Sewing Book Giveaway!

April 25, 2011, 10:22 am  Posted by needlearts

To get you in the zone for a little springtime creativity, we’re offering up a Spring Sewing Book Bonanza (A is for Apron, Absolutely A-line, Stash Happy Patchwork, Sew Tina!, Sewn by Hand, and Craft Challenge Scarves). To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m EST on Tuesday, May 3. Any comment will do but we’d love to hear what your sewing to-do list looks like this spring. One winner will be selected at random and contacted on Wednesday, May 4. Click here for the official rules <http://www.larkcrafts.com/craft-your-life/uncategorized/sweepstakesrules/> . Congratulations to Tinkerman’s Daughter! She is the lucky winner of the prize package.


253 Responses

    Anonymous says:

    My sewing to do list is this:

    I so want to learn to sew and these books would certainly give me a push! Thanks!
    janiceihg AT hotmail DOT com

    Amber F says:

    My spring sewing to do list is a mile long & I’ll only get a portion actually completed! I’d like to sew up a couple of shirt & shorts outfits for my son and some cute summer dresses for my daughter. For myself I’m hoping to find and make a dress. I’m thinking of a wrap style, but not sure yet what pattern to use. I’m sure my list would grow if I were to win these awesome books!! I don’t own any yet so winning would be a dream come true…thanks for the chance :)

    Bookboxer says:

    My sewing list includes a fleece jacket (!) and finishing a sundress begun last year (it still fits – I checked!). Thanks you for this chance to win!
    bookboxer1 AT gmail DOT com

    Lisa Cox says:

    My sewing list at the moment is to make some PJ’s , and to make a scrap quilt.

    Sue D says:

    I would like to sew some summer outfits for my granddaughter.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

    I’m actually entering for my daughter. She’s an active duty soldier, single mom of a sweet baby boy. She’s been wanting to get started in sewing both for him and to be able to make some money on the side. This would enable her to create her to-do list!

    Sharon Bourque says:

    On my sewing to do list: sew pillowcases for local hospital pediatric oncology unit; sew bassinette covers for the local hospital nursery unit; finish Christmas redwork quilt.

    Ashley says:

    I have a Burda Style dress and a wide-brim sunhat all cut out and still waiting for me to get motivated from last summer! I also have some curtains to sew for the new apartment I just moved into.

    Jennifer says:

    So excited to enter! I need to move beyond sewing pillows and curtains! I need some inspiration!

    Catherine says:

    I still need to make curtains for my sons’ bedroom, but I’m also hoping to make myself a long dress.

    Stephanie says:

    I love your spring sampler! I just bought a new couch and hope that I can recreate it on a little pillow. So I guess my spring sewing ‘to do’ is to learn to sew :)

    Tpezen says:

    I love Lark books 500 series one of my favs.

    Woolensails says:

    I have unfinished projects and I plan on finishing them. I also want to learn how to use my sewing machine, so I can use it more for decorating my projects.


    Justinny says:

    I am taking a men’s shirtmaking class and am very excited.

    LH says:

    Most of my plans are for my son, so I’m planning to make a GI Joe vest, felt tools from Big Little Felt Universe, & then hem some hankies for my husband! After that, who knows!

    Lindsay Sews says:

    I’m working on a messenger bag, two quilts (one large, one crib size), some fabric bracelets, and … who knows! :) Maybe a shirt, too.

    TeriC says:

    My sewing to do list is to make a new stack of smocks for the family and aprons for all of the mothers by christmas.

    Kaya H says:

    I am making backpacks for the kids by September ;) They are in preschool.

    Jmance77 says:

    I’m working with a lot of felt as usual. Mostly brooches and headbands. I’m also trying to get my craft room organized.

    superdumb says:

    I need to make some simple skirts for summertime!

    My to-do this summer involves making my own clothes. I am always making gifts for my friend’s kids, and I finally have enough practice that I made my first adult dress last week. I want to move into making blouses and skirts, too. I’m a size 16. Shopping for clothes is expensive and a major bummer.

    I have another goal to work through my fabric/scrap stash this summer. I have a lot of small scraps, and I’m halfway tempted to just donate them to a preschool or elementary for craft time. I could make a quilt, though…

    Joanna LeRoy says:

    Holy smokes — great giveaway! I’m really excited about the Sewn by Hand book. My sewing projects for the next month are to make his and hers diaper bags for my sister and her husband — expecting baby #1!

    Jennykitty77 says:

    Sewing projects for the coming months are: shorts and capris for my 2 boys, another apron for me and personalized pillow cases for my boys. :-)

    Julia in WDM says:

    my stash is stuffed in a drawer until needed. when it gets too full, i make something.

    Jillmccoy84 says:

    I am working on two quilts: right now one for my grandson who will be 3 next month, and one for my grandson who will be born in July!!

    sewlindaann says:

    I could start a new writing pad with this list! Sewing for Spring: Quilt for BFF’s first grandson, Spring/Summer medium tote bag for me, lap quilt for husband, Recover couch pillows, Sew curtains for upstairs window, Start garment sewing for me (start with simple skirt), then start Christmas gifts. Amazing giveaway. The only one I have is Sew Tina.

    Craftylsdy1024 says:

    I am sew sew busy this spring,I have to recover two couches, make drapes for the living room and curtains in the kitchen.Just finished a Spring Geisha panel so three seasons to go and I have two quilts each about half done. The fabric stash keeps growing but I just keep remembering the one that dies with the most fabric wins!|

    Kcarlson1152 says:

    I need to bind a baby quilt, work through a giant stack of mending, work on my UFO anniversary quilt, make some new potholders, and make some throw pillows for my new couch. So much to do!

