Light up your craft space – Ottlite Review & Giveaway!

December 07, 2011, 10:46 am  Posted by Lark

How much time a week do you spend in your crafty space? Right…. probably a lot! I know I do, and I’m just getting settled into a new space after moving this summer. There’s a lot to consider when you’re putting together a craft space that reflects your style and – probably most importantly – serves you well. There are storage options to consider – especially for us fabric-a-holics – and work stations to build, design walls to mount and spool holders to hang… and then adjustments that happen after you’ve actually started working there, all until you get your space just right for you.

One thing that threw me for a loop in my new space was lighting – lovely during the day but rather wretched at night. The track lighting overhead that serves as my main source of light throws some pretty dark shadows throughout my space. Have you ever picked out what seemed like “perfect” fabrics at night only to find they weren’t so perfect the next day? Me too! But I couldn’t figure out why that was happening…

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Hello, Ottlite Craft Caddy Lamp! When we were asked if we’d review one for the blog, I jumped at the chance. I’ve known about Ottlites for some time, but it seems they’ve definitely stepped up their game and their offerings in recent years. I must say: this little lamp is pretty nice. With storage bins, a handle for quick transport, a telescoping light, and a relatively small footprint in your craft space, this is the perfect solution when lighting isn’t, well, perfect. And it’s just the thing for hand stitching, which I happen to love. My fabric colors seems to be truer as well, even if I’m picking them out at night.

The actual light that the lamp gives off is quite bright, which was a little hard to get used to at first; I think I’ve just been working in darkness for too long! But I can see this being useful for all types of crafting: beading, jewelry making, all manner of stitching…anything that involves detailed work. And the added storage is such a plus – I tend to have lots of tools all out at the same time. It’s nice that they now have a space to go but can still be quickly accessed.

All in all, the Crafty Caddy Lamp has been a definite improvement for my crafting space! I’m not sure that it’s the kind of thing I would have thought to buy for myself (since I’m currently in save-for-new-sewing-machine mode), but I’m now convinced that lighting is probably as important – if not more – than any other tool in my workspace. And I’m so excited to offer one up here, thanks to the generous folks at Ottlie!

To enter to win an Ottlite Craft Caddy Lamp, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, December 14. Any comment is fine—though we’d love to hear what’s on your holiday craft wishlist. One winner will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and notified by Friday, December 16. Click here for the official rules. Comments for this giveaway are closed. Thanks to everyone who commented to enter: the winner will be announced soon!

Congratulations to Nancy who wrote: “I would really love to win this lamp. I’ve been wanting one for some time now. My sewing table definitely needs more light. As far as my Christmas crafting list goes, I would really love to have a GO Baby.”




142 Responses

    SewLindaAnn says:

    On my wish list for Christmas is a screen printing kit. I would love to win this because I parked my sewing stuff in what was to be the “Formal Living Room” which we had no need for. Unfortunately, these rooms were not made with an overhead fixture like a ceiling fan or light. I could really use this on my work desk.

    Kristen Welsh says:

    I would seriously love this light. I work a lot at night when my three little ones are in bed.  I also have fabric and books on my list.

    Lelainia Lloyd says:

    I have what I jokinky refer to as a “Not Ott” light on my desk in my studio. It’s a cheap $10 Ikea lamp. The lighting in my studio us abysmal- I have the desk lamp out of desperation. I’d LOVE to win an Ott!

    My wishlist this Xmas is limited to a zoom lense for my new camera. (It doesn’t take much to make me happy.)

    I had to make my current lamp set-up. It rolls around (cool) but it’s still tethered to the wall (boo). I normally wouldn’t spend this much on a light but I guess a good review can change your mind ;)

    Smallwonder56 says:

    I have an OttLite floor lamp that I dearly love, but need one for my sewing table. As I get older I realize how much the light that the lamp provides helps combat eye strain so much!

    I adore Ottlites. I have one in my office and it is amazing. SO much better than others!  Definitely need one for the craft area!

    Lynn says:

    love those ottlites they give out alot of lite and i have lousy lighting in my sewing room where i do all my crafts

    Staci_avison says:

    Ottlites are the best – I use them in all my crafting spaces! 

    Denise says:

    Would love to get a gel mat for in front of my work table and a chair for my new bench. The Ott light would also make a great addition!

