Quilt Market/Festival Recap, part 1

November 02, 2011, 10:11 am  Posted by Lark

Some highlights from Marcia Derse's new line!

It‘s 9:00 on Tuesday night, and I’m in my pajamas watching back-to-back episodes of Storage Wars. That’s what happens when you’re at the greatest quilting show on earth… After a day of Market — meeting with authors, walking through the market showroom, oogling new fabrics, and taking a few classes — I’ve got good reason to be tired… and I’ve got a few days to go yet! I thought I’d spend a little time taking my own interview…so here goes.

What Festival is this for you?
This is my second time at Market/Festival (and my fourth time in Texas!). Last year is going to be hard to beat, but I’m absolutely optimistic!

Where will you be and when?
I’ll be out and about on Monday, at class Monday night and Tuesday during the day, and then Wednesday at the special exhibits and preview night… of course!

What are you most excited about this year?
Getting to see some some fabulous authors in person (Martha Sielman, the Fat Quarterly crew, the Twelve by Twelve artists, Cathy Gaubert, and others), meeting people face to face that I’ve emailed back and forth with for years, seeing all the new lines of fabric coming out (see sneaky peek shots below), the Masters Art Qults Vol. 2 and Twelve by Twelve exhibit (how great is it to see these pieces in person!), the special doll quilt exhibit, the classes that I’m taking (more on that later)….oh, and did I mention Festival preview night?!?

How do your little ladies feel about your trip? Have they asked for specific souvenirs? Okay, I asked Cathy Gaubert this question, but I think I’ll answer it too! The doggies are a bit depressed, but they’re excited to have some quality time with Dad. Violet has made a special request for queso.

What’s your one must-take item for Festival?
Chaco sandals (it’s warm in Texas, even in November!), healthy snacks (lots of eating on the run), and  comfy-to-carry tote bag.

What valuable lessons have you learned from past Festivals?
Talk to people! It is amazing to find common ground with a perfect stranger – and it’s so easy to do here.

Cathy Gaubert and I talk shop...er, ham it up.

What are your most memorable or favorite moments from past Festivals?
I find that each year seems to have a little theme… a string of coincidences that ties the experience together. Last year, I was all about sashiko – and I keep seeing those patterns everywhere! This year, I’m completely obsessed with colors, color theory, and color trends!

Okay, okay, but I do already have a specific – and awesome! – memory from this year. Standing outside a Mexican restaurant with a group of modern quilters when the lead guitarist from Anthrax walks out… and Cathy Gaubert giving a cool and calm “what’s up?” Turns out there’s a heavy metal festival here this weekend. Quilters and heavy metal heads… how’s that for perfect timing!

And now onto the fabric goodness….

David Butler's line of fabric - love all those grays with a touch of mid mod inspiration!

New line from Lucie Summers...want all of it, including those mugs!

Malka Dubrawsky's new line... LOVE THEM!! Do we have to wait until spring??

Love Amy Butler's new line....called Lark!

The Kona booth, with a guest appearance by Brioni's doll quilt from the book!

Betz White's new Stitch line.


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    Beth says:

    So, a couple things about this post make it awesome:  you get to hang out with totally rad quilters while wearing Chacos; you actually know who the lead guitarist from Anthrax is; Amy Butler’s new fabric line is called Lark; and Violet wants queso. We are happy you’re having such a full and wonderful time, and we miss you!

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