Stash Happy Applique: apron giveaway!

April 27, 2012, 13:27 pm  Posted by Lark

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 13. My mom loves flamingos so I’m usually in the throws of making something flamingo-themed – that’s a lot of pink and lime green, my friends! And almost being a new mom myself really has me in the spirit this year.

Author Cynthia Shaffer thought this mom-and daughter-apron set from Stash Happy: Appliqué would be the perfect gift to celebrate, whether you want the set to give to your best friend, your sister, or whether you’re the mom yourself!

To enter for a chance to win the aprons, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Friday, May 4. Any comment is fine—though we’d love to hear what plans you have for Mother’s Day! One winner will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and notified by Monday, May 7. This contest is now closed – the winner will be contacted shortly! Thanks to everyone who shared their Mother’s Day plans and apron memories!

Click here for the official rules.

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95 Responses

    Cheryl Perry says:

    I love the aprons and would love to win. I remember my mom and gramma always wearing an apron!!

    Johannah says:

    Spending it w/ boys( Hubby and son) bbq
    Great giveaway Thank you!

    Susan Hahaj says:

    My Mother’s Day will be perfect if my family just cooks a meal for me and cleans it up! Just having us all together is the perfect Mother’s Day to me! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

    Megan Stoeckl says:

    My perfect Mother’s Day would be to have a nice meal and time to get a pedicure and maybe a massage! Megan 

    Our78redvette says:

    My grandson and I love to bake. We need some new aprons.

    Auntbot says:

    Are those Ravens? So cute!

    Bjcollins says:

    so cute. perfect mom and daughters day gift to share and use

    Gina S. says:

    Those are so cute! Love the curtains on the cover of the book.

    Mandylikespie says:

    My 19-month-old son loves to “help” in the kitchen. This apron would be so cute on him! :)

    Gwemau44 says:

    While I haven’t worn an apron in decades I just might start again. These are really cute and it saves hunting that towel up when you are super busy in the kitchen. Gina S. about the curtains they are super cool.

    tina r says:

    our 3 year old loves cooking with her mommy and mama. mother’s day is doubly special in our house. making pancakes or waffles for brunch, skyping with grandma,and some time outside will likely be on the agenda. thanks for the chance to win!

    Anonymous says:

    These are so cute. I’d definitely keep one for myself and for my little baking buddy. I’m no mom, but my niece would love it because we bake together for just about any holiday we have an excuse for. 

    Drmithome says:

    Aprons are so cute. I have added this book to my Mother’s Day wish list.

    Christine Bolin says:

    My 85 year old mother has decided to retire from cooking.  But, I could definitely use an apron for when I cook for her, too. 

    Christine Bolin says:

    Type yor comment here.

    Wordygirl says:

    No moms here and no kids, so it will be an ordinary day here. 

    Jim and Beth Spell says:

    would love to win the aprons, would be a lovely gift for one of my daughter-in-laws or for a couple of my seven granddaughters:-)

    Caamaro says:

    I’m not sure what will be happening on Mother’s Day here.  Hopefully something restful.  Thanks for the chance to win!

    shirley says:

    I have 4 grown boys so Mothers Days is usually extra special, I ask for No presents just personal Time, they usually build me something or help me with a flower bed. The aprons would be lovely for me and my granddaughter to cook in ,,,, thank you

    Esiff says:

    Aprons are adorable.. my granddaughter and I would have a grand time baking! super applique book too!! Enter me please!

    justval says:

    I have a couple vintage aprons that I cherish dearly. What a wonderful give-a-way

    Karrie Smith says:

    I love those aprons!  I want to do something fun with my daughter that day.  Something simple like the park and something good to eat for dinner.

    Cat Jack says:

    Ahhh so cute! My mum does love baking but I think for mothers day we will head out to a restaurant for breakfast/afternoon tea :)

    Melissa says:

    My mom is now 91, so every Mother’s Day and birthday is very precious to us for “kids”.  She is truly the heart of our family and we gather around her every chance.  Thank you for your generous giveaway.  The aprons are darling.

    Amber says:

    Mother’s Day plans? As little as possible! I deserve to be pampered, right? 

    Super cute aprons.  I am a waitress so, on Mother’s day I will be leaving my husband at home with the kids while I go off to work….

    Sewsilly says:

    My Mother’s Day plans will be to head out to my moms (74 yrs old), who just lives across town, and take out as much food as I can so she won’t have to cook.  My kids, grandkids and siblings/families will also be there to join in and have fun.  If I win, this would become grandma/granddaughter aprons to use when my little 6yr old granddaughter Kyla comes to visit. She loves to cook with Gma!

