The Gift of Inspiration – gallery book bundle giveaway!

December 14, 2011, 16:02 pm  Posted by Lark

What better gift to give than inspiration – for yourself or someone dear. How about 1800 pages of felted, stitched, and quilted inspiration? That’s right: we’re offering PUSH Stitchery, 500 Felt Objects, 500 Art Quilts, Masters Art Quilts Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – all to one lucky winner!

To enter to win this gallery book bundle, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Monday, December 19. Any comment is fine—though we’d love to hear what you found inspiring this year (an artist, a trend, a single piece, etc.). One winner will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and notified by Tuesday, December 20. Click here for the official rules.

Comments are now closed! Thanks so much for sharing where you find inspiration… your answers were inspiring! The winner will be announced soon.


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    I took a wire ring class this year and have found plain old wire to be very inspiring. I took the basics I learned in the class and took them to the next level. Now everyone I know is getting wire rings for Christmas!

    debb rosemarino says:

    I am inspired by so many things this  year – Life is very precious so everything becomes an inspiration. I am especially inspired by old quilts!

    Marsy says:

    This year I’ve been lucky enough to make some new crafter friends, who inspire me with their wonderful work, and push me and support me as I do mine!

    Cyndi says:

    Silk silk and more silk! 

    Sandra Licher says:

    How did you know?  Those are all the things I love and more, of course.  What a wonderful giveaway and it is inspiration that I love also.  Even if I don’t win, you always expand my horizons with your books and authors.  Thank you!

    DebraB says:

    I have been inspired by nature – it has a calming and renewing effect.

    Anne says:

    I found the work of other artists and crafters inspiring, especially on pinterest.com

    Wendy says:

    Saw the Masters 2 exhibit in Houston & was particularly taken with the piece by Karin Franzen.  As it turns out, so was another member of my fiber group.  Our group will be doing a challenge based on her work (layered sheers), due in late spring 2012, and to be hung at the La. State Arboretum over the summer.  Would love to win these books!  Don’t have my own copy of Masters 2 yet!

    Jtbourassa says:

    Inspired by re-learning how to knit properly!

    Ally Kraus says:

    I find the blog “365 Lucky Days” super inspirational. Hope to some day come up with a daily crafting challenge I can stick to!

    Scarlett says:

    I’ve found the sound, sights and people of Brooklyn to be inspiring. :)

    I find inspiration in all the crafty people I have met online… It amazes me how creative people are!!

    Jennifer Rivas says:

    I am finding Pinterest incredibly inspiring.

    Jen Kkowles says:

    Ditto on Pinterest and all my books I’ve collected.

    Emilyplays says:

    I’ve been finding the modern quilts popping up to be very inspiring this year!

    Krys Kagan says:

    My two sweet little boys inspire me everyday.  I love them so.

    Karen B says:

    Would love to win this prize.  For inspiration, I look to magazines and books about something other than what I am working on.  When working on painting Christmas ornaments, I pulled out a couple of quilting magazines and came up with several new ideas.

    Namasue48 says:

    really into quilting…..

    Meredith Bogen says:

    I find that a lot of stuff inspire me! My wonderful son, my wonderful husband, stranger I exchange idle chit chat with, the sun, the moon, my goofy doxie! Life is so inspiring! It is such a wonder everyday!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Meredith B

    Ancora Crafts says:

    Wow, inspiration came from so many directions this year – links found through Twitter, Flickr photostreams, Etsy, traveling. Out of all this, I’m happiest that I found two things: The MrXStitch blog and the Flickr of mimilove forever. MrXStitch and Beefranck opened up a world of needlework, and there’s something about mimilove’s work that just resonates with me.  

    Mrs. B says:

    Lately have been inspired by all of the ideas on facebook and pinterest! :)

    Tiana says:

    I hate to pop on the pinterest train, but it definitely has… as well as tumblr. Also, I’ve gotten inspiration from my kiddos, who tell me *exactly* what they’d like to have, and I figure out how to make it work.

    Kim R. says:

    I find inspiration all other the web, so many ideas on so many different sites!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Laura Wilson says:

    I’m reading the Death of the Author!

    Tanya Murphy says:

    i find inspiration in nature, shapes , colors, textures, smells…. of course my family inspires me daily!