    Sallyann says:

    My stash is stashed in boxes and baskets all over. When I want to sew something I go on a treasure hunt and usually find what I am looking for, as well as things I had completely forgotten about and am delighted to find.

    Beckysews says:

    All of these books are on my “Wish List!” Thanks for the chance to win.

    Along with the items I sew for my etsy shop and craft shows I plan to stitch up some Spring dresses from vintage patterns.

    Amy says:

    This spring I am starting my first real quilt. I cannot wait. I have all the scrap fabrics ready for cutting and hope to start on it in the next week or so!

    Gill Watson says:

    My sewing list has been put on hold!! We have sunshine in the UK so I’m gardening!

    Rebecca says:

    My daughter just began sewing. We would love Lark sewing books! Thanks for holding the giveaway.

    Zoeypeacock28 says:

    <3 sewing books!

    Jennifer_jones1462 says:

    want want want lol

    oooh, what a great collection of books! my sewing to-do list for spring includes two more new dresses for myself and my little girl–a new purse–and as soon as i can get the leather, a new pair of shoes!

    Jeanelle McCall says:

    Love your books. It would be fantastic to have a collection of sewing books from you!
    Lately I have experimented with creating my own pattern for a simple dress. After sewing one out of muslin, I am ready for the real thing AND want to add some fabric flower embellishments too. Keep us posted!! Sincerely, Jeanelle McCall

    JennS says:

    A book list that covers the gambit just about. My to-do list is to work on knocking out the stash of UFOs I have.

    Rona says:

    I have a pile of UFO’s to finish – (9) 36″ Raggedy Ann’s; (4) pairs of PJ’s; (6) T-shirts to finish embrodiery on; (2) sweatshirt jackets; (12) Applique towels; and about 10 afghans to crochet. I have really depleted the list this winter this is what’s left.

    Patti Ellis says:

    I am ready to be inspired as I shake away the winter blues. If only I had a crafting studio in my house…a crafters dream…..

    melanie nettles says:

    a lot- i get bored so i switch from project to project to keep me interested. i make christmas & other gifts so am allways looking for new ideas. my list so far includes quilts. purses & hats & i still need more ideas.
    Please pick me!!

    Nlowe57 says:

    i am excited about these books. my daughter and i share books and work on projects together. we are working on commisioned quilts at this time and need encouragement and fresh ideas.she finished 1 of my ufo’s and my aunt is now the recipient of a redhat chenille quilt

    This summer I hope to make a shirt dress for my daughter out of a cast-off men’s western button-up shirt. I am expecting a second baby in August, so I’m also thinking of making a few baby supplies – like reusable wipes and a sling. I have a pattern for the sling that I’d like to try – I love the idea of having one that’s very unique for me and my new little one.

    Calcedonia says:

    Just starting sewing again after __ years.. lol Would love to check out these books.

    Jenknowles says:

    awesome selection of books and really helps to motivate you to craft!

    LizzyRae says:

    Can always use fabulous sewing books! Teaching my 11-year old daughter to sew, flipping through magazines and books gives her great ideas and then we work on them together.

    Flocherfarm says:

    I can always use new sewing ideas! I love books in general. I have a granddaughter who wants me to teach her to sew and my grown daughters are always wanting me to make things for them. They would definately be put to good use…thank you~

    Jimsylperk says:

    Wow! A wonderful selection…all sound so fun to try projects from!

    I am making a Lazy Girl bag for spring and using some really really great purple leather handles I picked up while on vacation. I have two quilts in the works – one machine embroidery applique in batiks. I’m also putting together a plan to teach my granddaughter to sew. Want to get a package of ideas together for her birthday in August.

    Sandie says:

    My spring offerings include organizing buttons, creating handbags, making bias tape, and working on a double wedding ring quilt. (The rest of my projects will have to wait!) I would love to add these books to my sewing labratory (or pass some along to my amazing daughters!)

    MaryW says:

    I sew whatever suits my fancy at the time…the only projects that I HAVE to get finished this spring are 2 quilts for my soldier son and his battle buddy to take with them when they get deployed to Afghanistan soon…a little piece of home, stitched with love and pride for them both!

    I am currently finishing up two new baby quilts, a boy and a girl!

    It’s great to see such a fresh, young look at sewing! I design clothing for plus-sizes, and always love to see new ideas. Beautiful books!

    Patereeves says:

    What a wonderful web site! Found it because of this book giveaway!

    Tbern741 says:

    interesting sewing ideas… sewing time is limited now with arthritis taking over my hands and shoulders, but i do try to complete 1-2 items a year, usually a top or skirt, a small lap quilt, or sometimes lounge pants or pajamas/gowns for friend’s children & teenagers…

    Ardi Kinerd says:

    My Spring/Summer sewing projects:

    - Laptop case for my best friend
    - Awesome roomy compartmentalized bag for me (I’m a teacher)
    - An ipod case for my husband
    - Two full costumes for myself and my husband for dragon con/Halloween (we really get into those kinds of things)
    - Try to learn a little about quilting
    - Dresses for work! I love dresses. :)

    I”m so glad I followed the link from Facebook! I’ve got six or eight projects in the works. Everything from “dress up” dresses for the granddaughters to a dress for me. I look forward to finding more projects on your website.

    Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    This spring my sewing list is VERY LONG. I want to make a set of napkins to match the table topper for my daughter, a set of place mats for us, a coat for my granddaughter and a big list of quilts.