    CynthiaT59 says:

    Both children will be here for Mother’s Day!  I may just sit and stare at them all day!  …I know a college kid’s worst nightmare!  (I just hope all the laundry will be done by then!)  I NEVER thought I was ever going to get married and have children…It’s hard to say how these two individuals have changed my life and my perspective on the way I see the world.  The time just flew!

    This Mother’s Day I am hoping that I will receive my annual “breakfast in bed” from my kids again this year…it would be fun for them to have aprons to inspire their (lovingly burnt) creations!

    While, I don’t have any particular plans for Mother’s Day, as my mom passed 2 years ago, I do always try to do something with my grand daughter, (she is almost 3) that she can give to her mommy for Mother’s Day.  This matching apron set would be perfect for the two of them!! 

    Michele T says:

    Mother’s Day is my relaxing day – no pressures put on my plate on that day!! Love it!!

    ellen briggs says:

    My mom is going to be 88 this year. Our family tradition is to go over to her house and do the odd jobs we never seem to get to during the year. Usually this entails yard work, pruning and weeding and planting. It’s just me, my brother and our spouses. Afterwards we usually get some take out food. She always enjoys having us over but considering her age, nowadays she isn’t up to cooking for all of us and of course, we wouldn’t let her on Mother’s Day! 

    Wendy says:

    Nice! The curtains on the cover are charming. I would live the aprons for my daughter and law and grand daughter. Wish me luck!

    Bainbridge Tanya says:

    In the UK we have mother’s day in March…… I had breakfast in bed, and then we had a day out at the park – fab x

    Beth says:

    For mother’s day this year I want to spoil my DIL – she is expecting her first child and I want her to feel special!

    Chandice says:

    This would be a great mother’s day gift for my daughter and my granddaughter :D  She would be absolutely thrilled to receive this!  And it would give me great pleasure to send to her :D  Thank you very much!

    Karen A says:

    I just look forward to having my 3 daughters home from college. And maybe they’ll spoil me a little!!

    Lacey Doyle says:

    I’m not entirely sure what our plans are around here for Mother’s Day.  I’m not even sure if my husband is off work or not.  Love those curtains on the cover of the book!!!

    barbara says:

    i’ll will be waiting for my kids to call

    Quilter says:

    Lovely aprons…..my 3 sons will call; or maybe even show up. Hubby will take me out for supper. 

    Mrp28 says:

    Love the aprons, and the crows. Hope I win.

    Lisa J says:

    Mothers day we will spend time with both our mothers doing whatever they want. Hope I win I love Aprons. Thank you for giving them away.

    Lisa Kilinc says:

    Cute Apron’s! Mother’s day is always a special day for me! I love spending time with my daughter doing silly stuff!

    I hope my mum wins!

    Anonymous says:

    These aprons are just darling! Not sure about mother’s day this year, but a summer trip is being planned for me, my daughter and my grand daughter to visit my older aunt. Should be a lot of fun getting all these generations together!

    Kelly says:

    Thanks for a chance to win, they are adorable!!!

    Susan says:

    I would LOVE to gift these aprons to my sister and her grand-daughter!  Toooo cute!

    Svanwijk13 says:

    That apron is beautiful! At times like these, when life is crazy and every second counts, you appreciate everything that life has to offer. That is why this mothers day, I am going to visit my mom and dad. My dad and I will cook my mom a feast for a change, and we will have our horror movie marathon like we do every year. My dad is scared of horror films though, so it gives my mom and I a little more bonding time. Whenever I go visit her we are always cooking together and that’s why I think this beautiful apron would be perfect for us! 

    Donna Gaines says:

    I can just see me and my granddaughter wearing these aprons while we bake together in the kitchen.  Cecelia has come to love aprons as much as I do, and together we make quite a team!  I would love for us to win these beautiful aprons.  Thanks for the chance!

    Sherrym74 says:

    My grandaughters love to help me “cook”, they get their stools out to help. We are going to my daughter’s house for the first time for Mother’s Day :)

    SaraKate says:

    This apron set is adorable!  I’d love to give it to my sister and her daughter.   She loves helping her mommy.  So cute.  :)

    Christine Forsch says:

    ohhhh…I love the colors and pattern that the birds are on!  I LOVE aprons! thank you for the chance to win these.

    Susan Fabro says:

    Love the aprons!  Would love to use them on mother’s day as I spend time with my children.

