Show and Tell: Knitting in Stop Motion

June 11, 2010, 15:15 pm  Posted by needlearts

I know I did a show and tell last week, but this was so charming that I had to share again. Natural Gas found a cool way to sell soft heat: stop motion with knitting! This idea seems like it would have been right at home on that old children’s show, Pinwheel. Oh, how I loved that show when I was a wee tot. If you’ve ever done any stop motion work then you know that making this commercial obviously took some meticulous effort. Backbreaking effort, some might say. Fortunately, the people at LOVO Films had a team of talented folks working together to make this crafty little piece of magic.

Want to find out how they did it? Continue reading for the making of video!

Making of Natural Gas

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8 Responses

    sy says:

    so much knitting :D i love the scene where yarn sprinkles out of the shower head.

    AmandaCarestio says:

    That's my favorite part, too! This is great. Now I wonder what in my life would translate well to stop motion….

    Pineconelodge says:

    How wonderful. I want to touch my feet down each morning on a knitted floor.

    Marissa says:

    That's amazing! Now I want to cover my house in knitting!

    Pat says:

    This is so creative and well done.. How pleasant to see a commercial that is well-made.

    Argylsok says:

    What a clever concept! Like several other posters, I am particularly drawn to the knitted floor.

    I have a needlepoint tiger rug, but a knitted area rug is a thought. One could felt it, too….

    Thanks, Larkcrafts, for a web site that really sparks the crafter's imagination!

    Rodin's Muse says:

    This is super cool! I want to knit my trees a coat for the winter! But first I'll have to learn to knit!

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