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June 17, 2010, 05:00 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

One of my guiltiest late-night pleasures is trolling flickr’s Wardrobe Remix group and other similar DIY street-fashion photo communities. Love the artistry, the inventiveness, the individuality, and the pure inspiration.

Current favorite stop on the tour: the stream of Chinese-born fashion designer Unocosa. She manages to be minimalist, monochromatic, and wonderfully multilayered all at once. Especially like her knack for incorporating hand-crocheted and vintage knit pieces into her look. Here, she pairs one of her own designs, a double-layer empire-waist dress, with a hand-me-down crochet tunic from her mother—all over pants.

Crocheted tunic

Another crocheted tunic here, over a tulle top and wide-leg pants and belted with a scarf. Not sure anyone other than Unocosa could pull this off, but I love it!

Layered crochet outfit

Here’s my new goal for carefree weekend wear—a baggy hand-knit sweater over a charmeuse dress (also one of her designs). What have I been thinking with my t-shirts and jeans?

Layered crochet sweater

Okay, okay – a break from the black and gray. Look how she belts and wraps this chunky knit cardigan over a man’s black dress shirt and vintage felt pants.

Belted crochet sweater

Go visit Unocosa at flickr for more. Would love to hear what you think!


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5 Responses

    Additionsstyleblog says:

    All these looks are really cool, I wish I could dress like that but my teenage daughter would laugh at me.

    sy says:

    i like her style. love the warpped chunky knit cardigan.

    Valerie says:

    I think my wardrobe isn't nearly inventive enough! Thanks for the late-afternoon inspiration.

    deborah says:

    Hi, Paige.

    Your entry was fun. I can picture you wearing these outfits…okay, maybe not the last one!
    Best wishes, Deborah

    Karen B. says:

    I love these outfits — particularly the first one. But I suspect it takes a very skillful eye to put all those layers together well. It would be very easy to go wrong!

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