Wee Felt-a-long: the Donut Edition!

February 08, 2013, 15:21 pm  Posted by Lark

Welcome to our first Wee Felt Worlds felt-a-long! It’s no secret now: we had a blast working on this book as a group! The other thing we’re working on together is learning to needle felt. And we’re proof, friends: needle felting is fun, easy, and completely beginner friendly. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a felted donut, from Yin Chan’s sweet-tooth inspiring Sweet Shoppe scene from the book. Her instructions in the book go into much more detail, but I’ll show you the basic steps here. Follow along at home…in no time, you’ll have a felty bakers dozen!

1. First, gather up your supplies and tools. You’ll need a felting surface, a felting needle, a cheap pen, and felt in the following colors: pink, white, brown, and tan.

2. Wrap a tuft of roving around the pen and needle felt it in place, taking care to NOT stick your needle into the pen.

3. Continue wrapping and felting until you’ve got the perfect mini donut size.

4. If your donut is going to have a hole in the middle, needle felt around the pen to firm up the hole. If your donut is jelly-filled, remove the donut from the pen, and fill in the hole.

5. Add a thin strip of tan roving around the donut – the fry line!!

6. Cover the top of your donut with your frosting of choice (I used white frosting for mine); curl the roving into a circular shape and felt it onto the top of the donut.

7. Create any toppings you’d like: sprinkles (little spheres of roving), drizzled icing (like Yin’s mint chocolate donut from the book), nuts… the sky is the limit. I created a wee heart on the top of my donut – for Valentine’s day. And then you’re done!







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