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February 24, 2012, 11:44 am  Posted by Lark

Got the One + One bug? We do, too! We’re celebrating the release of the first book in this new series – One + One Scarves, Shawls, & Shrugs – all month. So stay tuned for  contributor interviews, giveaways, and a free project (or two!). And we’re continuing our celebration today with a giveaway… read below for more info!

To enter for a chance to win the book, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Friday, March 2. Any comment is fine, though we’d love to hear what’s on your needles now. One winner will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and notified by Monday, March 5. Click here for the official rules.

Comments are now closed for this giveaway, and the winner will be announced soon. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Want to read more? Check out this interview with author Iris Schreier.


90 Responses

    BarbaraR says:

    I would so love to win this! Oh yes…what’s on my knitting needles right now: a hat, a pair of socks, two lace shawl, two afghans, a sweater, and probably a few other things I can’t remember right now.

    Kathy says:

    Looks like some beautiful patterns in this book. Currently, I’m working on a simple ruffled sweater.

    Lauren Seidl says:

    There are so many beautiful projects in this book – I would love to win it!

    Lee says:

    What a neat book idea. I’m working on socks, pillows and a sweater. Different projects for different locations. Home, work breaks and commuting.

    Ann says:

    I like making shawl/wraps…they are beautiful yet practical…currently knitting a top for my daughter…an easy top:)

    Chris M. says:

    I have two lovely skeins of Mohair Splash is the most beautiful blue color, and am searching for just the right project – and I think this book just might be the source I need!

    Great idea for a book! Oh my, what I have on the needles… a mitered square baby sweater, some hats, 2 shawls, and a freeform crochet project …. and that’s only what i can see in front of me!

    Pam says:

    I would love to win this book, love her designs. Right now am knitting hats for the soldiers being deployed with my son.

    Mhutch218 says:

    I love this idea. I am currently working on a shrug pattern from a One-Pound skein.

    Knitterevans says:

    love the one on the cover! great color too….

    Sally Howard says:

    Looks like a great new collection of projects.  Currently the Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig is on my needles.

    Gothlily2000 says:

    looks awesome..want one :)

    I am currently knitting up a chevron patterned blanket for my fiance.  All the yarn is leftovers from my stash so it is going to be quite colorful, and possibly sort of ugly.

    I would love to win this!!! I am currently knitting a lace scarf and a shawl, but I am also crocheting a lace scarf and a baby blanket.

    NanaKnits4Us says:

    Pick me! I have too many things on my needles…would be embarrassed to list them.

    Pdwy33 says:

    Looks like a great book.
    Right now am knitting newborn baby things for myfirst great- grandchild!

    Sharyn Illingworth says:

    I think this book is a “must have”.  From the peeks I’ve gotten it’s full of future projects for me. I am currently finishing up a pair of socks for myself.

    Ashley Little says:

     Right now I’m working on a lot of baby projects: mary jane shoes, hats, sweaters. Everyone I know is having a baby!

    RebekahPope says:

    I would love to win this as I love to knit and wear shawls.  Right now on my needles is a shawl, along with a hat that I am knitting for charity.

    Sally BC says:

    It would be great to win this.  I currently have two shawls on the needles, and am trying to resist starting a third!  One for each niece! Variations on theme.

    Kllb77 says:

    I’d love to win this!  I have 14 projects on the needles right now (I dug out all my WIPs and am trying to get through them one by one), but currently I’m actively working on a pair of fair isle mittens.  Winning this book would be a great reward to me for finishing up my projects…

    Maureen says:

    I would love to win this. On my needles right now is an almost finished shawl-only 16 more rows left.

    Liz Barker says:

    I would love to win this. There are just too many projects on the needles now to mention them all.

    Kitten WAW says:

    Right now the only thing on the needles is the dress I designed for Mom. I didn’t realize the guage of Entrelac was so different, so I had to frog most of it right before Christmas, so now I’m rushing to finish before her 86th birthday in April! Nice to see knitting content on the site again, and thanks for the giveaway.

    Connie says:

    I love Iris’ patterns.  I am actually working on one of her designs now, Dangling Leaves Shawl.  I NEED her book!

    Raine Lampert says:

    This would be great book to have around to use for the prayer shawl ministry as well as for my own personal use. I still need to make myself a shawl! Thanks!

    Songsiren1 says:

    I love knitting scarves & shawls. Great giveaway!


    Gussek says:

    I would love to win!  On my needles right now is some beautiful socks from a Ravelry knit-a-long.  Thanks!  Debbie H

    Cindy Moore says:

    I’ve had my eye on this book. And with so much yarn………

    MariaInCola says:

    This looks like a wonderful book.  On my needles right now: 2 sweaters, wrist warmers, an afghan for my baby cousin.  Plus I have a few crochet projects I’m working and two knit purses to finish blocking and stitch up.  Yay for yarn!  :0)

    Debbie Saenz says:

    I’d love to win this book!  On the needles right now: 10-stitch throw, Dale of Norway Lillehammer sweater for myself, and a twisted st pullover in burgundy merino/silk.    

