Spring Studio Tour: Trice Boerens

March 16, 2011, 13:20 pm  Posted by guestblogger

Welcome to our Spring Studio Tour series. For the next few Wednesdays, we’ll be taking you with us on a journey across the country to visit some of our authors. They’ll take us on a virtual walk through their space, so we can all see where the magic happens! This week we’ll tour the creative space of Trice Boerens, author of 45 Quilt Blocks Flowers and Animals and an upcoming cross-stitch series – hence all the floss!

In the old fable about the ant and the grasshopper, the ant is dutiful, is focused, stays on task, yada….yada….yada. I am definitely a grasshopper. When I get tired of working in one spot, I just move to the next. Right now I am working on a cross-stitch book and have set up shop on an old dining table (below left). The table is at least 25 years old and is from the Sears “Open Country Collection.” (A reference used in honor of the movie Mr. Mom-Michael Keaton’s neighbor drops in to see his new bedroom set and he brags about it being from the Sears “Safari Collection.”) One of these days I am going to paint the table turquoise, and I even have the paint on hand.

The table faces east (above right), and this is the view from the window. There are usually a few deer that wander down from the foothills to eat the bark from the scrub oak trees. I have been told that it is the deer equivalent of chocolate cake.

The east wall of the dining room (below left). My daughter is an oil painter and her paintings are featured in most every room of the house.

Along with surfing the web for design ideas, I buy a lot of used books (above right). A friend and I were shopping in an antique store one day and found this library cart. It reminded me of hanging out in the Weber County library when I was in high school and watching the juvenile delinquents push the carts around while they were re-shelving the books. Those must have been gentler times when working at the library was considered to be a harsh punishment. Anyway, the cart is versatile and portable and I highly recommend buying one.

And here’s another painting (below left).

And the credenza in my bedroom (above right).

And finally, the chair in my bedroom. Judging by the amount of floss on the arms, you can probably guess that I am cross-stitching. On a few occasions lately, I have been strolling down the aisles of the grocery store, minding my own business, when someone walks by and tells me that I have thread on my back.

We feel your pain, Trice! Thanks so much for showing us around your space!

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