    Nettiecrain says:

    I would absolutely LOVE these wonderful mother/daughter aprons!  My little granddaughter, Chloe Jane, helps me cook when she comes for her visits and we would really enjoy these.    The book seems to have lots of great ideas.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    nicole henke says:

    we’re taking a best friends/girls only trip to the beach for mothers day! 

    my daughter has an apron fetish already- she’d adore this one! THANKS

    Hblysko says:

    We always go out for dinner on Mother’s Day.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Hblysko says:

    We always go out for dinner on Mother’s Day.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Terrykes says:

    I love aprons! These are super cuties and who wouldn’t fall for a big girl/little girl set? My favorite Mother’s Day was last year when we didn’t overdo the cooking plans and we ate a brunch outside and enjoyed one another and laughed, laughed, laughed!

    Skowens says:

    Thank you for these lovelies. For Mothers Day I will just be returning back to Texas from a road trip with my mom. 

    Bethany says:

    I planned on sewing my M.I.L. an apron and making a basket with cute kitchen utensils…BUT if I can win this…That would be great!! :)

    bearpaws9 says:

    No idea what we  are doin’ here for Mother’s Day…..pretty flexible tho!  :)

    These Aprons would be such fun to win! My lil’ Grangirlie & I loooove to bake Cupcakes (our “latest: fun!) together!

    Thanks for chance to win! They are ADORABLE!!!  :)

    Lindseyjo says:

    No big plans for Mother’s Day!! Just Another day enjoying being a mum to 2 sweet little girls!!!
    Would love to win these aprons. I have a 3 year old that has to be up at the counter helping me any time I’m in the kitchen!! Love it!!!

    Jeannegwin says:

    We will be at our oldest son and daughter-in-laws for a wonderful lunch and family antics.  It is always such a nice day. Those aprons are so sweet.  Thank you for the chance to win. I am now on my way to see that book.  I see curtains in my future

    SW says:

    I absolutely love this apron set!  I’m a huge cooker and I can’t wait to share the kitchen with my daughter, although that’s a long way off!  My daughter was born two months early last October, all is well though and I plan on snuggling her a lot on Mother’s day!

    Tuba4u says:

    I love aprons  and have many from my grandmother and mother.  It is so much to see the traditions carry on with my daughters and granddaughters.

    I love aprons but get tired of searching for them my great grandmother use to make them without patterns gosh how i wished i paid more attention to her!

    Claire C says:

    I love the aprons and I know my Grand daughter would love the small one for when she has ago at cooking, either with me or my daughter. Thanks.

    Laura R says:

    The aprons are so cute.  On Mother’s Day we usually do brunch and then go visit all the Mama’s in our lives and show them our thanks.

    marymac says:

    Such beautiful aprons. My mom loves aprons and this would be a wonderful mothers day present

    Steviijo says:

    I’d love to see my DIL and granddaughter wearing these aprons. Naw….my granddaughter and I would look charming in these aprons.
    Love the curtains on the front cover of the book!

    Rhonda D says:

    I love those aprons.  My husband and daughter always surprise me on Mother’s day.  Thanks for the chance to win!

    Amyandmike98 says:

    Lovely Aprons!  I always spend time with my mom on this special day.

    Jadco123 says:

    Going to church with the family, then visiting the MIL. I always spend time with my mom the day before!

    Penney says:

     Love these aprons!  My children and I make special handmade memory books for my mom and mother-in-law each year.  We better get started soon!

    mandihair says:

    The Aprons are so precious. My daughter and I are working on a project together for my mother, she passed away afew years ago but we make sure to stop and visit her resting space, we also take along my grandma and will make brunch together. This year i get to share the news of my expecting :)

    Amelia says:

    This is such an adorable apron, and the book looks fabulous! I’ll be spending Mother’s day with my boyfriend’s Mom, since mine is across the country.

    Pal says:

    Aprons (like the ones in the picture) always remind me of my grandmother who coincidentally, taught me how to sew….

    Karrie Smith says:

    These are so cute!  I would love to win these for my daughter and me!

    Carahkristel says:

    My Mothers Day plans involve a nap.

    Buggal1989 says:

    church – dinner out prob by myslef, although i will ASK my son to come (he’s 17 – so go figure!), then come back and slumber!

    Jeanine says:

    Not sure what I’m doing-my daughter usually plans something wonderful!  I love the apron set and I have a little girl from my Sunday school who would love the little one.

    Gillwatson says:

    Great aprons!
    Here in the UK we celebrated Mothers Day in March!!

    Elaineboston says:

    I would love to spend mothers day with my three kids playing scrabble and enjoying the sunshine.

    Dull2000 says:

    The whole family gets together for a shrimp boil! I’m always looking forward to that!

    GranChris says:

    I love making aprons, giving aprons and wearing aprons. Looks like a wonderful book.

    Jane says:

    Oh – how I really enjoy looking at a bright apron hanging from a hook in my kitchen.  I think they are always appreciated as gifts.  I hope I win!!

    Mbethwallace59 says:

    We try to always have a Mother’s Day luncheon or tea.

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