Help a Sister Out

June 16, 2010, 14:14 pm  Posted by needlearts

This post is devoted to Stacey Budge-Kamison, a former Lark art director, who left Lark several years back to follow her passion for knitting, spinning and dying yarn. She is now a one woman cottage industry, owner and operator of UrbanGypZ.  At UrbanGypZ she creates fabulous one-of-a-kind hand spun, hand dyed yarns. One of my favorite things, aside from the overall wonderfulness of her colors and textures, is the inventiveness of her yarn names.

How can you resist a yarn called “duck season” that looks like this

Or one called “playing with matches” that looks like this?

Or “whitewater” that looks like this?

She’s recently added a new fair trade yarn to her online store called Helping a Sister Out yarn. It’s imported from Nepal and made by a collective of women who hand spin from recycled fibers. Sales of their yarns help them earn a livable wage and support their community.

So, if you have a moment, check out her etsy store and help a sister out!


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    Ray says:

    Stacey's yarns (like Stacey herself) are amazing! Thanks for sharing this, Megan.

    sy says:

    the colorways are pretty. nice spinning :D

    Additionsstyleblog says:

    Beautiful! I love bright colors and these yarns are amazing.

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