    Christie Bradley says:

    So many things I’d love to get!  As always, I want a serger but it will be years before I get one…I guess my big want right now is a light box.

    Suzanne says:

    My wish ?  To have my space organized well enough that it is easy to keep organized… 

    Sybil says:

    Would love this Light for the Holidays!  This would help me see when sewing with black and other dark colors. My lighting set up is dismal.

    Brenda says:

    My wish is for shelves/cabinets in my craft room. It’s a mess!

    Froggarita says:

    I’d love a new light for my craft area and some felt to play with! :)

    Myrna Beebe says:

    This Ottlite is so clever-the caddy is a great idea! I’m currently working on a cross stitch picture for my sister. I so want an embroidery machine for my quilting…are you listening, Santa?

    Kristin says:

    I didn’t really ask for any crafty supplies for Christmas, though I am getting some fabric I picked out. I should have asked for some nice fabric shears, though!

    Massma, lynnl says:

    As I get older, it is harder to see detail.  These lights are a great help!!

    Maria Johnson says:

    The only thing I asked for this year was Adobe Illustrator, and I guess that counts as crafty supplies, since I hope to use it to help me create visions of loveliness that I can then transfer to quilting.  :)

    Holly Underwood says:

    This light is on my holiday craft wishlist! Also more mundane things like a teflon pressing cloth. I’m sewing a lot for friends and family, so time to get all those done before the holidays would be the best gift of all. :)

    Catherine says:

    I would love a new sewing machine!  Thanks for the chance at this crafty treat.

    Stampalina says:

    Dress form would be top of the list. 

    Andiette says:

    I really would love to have somene organize my crafting space. That would be a Christmas miracle!

    Medbarin says:

    I would love to win one. Right now new paintbrushes and canvas are on my crafty wish list :)

    Christine Gross says:

    On my crafty wishlist this year is a bigger space to work on my creative projects, and a new sewing machine. Love the ott lites, makes for easy detail work.

    Maribeth Sala-Gietzen says:

    Would love to win this for my sewing space!  It’s a little dark in the basement!  I would love an Accu-Cut die cutter.

    Sally Knight1 says:

    I just replaced an ancient, much loved Ott light that my cats killed, but I’d love to have this one for my sewing table.  This one would be perfect.  What’s on my holiday craft wishlist?  More time to work on my project — LOTS more time!!

    Janis says:

    I love the Ottlite that I have in my sewing room and would love another to do projects around the house.

    Janis says:

    I love the Ottlite that I have in my sewing room and would love another to do projects around the house.

    Kitten WAW says:

    My tiny craft area (one end of a sofa that’s already piled with yarn and books and hooks and WIPs) is in the not-so-bright-but-still-the-brightest area of my cave-like apartment. Having this Ott light caddy would be great – it’s compact, gives great light and would help with some of the clutter! Thanks for a great giveaway.

    Bjcollinsworth says:

    would love to have this for my hand quilting ! regular lights just dont do  it right they are not bright enough . what a wonderful thing to have !!!!!!

    Cindi Clark says:

    I love handmade Christmas, so I have bags planned,  Appliqued towels, key bobs, sewing kits….This light would be a perfect addition to my sewing table!

    me, me oo oo!

    Jan says:

    I always need more light!

    Ah, I so most definitely need one!

    carrie p. says:

    Good light is so critical for me when I do applique so one of these would be great.

    Pam L. says:

    On my holiday crafting list is learning about silk screening on fabric… with my own stencils and designs.  :-)  Good light is always a plus for that.  Thanks for the opp to win a fantastic lamp!

    Hatten Ashley says:

    Thank you for giving us a chance to win!!! i am excited, i hope i am lucky!!

    jleekamitchell says:

    This sounds like the perfect light for me.  I have vision issues and my sewing room has poor lighting.  Thanks for the chance to win.

    Barbara says:

    great give-away – Ottlight is the ONLY light to do hand work with – thanks for the chance to use this cutie

    Jeanniebench says:

    I live in Alaska where an Ott-Lite is CRUCIAL during the winter months!

    Alliemamabird says:

    My workspace is darker than a cave.  This light would make me so happy!

    manya says:

    I always use my OTT lite, I need a new one!

