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July 08, 2010, 16:26 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

Tie Dye, Shabd Simon-Alexander, 2010

When I moved to Asheville about a month ago, I noticed that a lot of the local stores sell tie-dyed apparel. On some weekends there’s even an artist tie-dyeing to order outside of the local grocery store. If I had moved last year, I might have been wondering why tie-dye is still so big around these parts. But this summer it’s completely different: tie-dye is trending everywhere.

Remember knitting a few years ago, back before it was picked up by 20-somethings? Well tie-dye is now starting to attract the same sort of attention. The hands of a new generation of crafters are in the dye pot and the results are not only wearable, but desirable.

Don’t believe me? Take a quick look around the internet.

Shabd Simon-Alexander is the one person who is most likely to change your mind about tie-dye:

Tye Dye, Shabd Simon-Alexander, Shabd, 2010

One of my favorite sewing designers, Jenny Gordon of Wikstenmade, posted some of her designs from Shabd’s class. It’s simpler than most of Shabd’s work, but equally impressive:

Tie Dye, Jenny Gordon, Wikstenmade, 2010

Always ahead of the trends, Alison on Etsy recently highlighted the Shibori school of tie dye:

Tie Dye, Tiemee, Etsy, 2010

Even bigger manufacturers are getting in on the action:


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22 Responses

    Ray says:

    Thom, just this morning I put in my car my 9-year-old's tie-dyed shirt from day camp. This trend hooks them young!

    Okay, I just gave away a “tie dye” kit someone had given me a few months ago. Kicking myself! I should have kept it. I remember tie-dying with my cousins when we were little. So much fun!

      Thom O'Hearn says:

      Oh no! Just remember: It’s never too late to tie-dye.

    justval says:

    They say what goes out of style will definitely come back. We tie -dyed shirts and socks at my daughter's 6th birthday party 14 years ago.The girls absolutely loved it and so did I. The screams of delight as they cut the rubber bands revealing the beautiful designs was fabulous!

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