The DeStash Diaries, Vol. 18—Truckin’

January 11, 2011, 16:38 pm  Posted by needlearts

So maybe Stitchin’ would have been a better title for this entry, but I wanted to evoke the spirit of the times I’m writing about today…in honor of our fabulous Doodle Stitch Along and giveaway, I unearthed some of my archival embroidery to share with you.embroidered virgo astrological sign I went to college back when we listened to LPs and read underground comics. (I paid $6 to see my first Grateful Dead concert, if that tells you anything.) I patched and embroidered lots of pairs of blue jeans, and I still have two of these in my possession (we’ll call this a stash for purposes of being consistent with my theme). Aren’t they groovy? The Wranglers were mine; I added all sorts of flourishes and symbols to this pair, like one for my astrological sign (Virgo, like every good editor). I can still squeeze into these jeans and actually breathe…but I probably couldn’t laugh.

These examples feature motifs from two very famous bands as well as two very famous underground comic characters, drawn by two very famous cartoonists. Can anyone name the bands, the characters, and the artists? Leave me a comment. Far out, man.

embroidered Wrangler logo

little embroidered detail on pocket

embroidered blue jean pocket


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    Kathleen says:

    I see R Crumb’s Mr. Natural! Nice, Valerie.

    Aly says:

    This is a great post. Fun sharing. I recognize the characters but not by name. I grew up with groovily embroidered clothing and collect 60′s art/craft books.

    Eulalieknight says:

    Have I got a purse to show you. How I ever got the needle through canvas ….. sure couldn’t do it now.

    Oh my help! I had a pair like this way back in the 70′s. I embroidered all over ‘em. Used to hang ‘em on the wall as “art” after I “outgrew” them.

    [mumbles]stoopid ex-husband threw ‘em out to make me mad[cause she's mad]

    deena says:

    Love your jeans!
    The last one is Cheech Wizard by Vaughn Bode.
    Sadly, Mr. Bode died far too young. Thankfully, his son Mark, very talented in his own right, now draws Cheech & Co.

    Valerie says:

    Exactly right about Vaughn Bode – he was my favorite artist at the time. Thanks for commenting!

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