    Chris Wooten says:

    Ott Lites are the best..and this caddy light looks cool tool…thanks for chance to win it

    Judy says:

    I’m dreaming of an OttLite for Christmas!!!  I’ve never had one but have wanted one since they came out.  Thanks!!!  Judy@livingsimplyforhim.blogspot.com

    Kelly massman says:

    It would be amazing to win one of these! thanks for a chance to win!

    And, have a GREAT day!


    Karen Keegan says:

    Wish list encludes an Ott floor lamp, for beading in the comfort of my chair.  I love my Ott on my beading table and my portable.  You never have too many Ott’s!! Thank you for the chance to win another.

    Judi969 says:

    Ott kites ate the best friend a smoker, quilter or other crftie can have. I love my little portable one but a lite with storage is so great!

    Matt Ferrell says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    animasou @ comcast . net

    I don’t know what I did before I had an OTT light and now with more space I desperately need another. 
    These are the very best lamps ever!

    Austin says:

    Nice giveaway! Very useful. Thanks for it!

    AMHookahReviews (at) gmail (dot) com

    Sally Howard says:

    Looks like a winning combo, making good use of space.  I’m trying to improve the work areas that I have with better light.

    Pat says:

    This is a great idea! I’ll put it on my wishlist.

    Carol Drew says:

    This is a great idea and would look wonderful on my drafting table…My wishlist includes a group of people to come help me clean out the back room to get it fixed as sewing/crafting room….I’m tired of the card table in the living room arrangement!!!!

    quiltntherapy says:

    Love Ott; but wishing for a SewEZi machine table.

    Jleiper says:

    I love Ott Lights. This one looks like a real gem with the storage.

    Terry Devine says:

    I would love to win this  Ottlite Craft Caddy Lamp. I sure would put my crochet hooks and scissors in it, they would have a home right under the bright light.  I always have alot of crochet hooks by my chair. I’ve been crocheting for 44 years now and going strong, since I was 8. I would LOVE to win this……..Hoping my name comes out of the hat. fingers crossed. 

    I am now Crocheting on a CROCODILE baby blanket for our nephew  new baby. Gotta get it done by Jan. 29.2012.

    Terry Devine says:

    I would love to win this  Ottlite Craft Caddy Lamp. I sure would put my crochet hooks and scissors in it, they would have a home right under the bright light.  I always have alot of crochet hooks by my chair. I’ve been crocheting for 44 years now and going strong, since I was 8. I would LOVE to win this……..Hoping my name comes out of the hat. fingers crossed. 

    I am now Crocheting on a CROCODILE baby blanket for our nephew  new baby. Gotta get it done by Jan. 29.2012.

    Carolyn says:

    What a help this light would be to me! I would love to win it. Cross-stitching on Christmas stockings!

    Connie says:

    Oh, I could really use a new light, my just went out!!

    Ramona says:

    This light looks wonderful.  I have always wanted one.  I am working hard on finishing my christmas gifts right now. 

    Kateinmo says:

    Ahhhh – the joys of having proper lighting for sewing and crafts. This little gem is perfect for almost any space. How nice for you to have the light to rid your room of shadows at night. My holiday wish is for a designer to arrive on my doorstep, ready to transform the breezeway between our garage and house into my new office/sewing/laundry room. I can’t wait! There will be enough room for a fold-down cutting table, a rack on which to hang clothes taken out of the dryer, and, finally, enough room to have the ironing board up all the time. The room will have windows on the south and north sides with plenty of natural light during the day. This Ottlite would be very helpful at night.

    Debbie says:

    I would love to win! Thanks!  Debbie H

    Bflfish says:

    A direct light would be a great improvement in my little craft space.  My craft wish list would be a paper punch for edges.  Am working on a LARGE  shopping tote crocheted out of recycled plastic bags, and also a crocheted throw for my son’s new couch (both for Christmas presents).

    Kathleen Jones says:

    On my wish list, I have listed an Ottlite Cratt Caddy lamp for my craft table/combination everything table. The ceiling light is awful. This would help tremendously.  Thanks for the chance to win it. 

    Annita says:

    I have one of the original Ottlite’s  and I love it!  I take it with me when I travel to guarantee that I have a  good light to work by while doing my beadwork.  I can’t imagine not having it!

    Don Devine says:

    I would LUV to win this for my wife because shes a great crocheter and has been doing so since she was about 8 years old (shes 53 years old now which as you may know is pretty dang close to 90). This would go great next to her rocking chair as I always worry if she has enough light. 

