Yes, Another Free Bird Project!

June 15, 2011, 11:59 am  Posted by needlearts

In addition to our blogiversary, there’s also another important event going on all over the country: the start of summer!

Even though the actual day of summer solstice isn’t until next week, most schools have already set the kids (and teachers) free.

Figure 1

So today’s free project is all about that area where bird-tastic celebration and summer vacation overlap (see figure 1)!

The pretty pillow you see above (from 100 Pretty Little Projects) features a very unique feathered friend. In fact, the Child’s Play pillow doesn’t even come with a template for recreating that bird, because you’re supposed to use your own kid’s drawing as the central motif! Note that if you don’t happen to have a kid, you can likely beg or barter with a niece or nephew for a one-of-a-kind drawing. After all, they should have plenty of free time on their hands starting any day now…

Download the Child’s Play pillow project here.


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    Meagan says:

    Love the Venn diagram. :)

    Janyaruks says:

    When I see this lovely bird, I miss my niece.

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