    Jane Penrose says:

    The project on the cover is divine.  I cannot wait for more information on the book.  Of course, winning the contest would be great too.  On my needles:  A baby hat, a blanket for a small child, EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, A lace linen shawl, a lace triangle shawl, a small neck scarf…….I better get busy!

    jleekamitchell says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.  I have an afghan what I’ve been working on for awhile now.  One day it will be finished.

    Jenbaker79 says:

    Looks like a great book! I have a hat one one set of needles, a shawl for an upcoming wedding on another set, and a humongo pile of squares that are still waiting to be stitched together for an afghan for my littlest one. So yes, I need another book of beautiful patterns that *must* be knitted! :)

    janalee kelly says:

    I like anything that is only one or two skeins.  I get bored easily.  These are gorgeous patterns and look very interesting to make.

    Michele says:

    My favorite projects are shawls and scarves. Ms. Schreier’s are so beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway.

    Tiffeny says:

    I have been unpacking and cleaning and baking, and little of anything else. I am going to start a baby sweater for my cousin’s first little baby. Would love to win this! I would finally make me something!

    Mcltjl says:

    I am knitting a Rowan sweater right now……but get daily updates from Artyarns and several of the patterns are from this book……would love to win the book so I can alternate projects!

    Erin N says:

    Thanks for the contest! I’ve currently got a sweater and a scarf on the needles. Different needles =)

    I’ve used a couple of Iris’ yarns and have been so happy with the results. What’s on my needles? I’ve got a sample requested by a LYS on one set of needles, a wimple of my own design on another and a thank you gift scarf ready to start this weekend….if I’m not paining my halls. :)

    Drmithome says:

    Only about 6 inches of a pink scarf are on my knitting needles right now. Would love to win this book.

    Aikelsey says:

    I’ve got a variation on the Wispy Cardi on the needles at the moment .. but always ready to queue up another project.

    I’m not going to admit how many things I’ve got on the needles but I’m spending most of my time learning to knit 2 socks at once and on a cranberry capelet – in green.  Still, I have plenty more needles if I win a copy

    Laura Lee says:

    I was quite inspirited with the capelet, in that it looks like it would work well in an office setting, fashionable enough to still appear business casual.
    As for what I have on my needles, I have one husband sweater, one pair of 100% silk socks I am attempting to design (adaptation of rose lattice pattern), a pair of husband socks almost completed, a second pair of husband socks about 3/4 completed, a Jacob homespun scarf using Estonian starflower pattern that just needs me to figure out the proper edging to complete, and a mohair shawl I started and then misplaced the pattern. At least, that is what is in the living room at this time. I probably have some lost projects hidden in the garage, too.

    Corimarie613 says:

    I don’t knit but my boyfriend does. and he would love this book. Right now he is finishing up an infinity scarf for a friend.

    Carlene Greene says:

    I love knitting shawls, and have been happy to see that they are en vogue this year.  I am currently knitting a shawl, a pair of socks, a hat, a pair of fingerless mitts, and a cowl.

    I must win this book!!!  On my needles right now are, first and for most, Iris’ Diamond Shawl pattern, so beautiful, can’t wait till it is done, then I have a triangular scarf for my son, and two blankets.  But please let me win that book, what will I do when I am done.  Thanks for the opportunity.

    Joyce Pusel says:

     I love Iris Shreier’s patterns. Currently, I’m knitting mittens.

    zic says:

    On the needles: two original designs, Swirled-striped hat, a pattern I sell on Ravelry, (and a perfect project for two unusual skeins of yarn, too!). Also a sweater going through the design process. 

    I’ve been designing for a few years now, mostly for local farms and yarn shops. And Schreier’s work inspires. I’m grateful to her for her beautiful designs, her outstanding yarns, her dye workshop, and books.On Ravelry and Craftys as Rebecca Zicarelli

    Karen says:

    On my needles now: Golden Leaf Shawl by Fickle Knitter Design, yarn is merino and tencell by Valkyrie, in indie dyer from the central coast area of California………love to support artisans! Like ArtYarns! like Iris!

    SewLindaAnn says:

    On my needles right now is a slouchy hat. I’m trying hard to get the band part to work better so it doesn’t stretch too much. I’m thinking of trying elastic.

    justval says:

    Currently on my needles are a baby blanket, (a good friend’s first baby.)This is my 2nd attempt at it and I am determined I will get it right. Thank you for such a wonderful give-a-way!

    julianna says:

    I’ve been waiting eagerly for this book! I’m still working on the artyarns falling leaves knitalong on ravelry…

    Lacey Doyle says:

    This would be awesome!!  Right now I’m in the midst of a Crochet-A-Long sponsored by Bernat yarns.  

    Readerwoman says:

    This is knitting. Sigh. I crochet. But my best friend, a knitter, would love this! 

