Quick Stitches: Bluebird Lunch Bag

August 23, 2011, 14:00 pm  Posted by Lark

Welcome back to Quick Stitches! It’s no secret that we love birds around here. I’ve been suffering a bad case of “put a bird on it” well before that saying was invented… so why stop now! This week’s project is also inspired by necessity. I recently traded in my huge carry-everything-under-the-sun “duffle” purse for a small handbag, meaning I needed a new way to cart my lunch to and from work. Hello, personalized lunch bag! Here’s how to make your own…using birds or any motif that inspires you.

1.  Take a look around your home or work space to find a motif or shape to work with. We have a lot of birds at our house – no surprise there! – and this simple punched tin bird caught my eye. I took a photo of it, reversed the photo on my computer, sized it to my liking, and printed it out.

2. Trace your shape onto the paper side of fusible web. For my design, I needed 5 shapes.

3. Cut the fusible web into manageable pieces and iron them to the back your fabric shapes. I used 5 different blue prints. Cut out the shapes and peel off the paper backing.

4. Grab a handy, dandy store-bought tote.

5. Open one of the sides using a seam ripper.

6. Iron your shapes onto the front of the bag. Stitch around the perimeter of each shape.

7. Stitch up the side of your tote, pack your lunch, and prepare for compliments! Though what you put inside your lunch bag is a different story… at least my takeout leftovers will look quasi “homemade” in this bag!

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