    Argylsok says:

    I really like the idea of *strong* light, as I can never get enough light up here in Ontario on a gray day.

    Trudi says:

    Hmmm, I’ve been treating myself to a number of craft items lately, so I feel guilty asking for more. But a triangle loom to be used for continuous strand weaving would be lovely! I just got a rectangular one and really enjoed working with it!

    Wolfgraphics says:

    The Crafty Caddy Lamp sounds like just the answer to my lighting problems. My desk area is where I have space for paper cutting, crafts, sewing and mixed media artwork prep.  I’ve always had great lighting at the drawing board, and easel area but depend on light “washed” to my other work space.  And this would be a super birthday gift to myself (12/18)!

    Lisa W. says:

    I love these lights !  My mom swears by hers for sewing and I would love to get one for my jewelry shop so I can see all those small things that my bad eyes have a hard time seeing.    What a neat give away !  I’m wishing for more tools to work with my metal to make my jewelry and maybe finding some time to sew some well needed clothes for myself. 

    Jennifer Bruner says:

    I have wanted one of these since I saw them!  So perfect – carry it from place to place!  I’m definitely hoping the winner will be ME!!

    Virginia Dappen says:

    Storage for the things I’m crafting with plus an Ottlite sounds like heaven.  Right now I’m working on a couple of different Christmas decorations to hang on the tree and/or the door and windows.

    Mitch FJ says:

    What a great giveaway.  Found out about your page from Ottlite facebook page.

    martinmosaics says:

    Sing along with me!…. 
    I’m dreaming of a well-lit craft room, just like the one’s I’ve seen online, with it’s Ott-lite craft light,that shines so bright, and holds my tools so fine….I’m dreaming of an Ott-lite Craft Caddy Lamp, just like Lark Crafts’ blog reviewed,I could use it when I’ve glued, and with a great attitude, But please…don’t make me go nude! …I’m dreaming of an Ott-lite Caddy Lamp, with each project I begin, I promise…I’ll share it with my kin, Oh how I would truly love to win!

    Mosaic Magpie says:

    My Christmas wish list has all types of needlework tools on it.  One of the most important Lighting!  I would love to win this and mark it off Santa’s list.   Santa would be happy too!

    Denise says:

    I have a very old Ott lite and would love to try a new one.  I’m organizing my sewing room after moving into a new (well, used!) house.  I also am saving my pennies for a new Brother sewing/quilt machine.

    Anonymous says:

    I’ve had mostly fabric and quilting books on my wish list, but an Ott Lite is a great idea!  

    Also on my wish list is to have a needlework picture my mom embroidered put into a nice frame.  I would love to hang that in my sewing room.  

    Drmithome says:

    Would love some sewing books on my wish list.

    Janet says:

    My sewing room has everything except a good light!  I’d love this!

    Enigma Ephemera says:

    I use an OTT Lite when I paint.  If I won this lamp I would give my other OTT lite to my daughter-in-law.  That’s a good way to spread the light !

    scribblearts says:

    I’ve recently taken up making jewelry (in addition to my old favs, knitting, crocheting, and sewing). This new pursuit makes me keenly aware of just how bad the light is in our house–especially during the short, dark days of winter.

    On my list: a couple of quilting books, jewelry-making tools (especially for working with metal!), hand-dyed yarns, a gift certificate to one of our fabulous PDX fabric stores…

    Carole Carlson says:

    My secret Christmas wish is to be able to pre-order the kit of seed beads to go along with Kate McKinnon’s forthcoming book, Geometrics.

    Ldrake50 says:

    I have three OttLites and could use a few more!!!  Craft Caddy Lamp is surely be on my wish list!!

    Stopnpaws2 says:

    I love this ott light and the storage ability it has. Please Santa let me win an ott light!

    Linda Russio

    sharon richert says:


    debra says:

    I think this little Ottlite would help my poor little eyes see the stitches better when I’m embroidering!
    I think some nice left handed pinking shears would be a great addition to put in that Ottlite Craft Caddy Lamp too!

    Castdeb says:

    This would be awesome to win.   It is amazing how much more organized this would make me.

    ellenf says:

    On my craft wishlist?….Large square rulers to square-up my quilt blocks, bulk webbing for my bags and car organizers….The Ottlite would be nice in my craft space!