    Beth C says:

    My pinterest addiction has meant lots of inspiration and ideas

    Shirl says:

    My guild recently hosted a wonderful artist show .Martine House creates pieces which combine hand-dyed fabric, metalwork, box-making, found objects and embroidery are inspiring no matter your level or skill. She had a piece in a recently published Felt book, but she should be a video artist as the pieces have different views and open in different ways. I know this is more than a comment, but her work is and was inspiring for me.

    Maria Johnson says:

    Swaps on flickr inspired me this year.  I’m amazed by some of the creativity that I see there.

    Susan says:

    I took a fiber based painting class – my world has totally opened up!!!

    Joyce Pusel says:

    I agree, Pinterest has been inspiring

    lorena says:

    Oh WOW!  Those books would totally help inspire me to just “get going and do something already!” ;)

    amy pennington says:

    I LOVED the bucketry work from LA artist Matthias Merkel Hess and I plan to get really creative in the garden this year with MORE handmade planters.

    Kirstenjett says:

    WOW! What a great bundle of books!

    I am just now discovering that this is not your mother’s felt…so I am really new to this art/craft. I have just started to play with it. This bundle would take me a long way!

    Linda Friedman says:

    These books would surely offer ongoing inspiration to jump start new projects.  Every year established and emerging quilt artists push boundaries to elevate the art quilt genre into the national and international art scene.  Such fearless creativity is endlessly inspiring.  Your giveaway offer will be a true gift for the person fortunate enough to be chosen.

    Janel says:

    I love looking at Zentangle blogs. There are so many creative people drawing tangles. Much to my surprise, even I can do it!

    Marianna Menkol says:


    Tamie says:

    I find the blogs that I follow very inspiring.

    SewLindaAnn says:

    I’ve been most inspired and happy to see texture in the form of needlework back to major popularity again. The freedom, color and creativity that can come from just a few minutes stitching can just take a moment, and that may be all the time you have to create art that day.

    Anonymous says:

    This year, I found Twelve by Twelve to be inspiring in all sorts of ways.  

    Renee G says:

    This year I found all the wool felt projects inspiring.

    johnsoncyn says:

    We just moved into an old house near the ocean.  My main interests derive from this move and have been centered around creating with natural materials.  Thank you for this giveaway.  I would love each and every book!

    This year I have found Mr X Stitch inspiring because I never stitched in public before and he inspired me to get it out anywhere!

    Catherine says:

    Lovely collection!  I found simplicity inspiring this year.  Hope that makes sense! :)

    Denise Bielick says:

    Travel has been a great source of inspiration for me.

    ErikaB3 says:

    this year i found inspiration in my friends.  I haven’t made anything for myself this year and it feels pretty good to be able to give. 

    kathyS says:

    visits to new york city –always a positive jolt to the brain

    justval says:

    This year my best friend, Robin and I spent the day at the Mint Museum. An exhibit by Alice Hicks who does amazing woven wall hanging inspired me so much. I was like a kid in a candy store, getting more and more excited as we studied each wall hanging. We ended the wonderful day with a fantastic burrito and a beer. It was the best day I had all year!!!!

    Denise says:

    Natalie Chanin has been a big influence on me this year! I love her work!

    Karen says:

    Can’t think of a better way to spend the winter then with a good book, hot coffee, music, quilt to sew or a knit project to make!

    Karen says:

    Can’t think of a better way to spend the winter then with a good book, hot coffee, music, quilt to sew or a knit project to make!

    CanCan says:

    Lark asked for comments on what we found inspiring thru the year………..my choice has to be Lark Publishing…….  the creator of inspirational, creative, instructional books; fun, informative daily emails (LOVE to hear the book choices of your authors) and their generosity of these book give-aways!  Wow, Wow and WOW!!   Thank you Lark!!

    Rebeccarapport says:

    These books are so awesome and inspiring.  The winner will be a lucky person!!! 

    The books are great and I would love to win them. 

    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been finding my children’s interests inspiring to me.

    Annbordeau says:

    Well, that would be a boat load of inspiration to win!

    Sarah says:

    This year I have been inspired by my KS3 children’s art work. Some really original artwork going on!

    Pat Upton says:

    I am totally taken with felting right now though I haven’t tried it yet! I have some wool and the tools necessary but need to find the time to play!

