How-To Video Roundup: Quilt Blocks

March 07, 2011, 19:45 pm  Posted by needlearts
Hollow Cube Quilt Block video tutorial from Penny Halgren

Hollow Cube Quilt Block video tutorial from Penny Halgren

It’s needlearts video roundup time again, and I’ve been moved by the quilty spirit. After our Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge celebration, I decided to browse around online for some of the best quilt block video tutorials no money can buy. If you enjoy quilting, but aren’t quite up for an international challenge just yet, these videos are sure to help you master some handy creative techniques.

First up are Penny Halgren’s videos. Associated with both How to Quilt and The Quilt Library, Penny knows quilts and has a huge collection of video tutorials to prove it. You’ll find instructions on how to make such charming quilt blocks as Toad in the Puddle (free pattern here) and Birds and Kites (buy pattern here), but I think the Hollow Cube (free pattern here) is my favorite. Continue reading for some more good ol’ fashioned internet learnin’.

Missouri Star Quilt Co. Tutorials

Missouri Star Quilt Co. Tutorials

You’ll find another large collection of how-to quilt goodness with Jenny over on the Missouri Star Quilt Co. site. With plenty of quilty projects, quilt blocks, and technique videos, you could spend months making nifty quilts from this page.

As usual, HGTV has some great offerings for us. Check out Dale Fleming‘s version of an Easy Circle Quilt Block that was featured on the series, Simply Quilts, hosted by Alex Anderson. You’ll also find Alex over on The Quilt Show co-hosting with the lively quilt artist and musician, Ricky Tims. Check out the episode where Ricky claims he can make a Flying Geese quilt block with just one seam.

Finally, last but certainly not least, we have a lovely video from YouTube user, Quiltbugs (Kris of the QuiltBug Quilt Shop), on how to make 3D faux cathedral window quilt blocks. You can find more tutorials from Kris on her YouTube channel, and all the materials you need on her store’s site. If you ever find yourself in Esperance, NY, the QuiltBug Quilt Shop looks like a fun place to stock up. Happy sewing!


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