Sewing with Kids Project Roundup!

May 20, 2013, 15:49 pm  Posted by Lark

School’s almost out for summer, folks! Are you ready? And are you looking to embark on creative adventures of the sewing variety with your little bundles? Since the day I found out miss Ruby was on her way, I’ve been excited to share my love of sewing with her. My mom taught me to sew, and I can’t wait to do the same. But 10 months is a bit too young to start teaching my little lady how to sew: she probably needs to master other important life skills – you know, fine motor skills, crawling, feeding herself, etc. – before we partake in creative togetherness. When the times comes, though, I’ll be ready with the help of these lovely sewing projects for kids.

Stitch a lovely rainbow, easy peezy on burlap: Sewing Rainbows (from Childhood 101)

Put on a show with a herd of bunny puppets: Bunny Finger Puppet (from Spoonful)

Make a drawstring bag for trinkets and treasures: Drawstring Bag (from Make and Takes)

Craft a flock of birdies: Bean Bag Birds (from Captain Crafty)

Stitch a zoo-full of critter cards: Sewing Cards (from Dandee Designs)

Sew some sweet heart bookmarks for Valentines and beyond: Valentine Bookmarks (from Holiday Crafts and Creations)

Fashion a headband perfect for summer: How to Sew a Headband (from Skip to my Lou)

Repurpose a tee-shirt into a bag: T-shirt Bag (from Make and Takes)

Take your sewing on the road: Alligator Sewing Kit (from Spoonful) 


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