Needlearts Video Roundup: Pimp My Dog

March 29, 2011, 01:17 am  Posted by needlearts

After checking out our pet bowl free project last Friday, I got the urge to see what other cool canine accessories were floating around online. Fun and mostly easy, these six stitch and fabric video tutorials might bring the fashion police down on your dog, but she’ll love the attention.

How to Turn a Large Sock into a Tiny Dog Sweater from Howcast

How to Turn a Large Sock into a Tiny Dog Sweater (and hat) from Howcast

1. How to Turn a Large Sock into a Tiny Dog Sweater

Weren’t small dogs just made for dressing up in human clothes? Tremendously easy, this no-sew pup project from Howcast would be great to do with the kids. My brother and sister-in-law recently adopted an adorable chihuahua named Ren (remember Ren & Stimpy?) to be a friend to their first chihuahua, Frida (named after Frida Kahlo). They already have some snazzy collars, but I think they’d look sharp in some little sock sweaters. Maybe I could get my niece in on it. There’s even a turtleneck option in case Fido likes to wax philosophical. Find the right sock for your pup, make a few simple cuts, and get stylin’!

How to Sew a Simple Pillow or Dog Bed from cyberseams2. How to Sew a Simple Dog Bed

Video from YouTube user: cyberseams

Website: cyberseams.com

Be sure to choose a hardy material for this pillow sleeper. Denim or a thick canvas should stand the best chance of holding up. Maybe try some recycled materials!

Dog Collar How-To from AmericanSewingExpo3. Dog Collar How-To

Video from YouTube user: AmericanSewingExpo

Website: americansewingexpo.com

The instructor does a nice job of reviewing everything you’ll need before beginning the collar. With the right ribbon choices, this piece could go cutesy or classy. You can customize to your heart’s content!

How to Make a Dog Hoodie from cheschiiire4. How to Make a Dog Hoodie

Video from YouTube user: cheschiiire (Van Hoang)

Website: Bumbling Panda: Arts and Crafts and Randomness

Your pup can look like your perfect little jogging buddy! I’ve often heard that giving yourself incentive to exercise (like getting new running shoes) can help you get started. Maybe you just need a little doggie accessory boost!

How to Make a Dog Coat on eHow by Jennifer Jones5. How to Make a Dog Coat

Video series from eHow expert: Jennifer Jones

Family biz site: A Perfect Fit Alterations in Burleson, TX

This video series is pretty much a complete guide to making a dog coat. Jennifer walks you through taking measurements, backstitching, adding lace, and attaching velcro. It’s the total package.

Fancy Dog Collar from Raven Symoné6. Fancy Dog Collar

Video from YouTube user: ravensymonepresents

Website: Raven-Symoné SOURCE

You know Raven Symoné (actress, singer, comedian) of That’s So Raven and College Road Trip fame? Well, she also posts crafty how-to videos online. This is a kid-friendly, no-sew collar made from an old belt and bling.

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