    My sewing list includes a lot of stuff to stock my etsy shop i will be getting up and running, stuffies, hats, crayon rolls and many others. I can’t wait to get it going. I would love any of these books!

    Amanda Pace says:

    I actually already own A is for Apron, but I would love any of the others! I haven’t actually decided what I want to sew, as I’ve been on a knitting/crochet kick for a while now. I would love to get back into sewing, though.

    Jenn W. says:

    Since I am a beginning sewer and teaching myself to sew, I have a long list of what I’d like to make! Pillowcases with novelty fabric, padded potholders, aprons, table runners….I hope to work up to quilting and clothing! Right now I’m working on a simple bow-tie for my son.

    Deni says:

    I wish you would make it easier to find and enter this drawing. Not everyone is as Tech-savvy as my 9 yr old.

    valerie.boudier says:

    Would love to win one of your books. I am making a cot quilt at the moment and also some cushions

    Chrmar406 says:

    I am currently working on a yo-yo quilt. I like it because I can take it with me to work on where ever I go. Thank you for the giveaway!

    Elizabeth Mcdonald says:

    My Spring sewng To Do List? I am hoping to make 2 new quilts for our bed, to replace the threadbare one that is on it now, and also make some table toppers for relatives, possibly for Christmas!

    I love knitting and would love a free book.

    Juneisohmfree says:

    I love knitting and doing crafts with my grandkids and, of coarse, free is always good!

    SijeC says:

    I’m so glad I saw this on facebook : )

    Alexandra Àlvarez says:

    My list? Uhm, let’s see… there’s my godson’s birthday quilt for his new bed, as he is going to be 3 soon; there are some bags, a quilt for my armchair, some kitchen goodies, a baby quilt for my new niece,… are you sure you want me to list them all down? I could never finish… lots of ideas!

    Victoria says:

    I am madly sewing handbags and quilts for teacher gifts and to get ready for the summer art fair season. I can certainly use fresh inspiration!

    Connie Raby says:

    I always have something that’s in progress, about to be completed and completed. This completes me, in my mind and heart. I have been making needle cases (all by hand) lately as they have been requested a lot. I have a quilt on my frame and am always knitting or crocheting something (usually baby items). My needle cases are done by hand and consist of hand sewing felted pieces together, blanket stitching, and silk ribbon embroidery–very relaxing and yields a very functional heirloom quality needle case.

    Ourbusylittlebunch says:

    I have a couple more skirts to make for my girls, and hoping to make a picnic quilt.

    Gtteach says:

    Oooh, I would love to win! I have an apron, and a couple of blankets to make. Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway!

    The top of my to do list is to sew up a keeper for sleeves of drink mixes to keep in my purse :)

    Naptowncrafts says:

    I’ve been wanted to get back to sewing for awhile and these books would be perfect inspiration!

    Karen B says:

    Would love to win this so I could get refine my sewing skills

    Myrweleen says:

    I’ve taken a break from sewing to knit…I’m ready to get back to it for the summer. Need to make capes for the kids, halloween costumes this fall, pillows, and curtains..the list keeps getting longer and longer….

    Nancy B from Many LA says:

    My son is getting married – I’m going to make a bed runner using the Double Wedding Ring in their college colors.

    nrbird @ gmail.com

    Debra says:

    Ahhh…my sewing To Do list. First up, I’m making a fun pincushion as a souvenir for the royal wedding, complete with special straight pins. After that I’d really like to make myself a special new spring skirt. The plan is to make a regular circle skirt in turquoise, but all around the hem I’m planning to place a 4″ trim of crazy quilt blocks in coordinating spring colors. I’m really going all out — beading, special threads, etc. — because a) I rarely make anything for myself, and b) I have all these crazy quilt, beading, embroidery, etc. books, and unless I start to actually use them I’m not going to be able to justify buying any more. (Typing this makes me realize I’ll be lucky to finish this in one lifetime.) In between all this, it would be fantastic if I got to my pile of clothes that need repairs.

    Muriel says:

    Well, I want to make some cool (ventilated & neat looking) clothes for my daughter. She is very tall for her age (21 months) and things fit strange. I also have been wanting to turn my grandmothers old scarves into a set of curtains for my room. And in my spare time I want to make a book with a fabric cover. But I’m not sure how to balance all of these projects.

    I”m preparing for twins due in the fall and have been searching for ideas for quilts and blankets to make for them. This would be AWESOME as I get their nursery together!

    There are so many projects, where to begin! Definitely sewing up some art dolls, trying my hand at my first real quilt, some home decor items like curtains and pillows for the kitchen chairs and really big ones for the living room. I like experimenting with different techniques, too, and incorporating that into my art dolls.

    Amy says:

    I’m always on the lookout for interesting ideas for small projects that can be completed quickly. They make perfect last minute gifts for friends who need a “pick me up.”

    Chlaps says:

    I am new to knitting and sewing. I would love to add the books to my growing library of resources. They look fabulous!

    I’m working on a big stack of bags and another big stack of summer skirts! I’m always looking for new ideas :)

    Deb Brueggemann says:

    Fabulous! Hope I can win!

    Wow, that sounds like a fabulous collection! Thanks for the giveaway offer!

    Anne says:

    Lots of summer dresses for daughter and myself, as well as a few sun hats

    Dwannalou says:

    Would love to win!!

