Teacher Gift Idea: Felt Apple Brooch

May 08, 2012, 13:31 pm  Posted by Lark

I’ve been a jojoba bean picker in the Sonoran desert, copy chief for a busy magazine in New York City, college writing instructor, and managing editor, editor, and author for Lark Crafts. But the hardest and most rewarding job I’ve ever attempted was teaching third graders.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Looking for a teacher gift idea you can stitch up easily in an evening? Grab some felt and make Lisa Jordan’s sweet Apple for Teacher Brooch from our follow-up to Fa la la la Felt, Heart-Felt Holidays (now available for under $10 on amazon and B&N.com).


My nine-year-old niece Oona sewed one for her teacher last night between dessert and bath time.









Look how great hers turned out!

Download a free PDF with instructions and printable templates: Apple for Teacher Brooch.

  • Kathryn Everett

    What a sweet idea!

  • Jackie Rhodes

    Nice! I might just try this with my son. . . Depends on whether I can get him to sit still for long enough! Lol!

  • Lauraboosinger

    So great to have the kids do this for their teachers.

  • Patti Majesky

    Can’t wait to pass this along to my sister who is always looking for things that her kids can make for their teachers!

  • http://onelmon.com/blog onel

    Cute gift for the teacher! Very sweet of your niece :)