More on Art and Textiles

June 30, 2010, 13:00 pm  Posted by needlearts

I suppose you’ve figured out by now that I have a thing for textiles, especially patterned textiles. So it’s probably not surprising that one of my favorite “new” artists is Mickalene Thomas. Kinda the modern girls version of Matisse. Kinda. But a lot cooler. Take a look at her work, below. She creates lavish set ups with textiles and furniture and models, photographs them, and paints them. The photographs alone are wonderful. Take a look.

Just as fabulous in black and white.

Most excellent painting.

Right, this one is Matisse.

But this one is Mickalene Thomas. Now that’s an Odalisque!

You can find her work at http://mickalenethomas.com/



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