Twelve Days of Twelves: Part Nine

February 24, 2011, 09:09 am  Posted by needlearts

Nine!? That means we’re somehow 75% of the way through our celebration of Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge! For those of you just joining us, each day for twelve (business) days, we’re interviewing one of the talented quilt artists who contributed to the book. For more information on the book, click here. For more information on the Twelves, or to join them on their current group challenge, visit their website.

Today’s Guest: Kirsten Duncan

Location: Pompom Rouge, Queensland, Australia

How do you describe your own quilting? Has being part of the Twelves group changed your perspective on your own work?

My quilt-making process is always a very organic one. I start with a colour palette and maybe some simple images or forms in my thoughts and go straight from there to the cloth. I don’t know what the quilt will look like until it’s nearly done. The anticipation is often what keeps me going through the more tedious parts of construction. Being a Twelve has had one huge impact on my view of my work (and of myself). I am less inclined these days to berate myself for being a procrastinator, because I now recognize that a significant part of my design process happens as I spend hours, days, weeks thinking. By the time I come to make the quilt, it often happens very quickly because much of the trouble-shooting has already happened inside my head.

You’re in the middle of the second group challenge, with a Colorplay theme. How did the first challenge affect the work you’ve done for the second one?

Kirsten makes her quilts in the classroom of her shop, Pompom Rouge, where she is surrounded by the inspiration of luscious colours and fabulous fabrics.


I’m not sure that the first challenge has influenced the second; they are two very different experiences. As a colour junkie, I was very excited to be working with colour palettes for this second challenge but, in actual fact, I have found it much more difficult than the first theme-based series. Possibly this is because there is too much latitude and I have waffled all over the place!

How was writing your portion of the book similar and different to blogging about the quilts as you made them?

Like some of the other Twelves, I made a decision to write my chapter in the same style as my blog. There is a casual, conversational tone to most blogs. I enjoy reading books and blogs written in this way – it makes me feel as if I have met the author and we are just hanging out together talking abut sewing – and I think many others do, too. There were sentences that I wrote and rewrote many times in order to ensure that my meaning was clear but, for the most part, it was easy!


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    Dolores says:

    I am enjoying learning more about the members of Twelve by Twelve. Thank you for featuring them.

    ~Kathleen says:

    Kirsten’s comments about her creative process are very interesting. It is also wonderful that she is learning so much about herself. What a great book!

    Carla says:

    Your work is really very special.

    SewLindaann says:

    *Fabulous interview, and I love the name of her town (irrelevant I know). I got my prize in the mail today and had to say thank you! It’s amazing, it’s beautiful and seriously inspirational. I cannot wait to sit down later to read it all the way through. These ladies have been so creatively inspiring to me and I thank them, and Lark Crafts for their awesome giveaways!

    Woolensails says:

    Wonderful interview and I love the shop photo, I can imagine how inspired I would be, surrounded by all that beautiful fabric.


    Lydia Threads says:

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Corinne says:

    Love the quilt behind your head. The colors are beautiful.

    MarciaW says:

    I spy some Kaffe and birds in the lovely quilt behind you.

    I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this website has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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