We’re sharing the hexagon love today with a hexagon pillow tutorial from Stash Happy author Cynthia Shaffer. I kind of want one in every colorway! Here’s how (and don’t forget to scroll through to the bottom for the giveaway details!):

Large linen throw pillow
Stash fabrics in 5 or more coordinating colors
Cardstock and standard office paper
Hand needle
Thread to match the pillow and thread to stand out from the fabric hexagons
Sharp scissors


1.     Create a hexagon that measures 3½ inches and cut one out from the cardstock.

2.     Create a hexagon that measures 3 inches, and cut out 13 from the office paper.

3.     With the pen, trace the cardstock hexagon on the backside of your fabrics. I traced 2 of each color, then went back and traced a third one from one of the larger prints.  Fussy cut the larger prints to highlight an interesting motif.

4.     Cut all the hexagons out.

5.     Arrange the hexagons on the pillow. Play with the placement and rearrange them until you are satisfied with the look.

Tip: Take a quick photo of you pillow once you are happy with the placement of the hexagons.

6.     Gather the hexagons. Center one of the office paper hexagons onto the fabric hexagon, and pin in place. Repeat for all the hexagons.

7.     Fold the sides of the fabric over the paper, and sew a basting stitch around the perimeter of the fabric. Do not create a knot at the end of the basting stitch.

Tip: Use thread in a color that will really show on the fabric hexagons. This helps when removing all those stitches.

8.     Repeat step 7 in like fashion for the remaining 12 fabric and paper hexagons.

9. Arrange the hexagons according to your photo and sew them together using a ladder stitch.

10. Pin the patchwork hexagons to the pillow, and stitch them in place using a blind stitch.

11. During this process, leave one side of each hexagon open, remove the basting stitches and slip the paper out. Now continue to slip stitch the patchwork in place. Voila – the perfect way to update store-bought pillows!

But wait…. there’s more! How about a giveaway? Simply leave a comment on this final post by 9 p.m EST on Monday, May 30, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Stash Happy Patchwork. Any comment will do but we’d love to hear about your favorite ways to use hexagons. One winner will be selected at random and contacted on Tuesday, May 31. Click here for the official rules.


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