    FiberAntics says:

    I am inspired by my students to whom I teach knitting and quilting. They ask great questions and add their own personality to the pojects and patterns we do in class. Their solutions are often what I would not have imagined.

    Sharman Martin says:

    I have been quilting since I was a teenager…..l-o-n-g before quilting became popular again.  I am inspired by all the colours and textures in the world around me.  Thanks for the giveaway!

    jleekamitchell says:

    I love quilting and craft books & would love to win these.  I’m inspired by my 3 sisters – we live in 4 different states & do a block exchange or round robin each year.  Thanks for the chance to win.

    Dwannalou says:

    Books on my favorite subjects~~Art quilts and felt!  These would look so nice wrapped up under my tree!!  :)

    martinmosaics says:

    I have been inspired this year by many modern quilting artists. Modern is new to me and I’m intrigued by the simplicity and the heavy use of sold fabrics. I’ve also been inspired this year by wool applique pattern designers. There are so many possibilities to try. Thank you for the opportunity to win incredible books!!

    Melissa says:

    What a wonderful and inspiring selections of books.  Thank you for your generous giveaway

    Julianne Gadoury says:

    I find inspiring the endless resourcefulness of the imagination. I love hearing and seeing examples of artworks or craft projects that use materials in a new way, or adapt patterns to individual tastes. It irks  me when someone tells me what the right way to do something is. I love seeing examples of creative, and non-traditional ways to approach craft, art, and life!

    Quilter says:

    This year I have been inspired by the textile works of Jude Hill!
    :) Linda

    Elaine McD says:

    I am inspired by projects I can do with mixed media. I love to work with different materials and felt and embroidery are my favs. Anytime I can UP-CYCLE….I’m there! Thanks for letting me enter  :)

    Marge Beebe says:

    I am inspired by the colors within cabochons and finding beads that match or coordinate with the cabs.

    Gjsarah says:

    i’m suddenly very interested in felt projects.  intend to make some of the projects in falala felt.  after i decorate my christmas tree (!)

    Notpam23 says:

    Just recently I have been inspired by some photos by Beverly Ash Gilbert who has published books on creating with color.  But usually I love looking through books intended to inspire ones own creativity more so than patterns just because I am awed by what some artists are able to create, and that spurs me on to be a better artist myself with my jewelry.

    tina r says:

    there’s a lot of amazing work shown on feeling stitchy and mr x stitch blogs, and many others. even though what i do (so far) is pretty straightforward, i love to see people who push the boundaries of stitchwork. i have creative friends who are a constant source of inspiration.

    Amanda G Shinn says:

    I am a beginner crafter and I already have my hands into a ton of different (overwhelming) projects. I don’t do any out of a book. Just print and go. I am thinking these books would be a great asset to my creative bug!

    I’m a metalsmith but completely enchanted with fiberarts.  I can’t resist the books or the materials.

    Anonymous says:

    I am a photographer and am excited to see ideas how to incorporate sewing and quilting sort of like collage. Lately I’ve been experimenting with printing on fabric and etextiles which I hope to merge all together.

    BC Cunningham says:

    I would love this collection and put it to great use – I make quilts, fiber arts in wool & felt, and I’m eager for inspiration.

    BC Cunningham says:

    I would love this collection and put it to great use – I make quilts, fiber arts in wool & felt, and I’m eager for inspiration.

    Bkibler4212 says:

    I would love this. What a great way to start off the new year by learning new things. Several friends and I sew and craft together and what a nice gift to share with all of them.

    wildheart says:

    I know it’s corny, but my kids are my inspiration.  I love to see their faces when I create something, and surprisingly, they will tell me if somethings no quite right and needs to be fix.

    Hmmica says:

    My inspiration comes when I least expect it. Sometimes it is words, or looking at a beautiful landscape. I love creating things with my family and this is the season where we all pitch in and create unique pieces.

    Pinterest has been a huge inspiration from me this year – never lacking now for an idea or reference. Can’t wait to get to crafting more today…=]

    Sue says:

    I entered a blog hop to make ornaments – made me make many more ornaments and I enjoyed it very much!

    Vickielampron says:

    This would be so amazing to have! My best friend and I (who live hours away) travel to see each other and have a crafting weekend.

    This would be a perfect to add to a very small collection of books I use this would be the most wonderful gift for a person who doesn’t have much thank you for all the nice projects you post for free!

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    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

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