Gwen Diehn’s Butter Box Journal Giveaway

April 24, 2012, 08:38 am  Posted by Lark


This month Gwen Diehn’s latest book, The Complete Decorated Journal: A Compendium of Journaling Techniques, is available online and in bookstores. The Complete Decorated Journal  is a 240-page compilation of Gwen’s two most popular books, The Decorated Journal and The Decorated Page. For those of you that already own one of those two books, this is an opportunity to get the other one plus new material, all in one comprehensive volume—priced at the cost of one book ($14.78 on Amazon!). The bonus material includes additional techniques such as working with casein, 13 artist profiles along with galleries of their work, and project instructions for creating a unique journal from a butter box (or a cereal box, a Little Debbie’s box, or any similar type box of your choosing).





We’re giving away this one one made by Gwen PLUS a copy of The Complete Decorated Journal (see entry details below*)!

For those  journaling enthusiasts who are unfamiliar with Gwen’s work, you’re in for a treat. The Complete Decorated Journal teaches readers how to create both engaging journals and inspiring journal pages through the examination of various:

~ techniques – such as using poured colors, baked paper, painting, collage,  ink washing, copier transfer, grounds, and relief prints and rubbings


~ layout designs – consider bleeds, borders, grids, mandalas, cutouts, and add-ons


journals – whether you create a 3-minute pamphlet, a 2-hour extremely beautiful, useful, and sturdy journal—or just customize a blank book



~ artist profiles – what inspires others to journal and how do they translate those thoughts to the page?


*So how can you enter for a chance to win that fun butter box journal that Gwen made AND a copy of The Complete Decorated Journal ? Leave a comment on this blog post by 9 p.m. EST on Thursday, May 3. The comment can be anything, but we’d really like to hear what you journal about most often—your garden? travels? day-to-day life? One winner will be selected at random and announced by Tuesday, May 8. Click here for the official rules.

Gwen is the author of four other titles on journaling and making handmade books. You can read more about her journaling adventures (including her entertaining sketch crawls) at Real-life-journals.blogspot.com.


198 Responses

    Kelly massman says:

    i love making books and i journal most about family life! thanks

    Susan says:

    Gwen’s work  is  truly inspiring and creative in the making of the butter box journal. I  would like
    to have the students in Mrs. Medina’s ESL classes to create journals using your techniques.
    This project would help them express their feelings using new vocabulary, sentence structure,
    and art in the mastering of the English language.

    beth grim says:

    I mostly use my journal to keep track of inspirations for creative projects. I’ve carried a sketchbook journal with me since art school days (half-a-life-ago!) and have a bookcase in my studio filled with old ones. I refer to them whenever I need a little creative boost, and am never disappointed!

    Cartermaryd says:

    I journal about whatever is on my mind at the time, or things that are grabbing my attention.  I’d love to win one of these journals.  Thanks for the chance!

    Pat Upton says:

    This sounds fabulous! I am a lazy journaler but hope to start keeping one much more regularly. Fingers crossed!

    Jeannie says:

    I would love to add Gwen’s new book to my library. I own The Decorated Journal and keep checking the Decorated Page out of my library. I am new to journaling – baby steps is an understatement. I like to draw what I have seen on my walks or in the garden. Thanks for the chance to add this to my library!

    Sarah Myers says:

    Gwen was my teacher at WWC. I had idolized her before even becoming a student there. I wasn’t even registered for her classes when I stumbled into the studio and recognized things that I had seen in some of her books. I immedietly changed classes and had her all year. My best class in my entire college history. I have made books since then and I love it.

    millicent says:

    Wow – the contest is too cool!  My journals are a way of consolidating all of my random thoughts and inspirations into cohesive projects.


    Gina says:

    I usually use my journals for sketching ideas for my clay or fiber projects but when I do actually journal, I write about my day-to-day activities including doodles, books I’m reading and notes to remember. Thanks for this opportunity to win all this fabulous inspiration and Gwen’s butter box journal!

    Melanie Kiser says:

    I admit, I have a copy of Gwen’s new book already (and both of the others).  If I win, I will definitely pay it forward though!  I would LOVE a book Gwen made though!!!!!  That I would be keeping for myself, lol.
    I journal everyday life.  One day my kids might need to know that life has always been hard, but worth it in the end.

