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February 06, 2013, 07:00 am  Posted by Lark

Wee Felt WorldsA long time ago, in a felted world far, far away, there lived a cute little cub with his canine companion, an alien girl who loved to watch her favorite Martian on her retro tv, a circus menagerie ready to astound and amaze, and a pretty scientist who channeled her inner Sheldon Cooper to create a robot sidekick.

Miniature becomes magical when you make it with needle felt, and Wee Felt Worlds offers up all sorts of diminutive scenes, each conceived and created by a talented group of needle felt designers. Here you can craft a Land of the Dinosaurs where prehistoric creatures rule the planet, a Sweet Shoppe that will have you drooling for doughnuts, a Sewing Room complete with a miniature sewing machine, a Wooly Woodland where adorable squirrels munch on mini acorns, plus many more!

Needle felting is easy to learn—simply pick up a few basic materials, and before long, you’ll be lost in your own wee felt world. As Amanda mentioned last week, we’ve got all sorts of fun things planned this month for needle felting, so keep checking back for felt-a-longs, captions contests, and giveaways!

Campfire Scene

Create a caption for me!



UPDATE: Congratulations to Charlotte! She is our randomly selected winner of the Wee Felt Worlds giveaway. Thanks so much to everyone for participating!

Speaking of giveaways: Enter today to win a copy of Wee Felt Worlds! To enter to win, leave a comment on this post between now and 9 p.m. Sunday, February 10th. Any comment is fine, but we’d love for you to create a caption for this needle-felted scene. One winner will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and announced by Monday, February 11. Click here for the official rules, and good luck!


25 Responses

    drmithome says:

    Camping with Friends

    Genevieve Grove says:

    Moments before either realized that what humans call marshmallows are actually alien antennae toppers…

    Ukio Mind says:

    Having a peaceful day outside the city noise alone with a good company and an unexpected visitor

    Charlotte says:

    Hurry and bring the chocolate bars and graham crackers!

    A bear-y good bonfire with friends.

    Readerwoman says:

    Friends and S’mores – what could be better?!

    dailychocolate says:

    “No no, friend, don’t worry…those campfire stories about purple aliens are just imaginary.”

    Beth T. says:

    Smore friends, s’more fun.

    Suzanne says:

    “Hot stuff!”

      Suzanne says:

      As said by my 10 year old daughter, who’s just learning to needle felt!

    Kim Reid says:

    Sharing the warmth with fluffy friends!

    di says:


    Lynn Morton says:

    Here’s 1 for you Pinky said Barry bear!

    Jonquil says:

    Happiness is toasted marshmallows with friends.

    E B says:

    “Happy Pink Alien Crashes S’Mores Party”

    Sharon Buford says:

    Mars – mellows

    kcisis says:

    There’s always room for one more by the fire!

    Joann Loos says:

    camping with friends

    justval says:

    Scottie, do you hear strange noises coming from the woods?

    Carolyn Z says:

    Camping with our alien friend.

    Jennifer Rivas says:

    I can’t think of a clever caption.

    Penney Bidwell says:

    Little bear makes a new friend

    Wool, I’ll be. Camping never felt so good!

    Joanna LeRoy says:

    The fire is awesome! :) And the steam from the cocoa? Perfect! I’d call this “Winter camping is out of this world”

    I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

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