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April 29, 2010, 12:00 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

There’s something about early summer that conjures up images of pretty floral sheets billowing on the line. Take a look at how some talented repurposers are bringing that line-dried, fresh-air vibe into their wardrobes – and (totally irresistible), the wardrobes of their little ones.

At her very fun and fashion-y blog, Keiko Lynn says if she scores vintages sheets that aren’t matching sets, she always makes clothing out of them. This skirt is from a fitted sheet.

vintage sheet skirt

KB VanHorn at A Patchwork World made this adorable sundress for her daughter out of a classic Sesame Street sheet. It featured all the usuals—Big Bird,  Cookie Monster—and some long-retired characters. (I’m dating myself when I tell you I do, in fact, remember Mr. Hooper.)

child's sundress from vintage sheets

This exquisite little toddler dress pairs a vintage sheet with sweet touches of crochet. I spotted it in coffeecupcake’s flickr pool.

child's dress from vintage sheet with crochet

Finally, you can find this tutorial on using a strip of vintage sheet to make a summery belt at Annie’s Cupboard.

belt from vintage sheet

For more cute ideas for sheets-to-fashion, from aprons and smocks to a Raggedy Ann skirt, check out her flickr pool.

I’d love to hear about good sources you’ve found for vintage sheets – or stories of your best scores!


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