    Lyric Kinard says:

    I journal often when I am waiting for things – or sketch – most often when the weather is changing and I want to capture the feeling of anticipation. Buds opening to blossoms or leaves turning colors. Gwen is such a talented author! I think I’m going to head over and buy her book instead of wait.

    Trace says:

    Mostly my journals contain interesting snippets from the books I am reading, sketches from art I have seen and Ideas for my own art.

    Shira167 says:

    I journal about my day to day life and my feelings.

    Shira167 says:

    I journal about my day to day life and my feelings.

    Elizabeth Anzalone says:

    Journaling is a new effort for me and Gwen’s books are so inspiring

    Funkybearposte says:

    My journaling is in different themes: Garden life, animals, personal life, creating art, on and on. Journaling is great and a special way to go back in time and see what you have accomplished and what your life has entailed for a time. 

    Denise says:

    Looks like a fabulous book, and the butter box journal is so unique!!! Would love to have that little journal and the book to help me make them!!! Thanks for the opportunity! Fingers Crossed!! Cheers!

    Jennie P. says:

    I don’t normally journal, but I’ve wanted to for a long time. This inspires me to start!

    Christine Bolin says:

    I would love to win!  I have wanted to journal in something a little more journal-like.  I have scraps and dribs and drabs stuffed into a book that need a proper journal.Thanks.

    kathy nesi says:

    what a fantastic idea!  i never thought to use butter or cereal boxes to make a journal…love this way of going green especially with earth day just passing!  my journaling is sporadic, but usually just doodles of dreamy places

    Meg in Nelson says:

    Gwen’s were books that first introduced me to hournaling. How wonderful she has another one out! 

    Pat says:

    I love to journal around letterforms!

    Textiletraveler says:

    I tend to create little art journals when I travel. I take my basic art “kit” and incorporate souvenirs. They’re a great record of my vacation memories!

    sharon says:

    Thanks for this incredible chance! I always need help with journaling, and this book looks like it does just that, plus Gwen’s journal looks beautiful! I need help with writing, I know this would help! Thanks again!

    Nacrissinger says:

    Oh, wow!! I’m getting back into journaling – right now, mostly “art”, but I journal a little of everything.

    Thank you for a chance at this wonderful giveaway!

    Sharon Bennett says:

    I love Gwen’s work. I mostly journal about my arty life by the week, since I work a day job, I do most on the weekends. Thanx for a chance to win this fab prize.

    Hcsamd says:

    Gwen’s work inspires me to keep trying. Eventually my journals might look as good! They are certainly going to be better!

    bev langby says:

    i like to journal mainly about my art methods and supplies i love to draw faces and they all become a part of me in some way , sketching flowers and other objects is more a doodling thing for me and i love to use watercolour in my journals…. thanks for the opportunity to enter …..

    Jennifer Bruner says:

    Most of my journaling is just writing, with an occasional sticker.  I really want to do more multimedia work, and these books look like a great bunch of ideas to borrow.    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Elizabeth Churchett says:

    I journal with daily ephemera as well as using my journal as a place to use up extra paint and ink from other projects, then I see what develops from that while not wasting anything at the same time. I absolutely adore Gwen’s books and would be so delighted to host a book made by her in my house!

    Diann Cornell says:

    I am most likely to journal about my craft projects, espeiclaly sewing and quilting.

    Lynn Rudolph says:

    I am a novice journaler and I am always finding inspiration from blogs and Pinterest. I journal and sketch around subjects I’d like to create later in watercolor, collage and calligraphy. It has helped overcome my fear of creating my own unique art. 

    martinmosaics says:

    I’ve done a couple different types of journals. I have journaled as therapy. I have journaled about one blessing I received each day. I have journaled about what I am praying for and also when it is answered. I have done a daily doodle, which is journaling if a different way. I love the fluency it brings to my life. and I love to see the growth I have made in any area of my life. :-)

    Mo W. says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t know she had a new book! I have her other one. I treasure my journal time – lately it’s the only creative time I get. I mostly do life things – sometimes I vent, sometimes I do affirmations. Sometimes I just art. I’d love to win,

    Barbara says:

    I’m new to Art Journaling and this book looks just amazing to me!! What scrumptiousness!! I would love to win this book.

    Barbara says:

    I’m new to Art Journaling and this book looks just amazing to me!! What scrumptiousness!! I would love to win this book.

    Rebecca says:

    I haven’t really delved into journalist yet, but in my head & heart I can’t wait! I love making art, and I love words, typography, and design. This book looks incredible! I would love to drool over it.