    Patti D says:

    I have wanted an Ottlite for a long time but this caddy is perfect! I do all types of crafts, but lately I have been getting into decoupage and need something like this to make the delicate cuts! I have been doing crafts since I was about 7 and my Grandma got me a box of 12 crafts. The two I remember where making film flowers, popsicle stick planter and a loom to make potholders (which everyone got the following Christmas from me!) I have been hooked since. My dream win would be everything for cross stitch. I had it all, but mold damage in a closet ruined all my supplies, so I am now starting from scratch.

    Del Soden says:

    What a great idea . . . .the sewing caddy as the base of the light . . . and I know exactly which chair I would put it next too!. On my holiday craft list, is a set of 12 table mats done with Xmas fabrics using Disappearing Nine Patch with red or green plain fabric. I try to do this every year and whoever sits at my table for Xmas lunch gets to take theirs home,  . . . . prefferably wrapped around some left-overs.

    ErikaB3 says:

    oohhh, i would love to win this light.  i like that fact that i can take my tools out and put them in the caddy instead of leaving my sewing box open the entire time.  It would save a of space.  My holiday craft wish list would be some new rulers espeiccally a hexagon and a cutting mat that is not warped (i am borrowing one).  and a babysitter,,,,,a free babysitter.  ohhhh, that would be a genious present under my tree

    Anonymous says:

    Seed beadwork needs soooo much true light; this looks to solve that problem –and more

    Deci Worland says:

    No fooling, some decent lighting is on my list! I have to stop beading about 3 pm, because the light fails.

    Lisa Emberton says:

    Trying to set up a new crafting corner so I can try to do some of the things I see and read about.  Seems like this light would be a great addition to the corner!  Probably first on my list are some paper and felt creations!

    Susan Scollins says:

    I would love to have one of these Ottlite lamps!  I have been ogling them for a while and my eyes would appreciate the extra help!  I love the storage component of this version.  I have been a madly crafting elf this holiday season and a lamp like this is certainly on my wish list!

    Heidi says:

    I have been lusting after an Ottlite for who knows how long! To be able to win one would just be icing on the cake!

    VickiT says:

    What a fabulous looking light. I really could use this so much. Everyone that comes into my sewing room says it’s so dark and I totally agree. We just can’t get enough light into this room even though we’ve replaced the ceiling light and added more lights around the room. I have such a tiny window and it’s shaded by the back side of the house so I don’t get much sunlight. :( I NEED MORE lights.

    My one crafting wishlist item is some of the gorgeous designer fabrics I keep drooling over and can’t afford to buy.

    Amy Stafford says:

    I have cruddy lighting in my craft room, so I would LOVE to win this! I really like the storage built in to the lamp as well as how it folds into itself for easy transport (which is good because I sometimes move from the craft room to the living room if we have guests over and I still want to crochet).

    Yanamom says:

    My craft wish list is a nice embroidery machine.  But first I would love to have a dedicated craft room…
    Right now we craft where ever there is room, usually in the living room, so this really good light would be a big help for our crafting.

    Yanamom says:

    My craft wish list is a nice embroidery machine.  But first I would love to have a dedicated craft room…
    Right now we craft where ever there is room, usually in the living room, so this really good light would be a big help for our crafting.

    Clejune2007 says:

    I have a embroidery machine and sewing machine,and would love to be the owner of this awesome Ottlite Caddy Lamp. My cousin and I work on crafts all the time, now that im laid off from my job I have more time to play in the craft room. At our age it’s hard to see, and I need all the help I can get.Weather scrapbooking or sewing im sure it would be a delight to have. Sew Happy N Texas

    Shaiha W says:

    I am in the process of redoing my studio so lighting is a big one on my list.

    Susan Lambert says:

    What a great idea to add storage to an Ott light!  They work great and I even take one to classes!

    Seriouswhimsy says:

    never enough light Ott lite yes

    Amy L says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter who has an Etsy shop.  She makes some beautiful things. Check it out! http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeckySeymourDesigns?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=App_Seller&utm_content=shops&utm_campaign=fb_seller_shop

    We are moving into our new home this weekend so I’ve been holding off on planning many crafts for the past month or two.  (It was really weird to walk into the craft store and not buy anything the other day!)  What I’m really hoping to get is a nice big crafting table that I can spread projects out on and finally, I can work on making jewelry and scrapbooking and maybe even some sewing without having to take up the entire living room!

