Wee Felt Worlds designer spotlight: Heide Murray

February 25, 2013, 08:38 am  Posted by Lark

To celebrate the release of Wee Felt Worlds: Sweet Little Scenes to Needle Felt, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the book’s oh-so-talented designers.

Today, we’re delighted to share a little interview with artist Heide Murray, whose needle felted creatures apper in the book’s Circus Maximus chapter. Heide writes about needle felting, vintage goodness, design, teaching, and more on her blog All Good Wishes.


Find these fellows in the Circus Maximus chapter of "Wee Felt Worlds"


How did you get started needle felting?
I started needle felting in 2001. I had been looking for a way to add real fur to my polymer clay sculptures, and that led me to try a class in needle felting. I had been making art dolls for a few years and taking doll making classes with some wonderful teachers, but learning to needle felt was a game changer. I never went back to clay. The design possibilities are endless with wool, plus it is soft and organic and colorful and affordable and wonderful.

(Heide’s needle felted chicken at right)


What is your dream needle-felting project? Is there something you’ve been thinking about making but haven’t yet?
The next project is always the dream project. I sketch in lots of journals and always go back through them and find things I still want to make.


What’s the smallest thing you’ve needle felted? What’s the largest?
When I first started needle felting my work was much larger and it took days to finish one piece. I have gone smaller not only because smaller=faster=more affordable, but the size is also more accessible for people to buy cute guys they can quietly add to their home.

(Heide’s needle felted bunny and fox at left)


If you could make another scene for Wee Felt Worlds, what would you make?
If I were to make another scene, it would have to be the farmers market brought to life. I love faces on my fruits and veggies, and I’ve been doing lots of vintage inspired anthropomorphic characters lately.

(Heide’s needle felted garden friends at right)


What are your other crafty obsessions?
Probably my biggest crafty obsession is repurposing vintage craft supplies. Almost nothing gets me as excited as finding vintage pipe cleaners, wooden beads, and buttons which I use in my work.

Thanks Heide!


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