the next few weeks too. I know even though I’m busy making things, I’ve already been to the grocery store twice this week and it’s not over yet!

Whether you’re headed to grab (yet more) food or downtown, today’s free project is a nice shopping companion. It holds not only your precious lists, but also other important paper scraps: coupons, business cards, sticky notes, etc.

So without further ado, here it is! It’s the Holiday Shopping List Folio by Terri Harlan. It’s just one of the projects from our brand new ebook Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays. Haven’t heard about it yet? Check out the link! And we’ll be sharing a lot more about it in the next few weeks, too.

Ok, download time! Click the linked text to save the holiday shopping list cover PDF. And good luck out there this weekend!


  • Joelene Didora

    I would love to make those for my girls I have 5 of them and 10 granddaughters that would like them to.

  • Theresa

    I love it!  Tried to download the pdf patter, but it says the file is permanently damaged.  Anyone else having this problem?

    • Helen

      I just downloaded it, and has comed through okay on my computer.  Good luck.

    • elsa

      yes, I am ~ think it has something to do with my computer ~ I have a Mac and sometimes it won’t let me download.

  • elsa

    couldn’t download on my computer. Darn, really like the pattern.

    • http://needlearts Thom O’Hearn

      Sometimes trying a different web browser can help! The download is working on our Macs here at Lark using the latest version of Firefox…

      Good luck!

  • Terriharlan

    I was thrilled to contribute this project. thank you for having me!

    • http://needlearts Thom O’Hearn

      Thank you, Terri! There have been a lot of clicks on your project over the long weekend ; )

  • freeindeed

    What a handy little list keeper.  I definately want to make a few.  Those itty bits of fabric that accumulate in the crumb box will do nicely.

  • Yasmin

    It’s so pretty and very useful. Thank you.

  • María Abigail Guesli

    Thank you very much.
    Always need to have a notepad very nice and presentable. 
    And thanks for being a man and appreciate the little thingshandmade. It is not common

  • http://twitter.com/HillaM07 1d&teamsats&5h

    how do we make it?