The DeStash Diaries, Vol. 24—The Good Old Days

April 05, 2011, 16:51 pm  Posted by needlearts

Remember eBay? I sure do; that’s where a lot of the vintage fabric in my stash came from. Because we’re all about vintage/recycled/upcycled/repurposed this month—we’ve got a couple of great books coming out on these topics, Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Scarves and Sewn by Hand—I thought I’d revisit my eBay obsession for a minute or two. But first, a secret: something about the fabric in this picture will be part of a fun promotion coming soon…check back early and often to see what I’m hinting about.

Back to eBay: I was in a bark cloth phase for a while, at which time I bought many yards of fabric from eBay merchants. Then it was, well, anything enticing. Finally I had to go cold turkey, and now I’m concentrating on making things from the stash (thus the nature of most of my blog posts). I couldn’t resist the urge to do a search on “vintage fabric” on eBay and guess what I found: 19,807 results. Not too shabby. How about a Google search on the same term? 53 pages of results. On the first page, I found Revival Fabrics, where I saw the cool bird print fabric you see above; I love it. It almost makes me want to…uh oh. Better stop looking.

I don’t know how you could have missed it, but in case you did, we’re celebrating the release of Sewn by Hand with a blog tour and a book giveaway. And of course check out the Craft Challenge book to see what the fabulous projects designers have created from vintage scarves.


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    sewlindaann says:

    Your article really hit home for me. I was totally addicted to “saving money” by buying more on eBay, Etsy, discount online fabric shops. The worst part is I like so many textiles. I was buying vintage fabric, trims, quilting and apparel fabric, wool strips, you name it. Not anymore, whew I almost needed therapy for over-shopping :)

    CLC says:

    Take away the legs and feet of that bird and I see a clown face. CLC

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