Picnic Linens

April 13, 2010, 11:27 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

We have a cozy indoor dining area, but a “gracious” front porch, as they say here in the semi-south – large enough for a couple of tables, several rockers, and plenty of friends. So when warm weather hits, I start dragging out the ice buckets, filling the candleholders, and thinking about light, breezy table linens.

One of the reasons I love these embroidered linen napkins I spotted at Celina Mancurti’s etsy shop is that I can imagine giving something like this a try myself. Lots of options for tailoring the look of the little cotton-thread nests and vintage-button accents.

They’d look great, I think, with these linen cocktail napkins with freestyle embroidery – which would also be fun to try (though I bet I’ll just buy them!).

The muted, somewhat zakka look I have going on with the napkins makes me want to find a vintage tablecloth or two in more tea-stained or earthy tones, like these.

Still, when I think about full-on summer entertaining—the whole tomato sandwich, watermelon wedge, fresh lemonade scene—I gravitate right back to big, billowy prints and soft cotton. I’m thinking vintage sheets are the way to go for easy tablecloths. Shabby Vintage Mom has posted some super-evocative shots of all kinds of uses for vintage sheets that put me right in a lazy-afternoon mood

And Diane Gilleland over at CraftStylish has a great how-to for a simple quilt that would make a perfect picnic blanket.


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