    Tinkermans Daughter says:

    My list looks LONG. Make a board shirt for my son, fulfill two pay-it-forward challenges from facebook, remake a couple of my shirts to be flattering, mending, make pretendlys (stuffed animals) and kid shirts for my shop, make myself a mug rug, holiday ornaments for hand sewing on the road….that’s what I remember off the top of my head!

    MoeWest says:

    I think I should put “finish new cushions for patio furniture” to the top of my list. I have them cut out but never finished them last summer or since.

    DK says:

    You always have great giveaways here at Lark, but I think this collection is particularly terrific. My To-Do list currently includes lots of baby items.

    Fligamapoof says:

    great opportunity!! thanks for the chance and have a great day

    Katscreativity says:

    Re-arranging rooms in house means I want to FIND my sewing machine this spring. NEED to make exercise stretching straps for my DH and myself, re-do the kitchen bench cushion, quilt a little table-topper I started a couple of months ago, move straps on my new bras (they only need to move toward the center of the back about an inch on each side but it is so nice not to have them slipping all day long), sort and re-arrange sewing room – this should take me until September if I hurry…

    Luv2Knit says:

    I found you on Facebook. Thank you for the book opportunity — I look forward to more knitting ideas!

    ANeedlePullingThread says:

    While on the subject of sewing… I thank you for the sewing book opportunity, and for sewing ideas. My sewing machine is going in for a “tune up”!

    Jern says:

    I want to be the winner!

    amomschoice says:

    I love to sew it’s so relaxing

    Eyecolts says:

    Love your books. My spring project list includes one chair to cover, several pillows to make, and some table runners.

    Melissa says:

    What a great bundle of inspiration. My current projects include a window valance made of triangular flag-like pieces and some small envelope pouches to hold little “treasures”. thank you for your generous giveaway.

    Helen says:

    The books are great and I would love to win them

    Daisy says:

    I’m making baby things, mostly, since there’s been a whole crop of babies here. And I’m planning on tackling a quilt soon.

    Gretchen says:

    Thanks for the opportunity for a great giveaway. I am going to work on UFO quilt projects & summer dresses for my niece.

    2king says:

    I enjoy looking at any kind of craft books so I know I would enjoy these books. I like to make wallhangings and table toppers and quilt a lot of them while watching my grandchildren play ball.

    Anna Belkina says:

    book covers… and more book covers!

    Vegand says:

    My to-do list is much, much too long, LOL! But I’m hoping to make a couple of simple stretch jersey dresses, as well as new lunch bags out of some yummy laminated Amy Butler fabric for my entire family.

    Sukie80 says:

    So many things to sew!! Sew little time! My goal is to finish a quilt a quarter for sure. . . and I’m concentrating on Elizabeth Hartman’s book. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Wordygirl says:

    My sewing machine is broken! You would think that would have completely derailed my sewing To Do list, but instead it has focused it on cleaning up my sewing area, organizing my pending projects, and evaluating how I really want to spend my time.

    robin says:

    I really need to work on a quilt I have half done…

    I’m aiming to make myself a new wrap dress – the challenge being the stretchy fabric, something I’ve not worked with before (at least, not successfully!).

    Ulrike Hutchins says:

    I have just completed a wedding dress for my future daughter-in-law. Some of the techniques I almost made up as I went along, but could have done with some professional instructions. I really would like my next project to be even better!

    Sharlyngp says:

    Sewing has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I think it’s so wonderful that you give us a chance to have these wonderful books. I treasure my books and would feel so lucky to be one of your winners! Thanks so much!

    justval says:

    I knit during the winter and sew during the summer. Now that spring is here, the sewing machine is in full speed
    ahead. The books for the give-a-way are wonderful and I would absolutely love them! Thank you so much.

    Cgreenspan says:

    I’m going to make a yoga bag and a cover for my sewing machine. Currently on the hunt for the perfect fabrics!

    Kae Kelly says:

    right now my sewing to do list comprises of mending. I’m in the process of moving right now…can’t take on too many new projects.

    Marthad Wominit says:

    I have started a non profit called “Women’s Initiative” in Waterville Maine. We have a crafting group of about 10 women who meet 2 times a week. After being open only 2 months we have received so much yarn and materiel
    as well as a sewing machine. We support ourselves through a craft fair in the fall. Your books would be a great help to us. Spring has sprung and I’m feeling lucky. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Danna bc says:

    Lovely giveaway. I’m workin on some pillows and shirts for my family.

    christy says:

    my sewing to do list is: finish a quilt for my cousin’s baby and start one for my sister’s baby!!

    Every year I knit something for my Grand children for Christmas

    I make knitted sweaters for my Grandchildren every year for Christmas

    What a lovely giveaway! I am mostly working on quilts, with my eye on a project or two from my fun Scandanavian Stitches book (a bit of home dec.) I would love to make some table linens; not sure if I’m yet brave enough for aprons LOL!

    sheri gregory says:

    …these are the books that i drool over everytime i go fabric shopping, but never in my budget!!! Love your site! thanks for being there for us crafty peeps!

    Awesome giveaway!! I’ve been wanting to do a little decor updating. I see pillow sewing in my future.

    Kim R. says:

    Please enter me – I would love to make a jean quilt :)

    Mexocelotl says:

    i’d love to have all of these to incorporate more sewing (an actually improve my skills) into my jewelry designs!!!! so…many….craft…boooks…<3

    Mm Sotolongo says:

    yes yes yes! bring on the art! now for the free time i’d need to be productive…

    Laura Gatrel says:

    I am Disabled an my sewing, embrodery ,quilts are what keep me going.What I have learned I got from my Mother who is 89 years old an still quilts. I would love to win the books an learn some new designs an techinques. I am on a fixed income an can’t afford to buy much, I have a real good friend that has a cloth shop, so she helps an then another friend makes curtains for the public an gives me her scrapes..

