Vintage Fashion Knitwear Giveaway

November 24, 2010, 10:57 am  Posted by needlearts

Vickie Howell’s giveaway is a hard act to follow (so much good stuff!), but we wanted to post a giveaway before the holidays for all those weekend blog readers that might come on over only to just miss the deadline on the birthday fun. And what better treat for the season than Vintage Fashion Knitwear! For those of you who didn’t see Valerie’s post last week (right here), this newly released book is a coffee-table worthy collection of knitwear design. It follows hand- and machine-knits through 100 years of history with no shortage of irresistible, iconic fashion photography.

We’ve got two copies to give away…To enter for a chance to win one copy, leave a comment on this post by 8 p.m. EST on December 1st. Any post will do, but we’d love to hear your first memory of “fashionable” knitwear—it could have been on the runway, in a store, or even just on a friend. Or if you went shopping, tell us what knitwear caught your eye! Two winners will be selected at random and announced on December 2. Click here for the official rules.


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    Lynn says:

    My first memory of fashionable knitwear is from the children’s book Homer Price. In the story Miss Terwilliger wears a robin’s egg blue dress that she knit herself. She would unravel a few inches off the bottom when shorter skirts were in style and knit more on the bottom when longer lengths were back in style.

    Debbie says:

    My memory is of a beautiful wool sweater that my Aunt gave me many years ago, it dated from the 1950′s – the iconic sweater with short sleeves seen worn with the poodle skirts. I loved it! Till one day my DH decided to do laundry, yup, you guessed it, it is now the size to fit my daughter’s dolls! Debbie in Alaska

    Carolyn says:

    my great aunty maude was a fashion legend, and i always remember her collection of fabulous 50′s style semi fitted cardigans. My favourite was her animal print one, and i still where one today by a western australian label called ‘wheels and doll baby’.

    Daisy says:

    I wasn’t especially aware of clothes as a kid, so hard to say what a first memory would have been. But those fabulous sleeveless sweaters in the Good Housekeeping needlecraft guide were what made me want to knit.

    justval says:

    Growing up I was not that aware of fashion but the bug hit me in my 40′s( it is never too late!) while looking at books and magazines at a Church Sale. I came across a huge stack of vintage knitting magazines, grabbed them and I have been hooked ever since. They inspired me to learn to knit and I did. Each pattern is like a piece of artwork.

    TheGreatLambini says:

    One item that is probably not “in fashion” at the moment is a Dr. Who scarf. However, I plan to knit one up and wear it proudly. I would love to get some new ideas from “vintage knitwear” and I am very interested in machine knitting even though I have not tried it yet!

    Blogbaby says:

    I just love all the gorgeous sweaters that are available that are knit. I have decided that I just must learn to know.

    Monica says:

    Hmmm it’s not a memory, but my FAVORITE piece of knitwear is a sweater I purchased second-hand. It’s absolutely enormous (which doesn’t happen often on me) with mostly ribbing and a giant cable design in the front, all in black sparkly yarn! Hmm I think it’s about time to pull that out of the closet…

    Sarah says:

    my grandmother is an amazing knitter, and i have great photographs of her showing off some of her knit cardigans when she was my age (in her ’30s). what a classy lady!

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