    Jpburton12 says:

    I usually journal about art projects and ideas….but lately, I feel the need to do a maniacal menopause journal, to come up with amazing solutions to the hot flashes, insomnia, forgetfulness and sweats that are unrelentless!!

    Dboddiford says:

    Nature Journaling is my favorite type of journaling, but I have been trying to do incorporate some Urban Sketching in recent months.

    I’d love to win both the butter book and Gwen’s new book. I mostly journal about my girl tribe (my 4 grand girls ages 1, 4, 8, and 9) who spend lots of time at my house and love to do art.


    Hi there…I journal about travelling and make a new journal for every trip I go on…ahead of time I paint the pages and fold them as signatures but take them unbound in a zip lock bag with my PIGMA markers.  I bind them when I get home with all the “stuff” I pick up along the way….

    Marji says:

    My favorite thing to do is make blank journals, but then I also journal while traveling.  I have both of the earlier Gwen Diehn books, and would love to see the additions to the new volume.

    Tamie says:

    I mostly journal about my finished quilts but I also need to make notes about my garden. What a great opportunity.

    Tamie says:

    I mostly journal about my finished quilts but I also need to make notes about my garden. What a great opportunity.

    Robyn says:

    I art journal my feelings in color and scrap, mostly abstract rendering atop lots of scribblings of emotion. I would love to win!

    Robyn says:

    I art journal my feelings in color and scrap, mostly abstract rendering atop lots of scribblings of emotion. I would love to win!

    Dana says:

    I love Gwen Diehn… have both both books but I’ll get this volume too!  Lately I’ve been drawing portaits – way out of my comfort zone.

    Erin Keane says:

    How funny, I just posted on my blog about how to USE your beautiful blank books! 

    I have a beer box book that hangs out next to my computer and records every blip of a blog idea as well as self reminders and Facebook quotes that I like and cool ideas from websites. I keep a tea box book in my handbag for any old thing that I need to jot down while out and about. There’s a “brain dump” journal and a matching journal that holds notes from Julia Cameron’s books. I have other journals “in waiting” for other amazing books that I want to take notes on, when I have spare time ;) There’s a “workbook” journal for current projects, commissions, workshops, and instruction. I have several visual journals–I’m counting six off the top of my head–and a little encaustic book that I’m drawing stamp designs in.

    Thanks for this opportunity!  Erin Keane

    Lorien says:

    I’ve been journaling since very young, as my family traveled fairly constantly until I was a teen.  Lately my journaling has been the process of revisiting my childhood through a memory roadmap of words and images.  An interesting project that’s challenging my abilities to organise my memories and vision into a form that can be captured on paper.

    Jenny Chang says:

    I actually don’t journal that much, but I would like to start.  

    Melissa says:

    This book looks very complete and amazing.  I look forward to learning some the the techniques offered.  My journal writing has been  on hiatus but have been starting up again — a place for sketching and noting thoughts and insights.  Thank you for your most generous giveaway

    Jen says:

    Look great I would love to win

    Kate says:

    Wonderful gift!  I journal most on nature.  This year I’ve begin a ‘square a day’ journal … sort of a daily little diary drawing.  That’s fun too!  

    Penny says:

    I have both of Gwens books, she started me on my journaling path and I havent stopped drawing, sketching, and sewing my way through many books since then.

    Cheryl says:

    Nowadays, I am trying to use new media and techniques to pep up my sketches.

    Lecsm says:

    Amazing, it would be a wonderful gift.

    Marilyn says:

    I journal about things around me. I love to journal at concerts or when I am waiting almost anywhere. Drawing the simplest things makes me see everything in a new light

    Connie Akers says:

    I would love to have the journal and book. I have Gwen’s earlier book and it’s wonderful

    MelodyJ says:

    I keep journals of workouts I want to do and have done.


    MiniaMinia says:

    It’s the  day-to-day life for me

    Lizmay Cowie says:

    Hi there never had a journal  in my life, but after being on the Sisterhood I cant wait to get one only thing is over here In Christchurch New Zealand they don’t have any journals like you have over your way. they have writing  ones but not the type you can paint in, frustrating or what. any who cross fingers :O)

    Wendy says:

    I make my own sketchbooks and sketch all sorts of things. What I really like to sketch is funny old machines and pipes. I’ve also been sketching a lot of roofscapes of old buildings recently. I know that Gewn is such a knowledgeable person and I’d love to have her new book to add to my skills.

