Show and Tell: Daniela Edburg Knits Surreal

June 04, 2010, 18:21 pm  Posted by needlearts
SPINSTER by Daniela Edburg

SPINSTER by Daniela Edburg

Daniela Edburg’s Online Portfolio

So, I think it’s needlearts show and tell time. I found some photographs today that truly delight me, and I really have to share.

Composed of creative knitting and elaborately staged photography, this dark, fanciful work from artist, Daniela Edburg, is inspiring. The Hollywood lighting and bizarre, dramatic scenes remind me of the beauty and despair in movies like Pan’s Labyrinth. Okay, maybe these aren’t that dark, but her DROP DEAD GORGEOUS series might be. Perhaps it reminds me of a more modern Return to Oz with a bit of the Duck and Cover turtle (plenty of mushroom clouds in her work) and a few Pleasantville people thrown in. Can anyone think of an artist’s work or movies/books/music that have a similar feel? Post ideas in the comments for me. I’d love to find more like this. Enjoy, you knitters, photographers, and lovers of the strange.



PARTY GIRL by Daniela Edburg

PARTY GIRL by Daniela Edburg

VOMIT by Daniela Edburg

VOMIT by Daniela Edburg


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    Wow, that last one just tops the charts. Wherever do you find such collections? In any case, I'm glad someone sees the cinematic potential of knitting.Thanks for the post!

    kendal croix says:

    these photographs are just too cool.

    jess says:

    the last one is great. i love the green scarf. do you know the names of the people in the photos. the last one looks like glennis redmon. thanks

    Mary says:

    Re: VOMIT, I had to read the title to decide whether she was spewing or ingesting the life of the forrest. I love the work, it is very thought provoking.

    debbieb97 says:

    I absolutely love “Spinster” it made me laugh out loud, “Party Girl” looks like she got left behind at Wood Stock.

    It's like the craft version of some of my favorite Annie Leibovitz photos… The Disney Dream Series http://www.vogue.com/feature/120103/popup/slide… Could you imagine Alice's dress as a crocheted piece???

      MeaganShirlen says:

      Those are awesome, Elizabeth. I wish I knew how Annie Leibovitz became so cool. Alice's dress was just made for something like this.

    Marilee says:

    Hi Meagan,

    Great post! Since you asked, this knit-tastic art actually reminds me of something I recently profiled on my blog. Have you heard of yarnbombing? If not, check it out here:


      MeaganShirlen says:

      Yarnbombing! I love it. A little urban disruption with artful intent is one of my favorite things. I might have to do a post on this in the future. I'll give your blog a shout out if I do!

    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! I love the strange, crafty inspirations.

    Rodin's Muse says:

    Wow! I want to do this to my life! MegaKnitaCoolio!

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