Spring Studio Tour: Aimee Ray

March 09, 2011, 12:15 pm  Posted by guestblogger

Welcome to our Spring Studio Tour series. For the next few Wednesdays, we’ll be taking you with us on a journey across the country to visit some of our authors. They’ll take us on a virtual walk through their space, so we can all see where the magic happens! First up is Aimee Ray, author of Doodle Stitching and Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection.

Hi! I’m Aimee Ray, welcome to my space! I tried to tidy up a bit for you, but a well-used studio never stays neat for long, so please bear with me and my clutter. :)

My studio consists of a tiny, green room with lots of shelves and boxes, packed full of art and craft supplies, and toys (very important inspiration!).

In this corner is my sewing machine, which sits above shelves of fabric and below shelves of  lots of things I’ve made, and some by others too. I like to keep supplies as easily accessible as possible–seeing it all around me in organized clutter inspires me to make something out of it all:

Here are a few things on my shelf…

And over here is the main wall of my room. You can see my bulletin board full of inspiration, more shelves of supplies, and some of my embroideries tacked up on the wall:

Here is the close-up of my inspiration board, bits and pieces come from all over! There are always sparks of ideas to be found here. Most of my work begins in this room, but I tend to drag projects all over the house while I’m working on them. I watch a lot of netflix while stitching and painting!

I have one more little studio corner in a room shared with my husband, it contains my computer (where I also spend lots of time) and shelves of shipping materials, and yes, more toys:

Thanks for stopping by!


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