    Laurie A Lord says:

    Hmmm… well, I’m sewing leather handbags for Etsy and summer dresses for my little ones! It’s keeping me busy!

    Melinda says:

    Love the idea of books!

    Michelle VanAlstyne says:

    I have a lot of Doll clothes to make,a baby quilt, summer dresses for my grandaughters, 2 slip covers, and 6 receiving blankets. and thats just the begining.

    Nancy says:

    Teaching my daughter to sew! super great to have fun books to help inspire her!

    Holly Phillips says:

    We’re moving to a new house in June with extra bathrooms, so I’m working on a new shower curtain and bath mats.

    Colleen says:

    My college daughter and I are sewing together this summer! these would be great to get us started! thanks!

    Kristin says:

    What an awesome giveaway! =) I want to make some clutches and wallets for my Etsy shop this spring.

    Logan9605 says:

    I am attempting to make a patchwork curtain. I just finished a patchwork ironing board cover.

    wendy says:

    I don’t think there’s enough room on this page for my enormous to do list! A small selection:
    Make another car playmat for my friend’s little boy
    Placemats for my mum
    Placemats and chair cushions for our dining room
    Birthday present for my friend
    That’s a good enough start!

    Lauraneidich says:

    hope I win!

    Songsiren1 says:

    These look like some great books! Thanks for offering such cool giveaways!

    Mic The Ick says:

    What a great site. I’m inspired daily to try a new craft.

    Summer summer summer, all i can think of is colorful dresses and skirts.

    Beth Tickle says:

    Just started back up with the sewing machine after 10 year hiatus… Working on gift cards and combination crochet/fabric handbags… I forgot just how much I enjoyed it.

    Sue Fabian says:

    I’m like Beth – just started back sewing after 10+ years. It does come back. Plan on making cinderella dress (from a Buttrick pattern no less) for 5 year old granddaughter. Wish me luck!

    Heather371 says:

    self taught sewer for only a year and a half. saved cans to buy my sewing machine no lie 14 stitch machine from walmart. Love to sew purses. My next project is a new purse. Right now I’m making a fleece blanket by request for my sister from fleece scraps.


    Laura says:

    I’m keen to get my hands on Sewn by Hand and particularly love the idea of portable crafts. My machine-sewing skills are middling, but I enjoy upcrafting, sewing and embroidering wool felt, beading, and other types of hand work.

    Muireann says:

    I’m trying to add to my summer wardrobe by sewing new dresses and skirts, and also by ‘upcycling’ old clothes my husband and I don’t wear into new summer clothes for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

    CraftingCrusader says:

    I love to sew together gifts, and am looking forward to mending /upcycling clothes and making new and exciting clothes for spring!

    Margaret Mae says:

    cool post – just in time for spring time crafting!

    Cemetz09 says:

    My sewing to do list is covered with wedding things (I’m getting married in May!). Right now I am working on a dress to wear to my rehearsal dinner and my ring bearer pillow, but after the wedding I plan to make an apron and a throw quilt!

    Trudi says:

    I’m a fairly new sewist, but I enjoy making skirts and bags particularly. However, I bought some a pattern and some lovely fabric last spring to make a top and skirt ensemble, and I’d like to work up the courage to make that this spring!

    I’ve been exploring free motion stitching from taking an online class with Cynthia Shaffer on Crescendoh Creative Lab. I’m finishing up a wonky log cabin art quilt project from that class. I used an old piece of pale yellow, cream and black striped striped pillow ticking for the background, with a vintage embroidered textile piece used as the roof and a mix of fabrics for the house, windows and door. I am using half circles of vintage printed fabric to frame out the edges. Still deciding if the house will get a flower garden and a gardener!

    Patti Stowe says:

    I’m wanting to get some sewing done for myself. It seems I’m always working on other projects and never quite get around to ‘me’. I want to make a couple skirts, a sundress, some capris, a beach cover up and some accessories like purse organizers, wallet, and rolled flowers to pin on my shirts that coordinate with the skirts and pants. I also have a lot of sewing to finish in time for fall craft shows. Add to my lista few fun sewing projects that are to be gifts for my daughters bridesmaids. I also want to do more stitching by hand…whether it be making something or embroidery. I better get busy!! :)

    Thfox says:

    Oh books! I love books! I really want to make a bag with a pocket for a book and another pocket for my current project.

    Jhonda says:

    Hi, I am going to start teaching hand sewing to children,
    so I am looking for lots of cool ideas to get kids started. Fun easy and fabulous.
    I have started with a needle book and pin cushions, a fleece hat and fruit in felt. I have drawn and painted on cotton and will sew the shapes into pillows. Kids love bags. So little time and so much to sew!!

    I am really looking forward to teaching sewing.. what fun!

    Leslie Nipkow says:

    I’m finishing all my unfinished projects — buying zippers to sew into dresses, mending and sewing up the garments I cut out but lost steam on…. So rewarding, and there’s more space too!

    Calico Callie says:

    I’m getting ready to finally retire! Finally, I’ll get to start on all the projects I’ve tucked away for the proverbial “rainy day”. I love sewing useful things like purses, totes, linens for the kitchen and I love quilting, so I see lots of colorful sewing in the upcoming months.

