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December 02, 2010, 17:48 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

vickiehowellGreetings from NYC! This week I’m typing at you from the 11th floor Manhattan loft we’re using for a Caron Yarns photo shoot. Man, it’s been a whirlwind trip of work, full of shopping in the rain for wardrobe items, prepping looks, and styling models! I was able to sneak away though, to hit up the store made famous by Project Runway–the tri-level extravaganza of design supplies, Mood. Like a good, fabric fangirl, I of course took pictures to share with you.  Enjoy!

photoI kind a felt a little tingle of excitement when the elevator opened and I saw this sign!

A peek down the 2nd floor aisles.

My creationSew. Pretty!

Rows and rows of razzle-dazzle.

My creationInspiration dress forms draped & pinned with amazing attention to detail.

This is just ONE of the button sections!

Tim Gunn’s words were here.

DSC02298Posing with the famous store pup, “Swatch”. Oh, and I’m wearing a scarf from AwareKnits!



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    Valerie says:

    What a wonderful life you lead! So jealous….

    Yes! I LOVE mood. The first week I moved to New York my roommate and I went (because of course we LOVED project runway) and I’ve got to say….a vast improvement on the creative juices than any old Joanne’s! I was so overwhelmed it took me about 20 minutes to really dive in and start choosing. It is a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing!

    PugLove says:

    I love Project Runway, especially Tim Gunn, and have often wished I could visit Mood (even though I don’t sew!) LOL I think I could just camp out there for at least a week, sleeping amongst the faux fur and velvet. But my favorite part of Mood would be Swatch! :~D Love the picture of you holding him! Cute scarf too!

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