Twelve Days of Twelves: Part Eight

February 23, 2011, 08:38 am  Posted by needlearts

We’re on to installment number eight of our celebration of Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge. And today’s post is another one that includes a giveaway of a copy of the book! ANYA is the winner! To enter for a chance to win a copy of Twelve by Twelve, leave a comment on this post by 11 p.m. EST on March 2, 2011. Any comment will do, but we’d love to hear about any quilting projects you’re working on, or what part of the interviews so far has inspired you. We’ll randomly select a winner and announce the results on March 3. Click here for the official rules.

For anyone that didn’t already know: Each day for twelve (business) days, we’re interviewing one of the talented quilt artists who contributed to Twelve by Twelve. For more information on the book, click here. For more information on the Twelves, or to join them on their current group challenge, visit their website.

Today’s Guest: Terry Grant

Location: near Portland, Oregon

How do you describe your own quilting? Has being part of the Twelves group changed your perspective on your own work?

I describe my work as mostly pictorial. I discovered that the small format we worked with suited me very well. There is something very appealing to me in focusing in on a small part of what could perhaps be a larger picture. It is contemplative and forces one to consider the small details that might be overlooked in a larger piece.

You’re in the middle of the second group challenge, with a Colorplay theme. How did the first challenge affect the work you’ve done for the second one?

I saw the Colorplay challenge as an opportunity to be more experimental and less literal than the themes challenges. The themes seemed to suggest stories that needed to be illustrated. The color challenges have been, mostly, more abstract in their concepts.

Were you inspired to try a new technique that one of the Twelves used in their work? If so, which one?

I loved the way Deborah Boschert used hand-stitching in a very light and fanciful way in her work.  I was inspired by her to try some hand-stitched motifs in several of my pieces.

We heard there were “awards” given out to you all after the completion of the Theme series…what was your award?

Diane and I were awarded the Separated at Birth” award because in two instances, without any knowledge of what the other was doing, we made strikingly similar quilts. For the Illumination theme, we both chose paper lanterns as our subject. This one amazed me and made me believe in psychic communication! So many possible ways to interpret the word—what were the odds of both of us thinking of Japanese lanterns? I got a chill when I opened the blog and saw her piece. Later, for the Identity theme, we made very similar fingerprint quilts. This seemed more likely. In fact there was a third fingerprint quilt—Gerrie’s.

If you could have changed one of your quilts from Twelve by Twelve, which one would it have been, and why?

I was not very satisfied with my “Window of Opportunity” quilt for the Window theme. At the time I made it I was enamored with making little squares, using my smallest scraps. Now that I am past that, they don’t look very interesting to me. If I were to do that one over again, I am sure I would go in an entirely different direction.

How was writing your portion of the book similar and different to blogging about the quilts as you made them?

When I was writing about my pieces for the book, I went back to see what I had written on the blog at the time I was making the work. I used a lot of the words I had written originally, but enough time had elapsed between, that I had some new thoughts and perspectives on them as well.  I am able to be more objective months after I have made a piece than when it is fresh in my mind. Sometimes I see things I didn’t see when I was making it, oddly enough.  In writing the book, I was able to get a better perspective on where my pieces fit into the whole set, whereas I was seeing it in isolation as I wrote on the blog for each reveal.


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