    A summer blouse, a breastfeeding top in Anna Maria Horner’s Handmade beginnings, an apron with this cute Micheal Miller fabric I’ve had for a while, start my first ever quilt at some point (this will definitely not be done anytime in the spring… but they are things on my list nonetheless).

    Sllyj5 says:

    I am so excited! I just bought a sewing machine and material to make my own purse! I am a beginner sewer so could use a jump-start on my library of ideas for sewing projects. You have an awesome website!

    Patti says:

    I love a challenge and am looking forward to Craft Challenge Scarves.

    LindyLou says:

    I just discovered your site and I think it’s great. This summer I’m sewing for my grandkids. I made a denim jumper for my granddaughter and your daffodil crocheted project was just the thing I needed for the finishing touch.

    Laura Wilson says:

    This spring, I’m working on a bunch of new designs, but especially a little toy horse and stick horse head for my little one’s birthday.

    Lorrie says:

    I’d like to make a couple of summer dresses for myself, a new table runner for the dining room, and maybe spiffy up some tea towels for the kitchen. I always have more ideas than time.

    Mcsix says:

    I would love some sewing books to get my sewing mojo going!

    Robin says:

    My sewing project for this spring is to finish my daughter’s prom dress, new shower curtain and accessories for new bathroom handy hubby put in and to finally finish quilt for last christmas’ present!! Lol hope the garden doesn’t miss me toooo much!! Would love to win these books, have been drooling over about half of them for a while now!!

    Clearly vision possibilities says:

    I’ve been working with a luscious deep burgundy ultra suede upholstery fab for a large sofa-slip-cover. The completion of this project is one of the priority items on my to-do list for this spring’s sewing success.

    Next is to continue with mitt-let designs for the fall. I enjoy felting down used wool garments to create up-cycled wearable & usable items for everyday use.

    Then there are the good ol’ “repairs” that are stashed in a special container under my high-raised bed. Attention needed for all kinds of old fav’s like my black & pink hand-made woolen socks in which the heels are open to the public and my starry-night pajama pants that have been with me during my several moves.

    Yes, the sewing to-do list could go on & on….. but this is were I’ll start.

    Stacy Gray says:

    If I had any spare time this Spring, I would sew a sassy little skirt with this beautiful Japanese fabric I bought a few years ago.

    Marjorie says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, please enter me in the draw. It’s about time I got back into sewing. Marjorie

    Ellen says:

    For sewing, I’m sticking with mending & repairing this summer so I have more time to knit!

    Mthompson says:

    Retiring soon, need lots of projects!

    seriouswhim says:

    Making the girls lots of clothes,fabric art dolls,wallquilts, and scrap projects. Busy busy busy!

    Vicki says:

    Definitely mending. Loved the retro potholder. Would like patterns for unusual pin cushions.

    Ulbio Sotomayor says:

    I like to have those books, in Ecuador is difficult to get it.

    Melississippii says:

    My sewing to-do list for winter (coming up, in the Southern hemisphere) used to be a knitting list. I had a competition going between me and the footy: If I finished knitting a sweater during the football season, I won; if not, the footy won. The first year I played this game I won, and the second year I got tendinitis and was out with a season-ending injury. This year I think I’ll stick to sewing, although you can’t bring the sewing machine along to the game!

    Wenhkc says:

    My sewing to do list is for summer….teaching my daughter how to sew.

    Denise L. says:

    My sewing list is to finish 2 quilts – one for a challenge, and one for my sister. Also, sew a vintage apron pattern for an online challenge next month. Bought a new sewing machine, so I’m looking forward to trying it out.

    MamaVix says:

    My next project is to collect as much inspiration as possible by the time I have leisure to do anything creative!!

    Tksimons says:

    I’m working on using my stash, just finished a Bargello Heart quilt totally from stash!
    Karen S.

    LizzieB says:

    I have been working on creating felting applique book covers lately. I prefer handsewing because it feels more handmade. Love your books! What a super inspiration!

    I’ve got a lot of sewing projects in mind!

    Ready says:

    I’m working on a beret from Anna Zilboorg’s book: 45 Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit.
    Love this book giveaway.
    I’m also quite intrigued by that cute “globe” pincushion. Is it available for purchase?

    Knittingbetsy says:

    The top of my to-do list has a bunch of zippered, lined boxy project bags for all my knitting projects. Tten it’s on to some handwork (embroidery & needlepoint) with constant knitting!
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.
    Betsy Pratt

    alibe says:

    My to-do list consists of too many things, one being a laptop bag, bobby pin rosettes, luggage tags, bed skirt, and I really want to sew a clutch. Thanks for the chance!

    Madeline says:

    Creations in progress: Prayer Flag quilt, little thread drawn Faces pins, and ‘m working on several paintings, too.
    Thanks for including me in your wonderful giveaway. ~ Madeline

    Gibj says:

    I’d love to sew my first dress this Spring.

    kiley says:

    I just finished up a vintage sheet banner (oh, so sweet!!!)! I have several dolls to sew for customers, then a baby quilt using vintage sheet charm packs, then I’d love to sew a pillow using knit fabric adding knit “flowers” sewn all over the front – in a bright, springy color!!! And I want it all done this weekend ;o)

    Songsiren1 says:

    These look like really great books for any sewer to add to their collection!

    Cathy Melin says:

    These books look yummy, I would love to have them!

    I just wrote out a sewing to do list by coincidence yesterday, and it was, like, 20 items long. Highlights: denim and canvas bins, art quilt maps of places we’ve lived, a knitting needle case, and, and, and.