    Crocheting a hat, new pattern. Finishing an afghan for a grandchild, and on my needles when I find where I stashed it in last clean up is an alligator scarf

    Foodgirl05 says:

    These projects look so exciting!  I’m working to hopefully finish the Dangling Leaves KAL very soon and look forward to a lot from this book one+one

    Smpjuis says:

    I am always looking for unique projectsw one or two skeins. I am a slow knitter, with very little free time, but i appreciate good design. Thank you Iris for this book. Susan oh, i just finished a baby blanket and tomorrow is the shower.

    gayleh says:

    I currently have on my needles-a scarf, a snood, a blanket square, another snood (qiviut), a shawl, another scarf and a sweater… a little obsessed perhaps?? Nah, not possible

    Susan M says:

    This sounds like a great book!  I’m currently knitting a pair of yoga socks with Colinette Jitterbug – GREAT yarn!

    Readbks says:

    This book looks wonderful, and I’d love to win it. I have at least one hat, one shawl, three sweaters, and I don’t know what else on the needles at the moment.

    Ehynick says:

    mine are bare at the moment.  i am in the teaching myself” process

    Mandy L. says:

    These look fabulous!

    Bankis2 says:

    I have done her modular scarf. I am knitting a bandana cowl for my mom

    MilyBean says:

    Hi. Working on a really cute boys pullover vest by Petite Purls. Book looks amazing, fingers crossed!~

    Turtleknits says:

    The book look sgreat. I’m knitting a seemingly endless baby blanket – it’s taking me along time, but I bette rfinish it soon since the baby’s on its way!

    Kim Reid says:

    A denim color cowl on the needles and I would love a chance to enter for this wonderful book!!
    Thank you :)

    Takearest says:

    Just finished a baby sweater & am now working on a skirt with a Lacey hem- would love to make one of the shawls in One + One

    Takearest says:

    Beautiful book! I have a skirt with a Lacey hem on my needles

    usairdoll - Jodi G. says:

    Looks like a super book that would be great to have in my library. I’m an ok knitter but would love to be able to make some more challenging pieces than a plain scarf.

    Thank you for your giveaway and a chance to win.


    kelli says:

    Pretty! I have the Pinkerton Shawl from Interweave Knits Magazine on my needles.

    Chels580 says:

    On my needles now are: slippers for my son, a dust mop head, and a scarf. Thanks for the chance!

    Kathleen says:

    Oh, I’d sure enjoy having some patterns for fashion accessories, because my current project is a crocheted Pikachu amigurumi to be a gift for my son.  Thanks for the opportunity.

    Gina P. says:

    The projects in this book are amazing and I would love to win a copy of this book.  I love scarves and shawls  and am currently working on two hats, two shawls, one scarf, and two blankets. 

    Pineconelodge says:

    Love these projects.  Have two shawls going right now, and a pair of socks.  Probably more
    that I cannot recall at the moment.  But you can never have too much creativity.

    Kirst Mccullough says:

    Wow this is a book that could tempt me to pick up those needles and try again!

    Walknknit says:

    Oooo - I love that green shawl on the cover – would love to knit that!  Right now I have 2 scarves on my needles, and a baby blanket.  I want to try a shawl next…

    Denise says:

    Actually working on a quilt/home dec project right now. But, would love to do the cover project

    Ikkinlala says:

    I’m working on a pair of Linaria Bipartita socks. I’m hoping to be able to finish them today for a KAL.

    D says:

    Working on (almost finished) a matching hat & drawstring bag for my little niece.

    Thank you for the op!

    Anonymous says:

    I would love to have a chance to win this!  I love shawls.  On my needles are socks.

    B. Coffman says:

    What a beautiful cover and super interview… I would so love to be able to have a chance to win this. On my needles are two projects currently–one a multi-diagonal scarf as a gift and then learning to make a lace pattern for a shawl…

    Carolyn says:

    Would love to have this book. My coworker has just started knitting and has interested me in once again picking up my needles. I know I could find a neat project in this book to start on!

    Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this. It looks wonderful.
    Right now on my needles is a feather and fan baby blanket for a friend who is due in April.
    Just finished a sparkly sequin scarf, too.

    Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this. It looks wonderful.
    Right now on my needles is a feather and fan baby blanket for a friend who is due in April.
    Just finished a sparkly sequin scarf, too.

    carriet says:

    Right now I am crocheting an throw, but I knit too! I would love this book, because as a stay at home mom money is tight for my crafting…having a book with lots of patterns for 1 or 2 skeins would be awesome!

    AddieNCE says:

    Right now, there is a turquoise dress on my needles and I hope to be done with that one when Spring arrives and it’s warm enough to wear that dress ;) I’d love to have this book and get inspired.

    Thatreggaewoman says:

    This book looks so cool. I’ve been wanting to try a shrug. Right now I’m finishing up some wrist warmers, a bag which will be felted and a bookmark. 

    Rita Goshorn says:

    shawls seem to be my current passion … on my needles now, the ocean spray shawl, the greek revival shawl, two pair of sox and one sweater.  thanx for the opportunity to win this great book!

    You made some nice points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found most persons will go along with with your blog.

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