The DeStash Diaries, Vol. 10 — (Re)Mix It Up

August 24, 2010, 13:41 pm  Posted by needlearts

I’m delighted to be featuring the work of the uniquely talented Sandy Stone in several entries this week as we celebrate the Sept. 7 release of her fabulous book, Fabric Remix. Sandy incorporates only repurposed materials in her inspiring and creative work, and she also uses simple, ordinary tools to do everything from make a vintage barkcloth bike seat to creating a shade from an abandoned trampoline. I’ve riffed off of Sandy’s aesthetic and creative philosophy in a couple of super-easy projects that make use of the things in my stash.

I ordered this glorious fabric from Purl the minute I saw it in their newsletter; I’ve got a little collection of Kokka fabrics that I add to every now and again. But the piece sat until I decided to try stretching the panels and using them as art in my newly renovated bathrooms. All it took was a staple gun and a pair of scissors, and a fun burst of color was added to my serene shower space. (No, this isn’t my bathroom, but they look great here too, don’t they?)

Sandy does this beautiful “scarf-painting” technique that always delighted me, and this next piece is my quick take on that collage idea. I took a graphic motif from a scrap, stitched it onto a background fabric, and mounted it on stretchers. I added some wonky stitching for texture while still keeping the piece fairly subtle, which is my thing. (The stitching was done afterward, and the stretched fabric behaves as if it’s in embroidery hoop. Perfect.)

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s interview with Sandy, and mark Friday on your calendar, when Sandy will supply a cool bonus project!


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    AmandaCarestio says:

    Bird nerds unite! These are so fresh and inspiring.

    Very interesting details you have noted, thankyou for putting up.

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