    Deborahdawdy says:

    I have several articles of clothing to make as well as completing some quilts in progress or ufo’s, if you will. I am looking forward to spending more time at my sewing machine and also being outdoors and getting some inspiration from nature!

    Nancy says:

    I like A is for Aprons is p for pot holder or pincussion

    i am hoping to sew some skirts for this summer for me and my daughter!

    Marty Davis says:

    I have some shower gifts to sew… I was thinking baby quilts for the baby showers and aprons with matching rubber gloves with fabric ruffles to match for the brides…. OOOOOhhhhh those books just get me drooling!!! :) Happy spring sewing!! Marty.davis@nebo.edu

    Barbara R. says:

    I still “owe” my granddaughter (who just turned one!) her newborn quilt. I feel bad that her two brothers and one sister got theirs right away. So, I also need to make her some little sundresses to help make it up to her.

    Kerrie says:

    I want to sew some cute aprons to give as Christmas gifts! Love this giveaway! Love Lark Crafts!

    Grennita says:

    I have some letters I have to make. They are tapestries with people’s names:)
    I also have a throw for my bed that I would like to make and upholster a chair I got at a garage sale!! Busy bee!!!

    Vdeweese says:

    I love working with my hands. Why sit and do nothing when you can create!? 95% of what I make go as gifts. I am very interested in adding this kind of thing to my “working with my hands” thing.

    I love to sew and love books….this would be a win, win situation for me.

    Mjsanford says:

    I’m hoping to get started on some Christmas gifts this summer.

    Summer projects.. several baby quilts, some cute sun dresses for my grandbaby.. always mending to do.. putting together a quilt with blocks from a block swap.. And new cushions for a camper.. making another quilt for a 100 yr memorial for the town I am from.. I hope anyway to get this all done.. : )

    amber says:

    i’m trying to keep my creative energy afloat and my spirits lifted during this rough patch in my life. being unemployed can be a totally creativity zapper but i have found that sewing, felting, making jewelry and trying my hardest to make fun and useful projects weekly, keeps me healthier mind, body and spirit! as a bonus, it benefits my loved ones too, everyone has been getting handmade goodies for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions! and loving them!! i’d enjoy having some fresh ideas and learning through the techniques and knowledge of these books!! bring ‘em on!!

    Pkolson1 says:

    On Saturday, I am hosting a 4-H Sewing Day for about a dozen kids ages 8 to 16 to make sundresses for “Little Dresses for Africa” charity. Finished prewashing the prettiest, happiest fabrics this morning and will now pack up all my supplies to take to town for a fun day of sewing with kids!

    Zaller60 says:

    I am just finishing a small art quilt with 3-D flowers. It is taken form a book by Kumiko Sudo. I love to sew by hand…I find it so relaxing and satisfying. I am also nearly finished with the first of many, I hope, Spring skirts. Then I plan to make quilted covers for all of my small appliances. After that I want to make quilted placemats and then, on and on and on and on…I think that you get the picture.
    Karen Z.
    Newbury, Ohio

    Dollie says:

    I have a long sewing to do list.. Hopefully I can get my sewing machine out soon!

    Lele712 says:

    My sew to do list includes teaching my daughter how to sew and turning old jeans into awsome handbags.

    lmr says:

    what i really need to do is LEARN how to sew first. am always meaning to get around to it. in the meantime, i knit knit knit.

    Deanna says:

    I love books about sewing, knitting, beading and such. Also love making all sorts of crafty goodies. The books would be great additions to my library.

    Deanna says:

    I love books about sewing, knitting, beading and such. Also love making all sorts of crafty goodies. The books would be great additions to my library.

    My to-do list includes several wedding presents, several baby presents, a quilt for my sister and a quilt for myself

    Gwemau44 says:

    My sewing list is like so many other lists I have… so much I want to do and not enough time to do it. I do have to get some scrub tops done for my daughter. S is for Scrubs!

    Goycrazy says:

    I’d like to make small gifts and accessories because I don’t have a lot of cutting room

    Goycrazy says:

    I’d like to make small gifts and accessories because I don’t have a lot of cutting room

    Sarahjulie says:

    I have an extremely ambitious sewing list this summer, just moved so I am starting with home decor, more specifically a new bedspread!

    Amy L says:

    I’d like to do some sewing for my dining room – linen napkins and curtains. I’m still a beginner, so these books would be great to learn from.

    Kaylaj_13 says:

    What could be better: Sewing or books? Put those two together and they’re completely irresistible! This collection looks amazing with a wide array of projects available. My current project list consists of stocking up on baby blankets for all of our expectant friends and family, aprons for wedding gifts, and maybe a few small projects for myself and/or our house. I’m currently in a blizzard right now (I know, nearly May and there’s a blizzard) so what better time to get started!

    smedz says:

    i’d like to sew a t-shirt quilt.

    Anonymous says:

    That is a great collection of books. Sewing is one of my favorite crafts.

    Elimeenah says:

    Egad, that’s a ton of terrific books! I’ve had my beady little eyes on the Sewn by Hand book…I just adore to do a ll kinds of needlework ( I’m currently using Aimee Rays’ Doodle Stitching-which I totally recommend), but I’ve honestly never really considered sewing up stuff by hand?! In a time where sewing machines are easily acquired, I’ve never really had to I suppose. This would definitely be a nice addition to my Lark books Library, that’s for sure!

