Stash Happy Felt bonus project…. and giveaway!

October 11, 2011, 16:15 pm  Posted by Lark

Swimming in a sea of felt scraps? Mired in mounds of felt yardage? Surrounded by stash? Join the club! And make the most of your felt surplus with these fun bauble bracelets, an extra project from Stash Happy Felt. They’re perfect for gifting, and you’ll even use up a little of that fabric stash too.

Download the project here:

Bauble Bracelet

Better still, enter to win a bauble bracelet and a copy of the book! To enter for a chance to win, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, October 19. Any comment is fine, though we’d love to hear about your felt obsession! Two winners will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and notified by Friday, October 21.  Comments are now closed and the winners will be announced soon. Thanks to everyone who left a comment; what great project ideas you have!!

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    Crunchy Con Mommy says:

    I have tons of felt from making toy food for my son, but I’d love to make cute stuff for me too!

    Anne says:

    I work with felt every day and it is definitely the friendliest of all fabrics.

    Mandylikespie says:

    My upcoming felt project is a pointy red hat for my son’s garden gnome Halloween costume. :) 

    If I combined all the felt I owned, I could probably make a prom dress out of it. Just sayin’.

    Yanamom says:

    Last year my daugher made felt elephants and gave them to friends at her school.  The school mascot is an elephant.  We also made felt Peeps, of different colors, at Easter. My son gave them to his class as an Easter gift.  We also gave several to their grandma’s as Easter gifts.  I am always looking for cute felt projects for my children to make.

    Jagels says:

    I love working with felt.  i use a lot of it making flannelgraph shapes for preschool, puppets, etc.  i also made christmas stockings for all my family with it.  love felt.  would love to have this book too.

    Readerwoman says:

    I am surrounded by crafts. Period. Leftover yarn, fabric, felt, buttons, charms, hooks and more! And I love it! Would love to have the book to add to my library, and to my knowledge of felting. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Trudi says:

    I just got a bundle of wool felt from Purl Soho in the most luscious burnt orange/deep red/brown tones, and I can’t wait to start using it!

    Andiette says:

    I’ve just started working with felt and I love it!

    Kay K says:

    I am a Kindergarten Teacher and I love to use scraps of felt in my classroom for craft projects. I have always taught and have had lots of fun with my students doing simple felt crafts. My desire is to teach a free after school or summer school class for children to make gifts out of felt. Crafts improve our self esteem and make our lives and those around us better. Thank you for the Giveaway.

    Woolensails says:

    The new felts are so much better than what I used to buy. I had a ton of felt and used it to make art pieces, then I started using fabrics and Now I love using felt again, shouldn’t have giving all mine away, lol.


    Kelly Massman says:

    I’m totally into felts right now–would be thrilled to win!

    MelodyJ says:

    I haven’t made any felt projects yet.  I would love to try to sew with felt.


    Hilary Frye says:

    Felt has to be one of the best non-woven fabrics ever!  Colorful and easy to sew on.  I especially like wool felt.  Actually, this morning I was making felted soap bars from roving!  Felt rocks!

    Catherine says:

    I’m not really a crafter but enjoy working with my hands occasionally. I’ve done painting on ceramic and porcelain and made wire and bead jewerly but felt is something I haven’t tackled yet. Now is a good time!

    SueBE says:

    I’m fairly new to felt but am developing quite a scrap stash.  Always looking for ways to use it!

    Sue D says:

    Very cute bracelet–love to craft with felt.

    Sue D says:

    Very cute bracelet–love to craft with felt.

    Sue D says:

    Very cute bracelet–love to craft with felt.

    Suze says:

    What  a pretty bracelet! And I could make it to FIT me, instead of being either too big or too small!

    Birdy says:

    Would love to find new uses for my felt stash. The bracelet is so cute!

    I love my felt stash!  From coffee cup sleeves to quilt embellishments, I’m always looking for fun new excuses to use up the stash. ..  . .and buy more!  Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    Penney Klaproth says:

    What a fun project!  I have been stashing felted sweaters and repurposed felted wool skirts.  I just finished blanket stitching a felted sweater journal!  Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    lisa.craven says:

    I’ve only made a few things with felt (little pillows, eyeglass case) and would love to try some new projects.  This book looks so good!  Thanks for hosting.

    Donna C. says:

    this is very cool!

    LisaAnn says:

    Neat bracelet! I am looking forward to making some fun felt projects :)


    AliciaInTX says:

    Felt is so fun and easy to work with!! I can’t wait to check out this book!

    Llamahum says:

    Hmm. Want to knit then felt it, then do some funky contours with the scissors–what fun!

    Gladreal says:

    I have been using felt (both felted knits and non-wovens) on and off for a few years now, ever since I discovered Japanese-language craft books! I have made toys for my children, covered journals and messenger bags, mittens…I have quite the stash of odd and ends built up, would be fun to have fresh ideas to go along with my recently acquired ‘Big Little Felt Universe’….
    The bracelet is a cute idea, I am going to make some for my daughters!

    Margaret Glendening says:

    I have a stash of felted sweaters that I plan to use to make a patchwork blanket. I’m sure I could spare a few smaller pieces for some of the projects in this book.

    melissa says:

    So cute…Im so into felt projects right now.  I love to hand stitch felt and am making ornaments and plenty of gifts for my kids.    The book looks amazing!

    Karen says:

    I love this bracelet – I have 3 daughters and I know each of them will want one!

    Anna Belkina says:

    Never tried felt… I wish to!

    Muireann says:

    I’ve never bought felt, but I’m hoping to make felt Christmas decorations this year. I’ve felted old sweaters and made bags, but I’d love to win the book and broaden my horizons. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Avadahling says:

    I quilt but have never tried felt.  Made a knockout creche  (actually two) from felt and am dying to try again.  T’would be great to win and start !

    ALWAYS looking for a way to repurpose the stash.  Nice giveaway!

    lorraine says:

    id love to win..playing with felt is so much fun..i love the crafty kind and also making it myself :)

    Brendolli says:

    How incredibly cool is this?  I love working with felt and am so glad to have new ideas.  Thanks.

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