It Takes a {Knitted} Village

October 11, 2010, 18:56 pm  Posted by needlearts

Stitch Inspiration from Lark CraftsIf you’d like a knitted replica of your city, you’d better round up some truly committed knitters and get out your needles yesterday! It took members of the Afternoon Club in the UK village of Mersham 23 years to knit their detailed town double. The buildings are to scale, and they’ve even included all the right accessories down to cars, people, and flower beds. There may be a handful of knitted homes missing additions or a gas pump that’s gone absent sometime in the decades since the project began, but this collaborative piece could almost function as an evolving historical record. Check out a photo essay of the village creation from the BBC. Click “Continue Reading” below for more on this awesome feat of yarn mastery.

The knitted replica of the village of Mersham, near Ashford, was created by the 40-strong Afternoon Club.

The knitted replica of the village of Mersham, near Ashford, was created by the 40-strong Afternoon Club. (BBC, Press Association)

This article from Mail Online has personality with several cool comparisons of photographs of the actual buildings in Mersham coupled with photographs of the knitted buildings in the replica. They’ve even given us a nice image of four ladies who are pillars of the Afternoon Club. Definitely worth a read if you’re interested.

Here’s a great little video and article from the BBC on the knitted village going up for sale in 2009. It sounds like it was tough for the members of the Afternoon Club to let the village go, especially divided up to different buyers, but it was time to pass on the responsibility of preserving the massive project to others.

ITN Source has put together some stock video clips of the village, the knitting, an interview with one of the organizers, and footage of the village with SOLD signs on it. You can view three clips by scrolling down and pressing ‘Play Clip.’ These are smaller sized previews with a watermark that isn’t too distracting, but it’s nice that you can view them right on the page without having to buy. They haven’t had too much editing done on them, so you might have to skip through to find all of the interesting bits.

Have you ever made anything similar to this project on a smaller scale? Are you planning a knitted holiday scene, perhaps? Tell us about it!


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