    Sharoseart says:

    I am determined to get my sewing groove on this summer and relearn/review so I can apply to all sorts of materials, especially papers and fabrics into a colorful and tactile mosaic of fiber art/collage that is functional, decorative and wearable. I’d looove to receive this book as a guiding light to help me along with what I envision. Thanks for this opportunity!

    iteachband says:

    This Spring I want to finally make a ruffled skirt and apron. They have been on my list forever…now just need to find the time once school is through for the year. Thank you for the opportunity to win some great books!

    Kelly says:

    I want to make a new quilt for my bed. My goal is to start quilting it by July.

    elizabethdx says:

    This spring I’m finishing up a set of elaborate throw pillows for the living room, and then I want to make some bags and purses, a quilt (finally!) and then back to clothes.

    Leesa Miller says:

    My sewing list for this spring is to use some of my stash to make some new clothes I can wear to work. I want to make some embelished clothing like Anthropology knock offs.

    Wayne Martin says:

    Oh, boy! This looks like a lot of fun! I hope that I can win for my Cutie Pie. She has lots of great fabrics that need to become projects.

    Shibster says:

    This spring and summer my goal is to start sewing clothes that actually fit me! I’ve done dolls and their outfits, aprons and placemats and blankets but now it’s time to dive into my ginormous stash of fabric and start getting creative for myself! Dresses and a bathing suit are the dream right now.

    Woohoo! I am looking forward to a summer of sewing and crafting!

    Pasdepublicite says:

    I have the dream to keep being better sewing , its more a discipline to me than a gift…. Im trying hard and keep learning, someday I would be mathematically correct and adquirie better test.. that is why I love the blog , keep my inspiration up

    Nancy says:

    So far my list includes fabric alphabet magnets for my 1 year old, a top for myself and cloth napkins. What a great giveaway, lots of inspiration involved here! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Anonymous says:

    I have a stack of reversible knitting and/or carry-all bags to get through. These are old, in that I originally designed and produced them about 5 years ago, and new because I’m ramping up my sewing to-do list and will produce 3 new versions of the the most useful bags you’ve ever used.
    Reversible, machine wash and dry, stable bottom, stands unassisted, and beautiful fabrics…
    Is this sewing magic?

    Ruby Kramer says:

    These books look like the perfect inspiration for my fabric stash!

    Anonymous says:

    How wonderful!!! My boys have been asking me for weeks to sew them capes. So I plan to make one for each (3 total) and a couple of easy skirts for my daughter.

    Mar says:

    I plan on making an alphabet book for my great niece. I have lots of fabrics from my world travels which I want to incorporate.

    Featheredneststudio says:

    I sew all the time and my problem is usually finding time to execute all the ideas I have! On my sewing list for the spring are more felt owls of various types, more original stuffed animals, and I would love to try my hand at an apron.

    Erica Portelli says:

    it will be winter sewing in my part of the world, a time when I love to be closeted away in my cosy sewing room, I have a patchwork apron to finish, a crazy quilt to embellish and with my friends we are making a bird a month as a challenge to each other.

    Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure yet… currently trying to get my little studio together :)

    Bimbi9 says:

    Oh I will be sewing little girl dresses, aprons, quilts. Sew much to sew and sew little time.

    Tania Marta says:

    Hello I just purchased “Felt Fa la la la” and I’m excited, I read the last page of your site and tried immediately to participate in this giveaway.
    I love sewing, embroidery but also create!
    Congratulations to the creative site full of news.
    (Sorry for my English, I used the Google translator)
    Greetings from Italy

    Bugruder says:

    I LOVE sewing books! I could read them all day. My sewing list – kids’ pants and a bow tie, some Mother’s Day pillow gifts, maybe a blanket. Thanks for the great giveaway! bugruder (at) gmail (d0t) com

    Desi says:

    I’m a novice sewist and have learned everything through blogs and books. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    Teri says:

    I’m hoping to make some valances for my porch, and also hope to work on some mini art quilts this spring…if spring ever arrives! :)

    Ksukeena says:

    A is really for awesome.

    It’s time to tackle some skirts (garment sewing scares me a little)

    Trudi says:

    I seem to change my mind from day to day, but currently, there is a dress and a little fabric box and a cotton knit top on the list. What a wonderful selection of books!

    Mary J. says:

    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win these books! I’m working on some pillowcase dresses now and a purse next!

    Sebalogh says:

    Would definitely love to win this wonderful collection of sewing books.

    Maria says:

    I’ve recently made living room curtains from an old bedspread and would like to finish a quilt made from hand dyed fabrics. But my newest project on the horizon is to recycle old clothes into new fashions. There are just so many things you can do with sewing!

    Thanks for the opportunity! I just finished two things yesterday so next on the list is a couple of baby gifts and a quilt!

    Marci Debetaz says:

    What a great giveaway, and I have always wanted A is for Apron, and I don’t have any of the other books! Would love to win! My spring sewing list? More tops for myself!

    Anonymous says:

    Have been spending much hapy time browsing this site… so many wonderful, inspiring things to do! Thank you!

    coty says:


    Joy says:

    Hi, On my sewing this spring is a hardinger anniversary sampler from my son and his wife and dragon fleece vests for their boys.

    Coloradolynnbrown says:

    I am so excited about this month’s theme. I have so many FQs (went through a phase). I want more ways to use them.

    Awww. I’m too late. 4am here in the east on the 4th. There’s always next time! :) Happy crafting to the winners though! :D

    I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am quite certain I will learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

    Hiya very nice site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds also?KI am glad to find so many helpful info here in the publish, we need work out more techniques in this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

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