The older I get, the less I like cold weather. That’s why each year, I tune in to see if Punxsutawney Phil is going to do me right, avoid seeing his shadow, and send us all an early spring. (To find out everything you wanted to know about Phil but were afraid to ask, check out the official Groundhog Day site here).Seeing Shadows Phone Case

If, like me, you’re just trying to power through February to get to that first hint of warmth in March, I’ve got the perfect project to work on while you hunker down: this too-cute Seeing Shadows Phone Case by Mollie Johanson from Heart-Felt Holidays. Download the pattern, and pass the time stitching up a unique accessory for your phone or handheld device. Then before you know it, spring will be here!

Download the pattern here: Seeing Shadows Phone Case

To purchase a copy of Heart-Felt Holidays, where you can find crafts for every season of the year, go to BN.com.


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    Kelly Massman says:

    He is completely darling!

    kathyS says:

    Phil rocks.

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