    Ronni says:

    I love my Ott lights. I think this one would be perfect for my beading station!

    Marianna Menkol says:

    I would love to win this light! I have wanted one for years.

    Melissa says:

    Traditionally over the holidays, I fold and “bead” many, many orgami cranes and mail them off to loved ones who live far away (I have dozens of cousins in Canada).  Good light is a must for this endeavor.  Ottlites are the best!!  Thank you for your generous giveaway

    Andrea in Vermont says:

    What a fab giveaway! I live in northern Vermont, where the winter is long and the daylight hours are short from November til April. Light me up!

    Would be nice in my teeny tiny sewing room with one overhead light. Shadows much? ;-)

    one item on my wishlist is 100% wool felt

    Sarah says:

    I am in Australia and i would love love love to win this Ottlite Caddy Lamp . I love that it can store things aswell. Found out via facebook so there maybe more people from around the world wanting this beauty. And it will be mu birthday on the 14th of December. 
    Thank you Lark Books

    Hettyazi says:

    It would be great to win the Ottlite Craft Caddy Lamp.  I am 53 and need More light when I am crafting.  This lamp would help so much!

    debb rosemarino says:

    What a beautiful ott light! Thank you for the chance! My christmas wish list includes some sort of electronic cutter- Not sure which one because I would be happy with any!

    Nancy says:

    I would really love to win this lamp. I’ve been wanting one for some time now. My sewing table definitely needs more light. As far as my Christmas crafting list goes, I would really love to have a GO Baby.

    Tamie says:

    My craft wish list includes more fabric and a bit more time. This light would be a great addition.

    Amanda C says:

    I actually just added a candy thermometer and silicon utensils because of the delicious Fruit Jam Jellies recipe at www.larkcrafts.com…

    Sarah Breeze says:

    Awesome light! I’ve been working on felt ogee ornaments, and a series of cross stitch snowflakes for my dining room wall.

    Sarah Breeze says:

    Awesome light! I’ve been working on felt ogee ornaments, and a series of cross stitch snowflakes for my dining room wall.

    Leanne says:

    Oh my dream to own an Ottlite – would love to have this in my craft area. Lighting is so important when it comes to fine details.

    Andrea Harrold says:

    What a fabulous giveaway. I have had one of these on my wish list for a very long time. Just think how much more productive I could be if I didn’t have to stitch and sew in semi darkness. Ordinary light bulbs just don’t do it. I’m having a bit of a cross stitch revival at the moment ….gingerbread men and owls!

    Eugenie says:

    I would love to have an Ottlite. I have started making jewelry and these old eyes could use a good light.

    Key2myart says:

    I hope this is the place where I sign up for the contest. My craft wish list would be some Dies from Tim Holtz or some other type of dies from any other designer. Thank you for the chance to win. :)

    ErinazErin says:

    Sign me up and brighten up my life ..

    Amanda May says:

     I’m so in need of some light! Dim crafting just doesn’t work out well. At the top of my crafting wishlist (besides more light! and more time!) is better storage. I need to especially work out some good paper storage solutions. Not too exciting, but necessary.

    Muireann says:

    I’d love this! I’d also love fabric to make a new quilt for my bed, and a few new project baskets would never go amiss! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Silversirene says:


    Silversirene says:


    Chrystaldm says:

    I would love to win this Ottlite!  I’ve been looking at them for years waiting for the right moment to get one, or two for my jewelry space.  Fingers crossed!

    Leahqbruce says:

    so many things to do beforail.come Christmas!!

    Libbey Jazi says:

    I just got Bead Tool 4, which was on my list. There are a few things still on my list. The other 300+ Delica colors, an Ottlite lamp, a new work table, and of course TIME, LOL. I’d be happy for any of the above….I keep reminding Santa that I have been a good girl and finished even all of my beading homework this year. :)

    Kathyleip says:

    I’d love to win the Ottlite Craft Caddy Lamp!!!    It would work great on my sewing desk to hold  supplies and the light would help for stitching !    I have lots of projects lined up to make and the extra light would help.   Thanks for the chance to win.

    Emilyplays says:

    As I ~ahem~ AGE light is becoming more and more important to me!  My wishlist is a dedicated crafting space that is close to the main areas of the house, so I can multi-task!

    Kelli Scholl says:

    I love OTTlites! Best beading light in the UNIVERSE!

    Laceyj1204 says:

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