Rudolph Hoop OrnamentAs much as you love spending time with your kids, there might come a point during the holiday break where you sort of can’t wait for them to return to school. (Maybe that point came the day after your kids got out of school. I’m not judging you. I’ve been there, too.)

Avoid cabin fever by keeping everyone busy—bake cookies, get in some outside playtime, and make these simple holiday ornaments from Pretty in Patchwork Holidays!The Quite Personable Pickle Ornament

The Quite Personable Pickle Ornament, designed by by the book’s author, John Q. Adams, and the Rudolph Hoop Ornament, designed by Angela Mitchell, are simple enough to involve kids in the crafting and easy and quick enough to keep their attention. Little ones can help cut out the templates and trace their shapes, and older kids can participate in the gluing, stuffing, and stitching.

After you complete the pickle ornament, follow the tradition of hiding it in your tree, then bestow an extra gift on the first child who finds it. Let your child decide where to hang the Rudolph Hoop—perhaps on his or her bedpost or doorknob, or on a festive holly branch in a mason jar. However you choose to use your ornaments, you’ll be creating happy holiday memories that your kids will cherish.

Pick up a copy of Pretty in Patchwork Holidays at BN.com and find many more ideas for holiday crafting—quilts, wall hangings, stockings, and table runners abound, and many of the projects can be adapted to use throughout the year!


Pretty in Patchwork Holidays 


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