Felt Jewelry

July 09, 2010, 19:15 pm  Posted by Lark

By Maria Eife, a resident of the City of Brotherly Love

Trumpet sound! Some time ago, the call for entries went out for 500 Felt Objects, a book slated for fall 2011 release. After seeing Fashioning Felt, the terrific show she curated, I enlisted Susan Brown of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum to serve as the juror for this book. We’ve been reviewing the images to include in the book, and I’ve come across some really exciting jewelry made with this extraordinary material!

Now, please don’t think the decisions have been made for the book–we’ve still got a loooong way to go before selections are finalized. Just wanted to share the fascinating things some talented artists from around the globe are making.

Justyna Truchanowska, of Dublin, made this.

A remarkable ring by Eun Yeong Jeong

An awesome piece by Jennifer Moss of Kalamazoo. I always thought Dr. Seuss made up that city. Nope, it's real!

This piece by Taiwanese artist Chien-Ching Liao incorporates felt so airy that light filters through.

By Lynda Watson

Is there any material Kristin Mitsu Shiga can’t make something beautiful from?

A few "rocks" on a ring by Maricha Genovese

A necklace by Jens A. Larsen of Norway


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    marcy says:

    I am so glad you highlighted Kristin Mitsu Shiga's design, she is a wonderful jewelry artist and teacher. I always look forward to finding her in your books.

    Instig8r says:

    love the pictures. looks like the book has great potential. any word on getting the found objects book going?

    ruby says:

    wow! so many amazing designs in felt!

    marcy says:

    Like Instig8r, I am wondering about the found objects book. I'm also wondering about the silver objects book, still haven't heard any news back about that one.

    justval says:

    Oh my gosh, I have never seen such breathtaking felt jewelry. They are amazing!

    Filomene66 says:

    I'm waiting this book with a LOT OF IMPATIENCE !!! :-)))
    for the moment, THANKS for your article !
    it inspired (a lot !) mine, about felt jewelry, on my blog : http://bijoucontemporain.unblog.fr/tag/materiau
    perhaps you will find new “felters” to publish ! :-))

    Rene says:

    Maria Eife – love the felt jewelry!

    PL says:

    When will the artists find out who was selected. The submission form indicated December, 2010… so just wondering. :-)

    Nan says:

    Also wondering how the 500 Felt Objects book is coming along.

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