    The Sparkly Fairy - Emma says:

    Oh wow, what an amazing prize! I love to keep a journal about everyday life and pictures that inspire me. I’m quite new to it, so the book would be invaluable!

    Lisa at Greenbow says:

    You bet I would love to have this book. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Laroseauvent says:

    I just turned 60 and am art journaling about this “special” year.

    Liz Adams says:

    I journal about everyday simple things– because they are the most important part of the fabric of life.

    Judy Shreve says:

    I sketch in my journal daily and have just started making my own journals. What a fabulous give-away!

    Margaret says:

    This looks good enough to eat!  I would so love to win a copy of Gwen’s book – it would kick-start my journalling again…

    Nankelee says:

    I have other books by Gwen, and would love to add to my collection!  I have made other books, but would love to know how to make this one!  Thanks for the opportunity to win it! 

    This would feed my journal addiction perfectly! I journal about any and everything

    Gloria Hansen says:

    Oooh …  I’ve love the opportunity to win! It would be an honor to win, especially Gwen’s butter box journal! 
    Most often I journal about what is going on in my life. It can include anything from an event, such as something happening in the world, to thoughts swirling around in my mind that need a place to rest. Some days it’s only words, some days it’s words and pictures.

    Betty Wilkins says:

    My journaling subjects are “all over the place” . . . whatever I dream up next will go in the pages.  Mostly, I journal about my feelings, my dreams and my daily life!!  All of which would fit quite nicely into a butter box journal ;-)

    Melielliott says:

    I used to do “morning pages,” but now my journaling has transitioned into art–drawings, paintings–with accompanying comments.

    Francine Schneider says:

    What an awesome prize, I would love the chance to win  :)

    BellaMade01 says:

    I would love to win this, because I am new to this form of journaling, and want to continue my exploration of journaling the garden I’m working in, from plans to fruition.

    Jeanette sclar says:

    Who wouldn’t want to enter to win this?  I adore all things Gwen Diehn…and have loved her great, clear directions .

    Anonymous says:

    I’m really curious how to do these.

    Tony_mz72 says:

    I love all things creative, and this is definitely creative.

    SDean says:

    These books look amazing and I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled across them earlier! My favorite thing to journal are quotes that really inspire me and apply to a particular time in my life.  Flipping through old journals always gives me a boost.

    Elsie Hickey Wilson says:

    This looks like a great book!
    A “must have”!

    Penny A says:

    I would LOVE to have the butter box journal (seems a wonderful place to compile favorite family recipes for our daughter); and will be ordering the book *whether I win or not* — it looks jam-packed with useful AND inspiring info :)  My journaling tends to be related to testing new techniques — along with copious notes, and “oh, if that works, what happens if I do THIS?”  Thanks for this opportunity!

    The Butter Box journal looks like fun – I think it would be a lovely gift for my daughter.  I tend to journal more about family memories, recipes, and project plans.  Winning this giveaway would be inspiring!

    Jacqueline says:

    Love this!  I mostly journal while I am traveling.  I do watercolor paintings of the area and then include some mixed media techniques to include collected ephemera.  I am taking a group to France in May 2013 and would love to share some of your ideas!  Thanks for this post.

    Sandra STrait says:

    I journal with my art–mostly Zentangle-inspired Art.  Although the work is abstract, I usually study what I’ve done to see what it is–I seldom plan so I’m always surprised.  

    What a lovely book. Congratulations.. I love the butter book. And the Little Debbies box give me a idea. My journaling consists of random moments and things.

    Badfairy2 says:

    wow, amazing…

    My journaling is mostly random sketching during the day of anything that catches my eye, and writing a little note about it.  My journals become inspiration books for my later art and paintings.

    Theresa Morgen Keefner Ni Eidh says:

    What do I draw in my journal? Whatever I see! I find that’s usually teapots, tea-things, my cat, buildings, and “fantasy” dwellings and doodles from my imagination!

    Sheri says:

    I mostly play in my journals. sometimes the art I do reflects I am feeling, but mostly just playing. Love The butter book!  :)

    Anita says:

    I would love to win this! My journal is about my daily life and dreams. It’s my inner voice in pictures and words. It can be anything from a list of things that make me smile, to recipes and drawings of my favourite dishes, to views that inspire me, or sketches from local coffee shops.

    Janell Cleveland says:

    I seem to be journaling two themes most often-time and what it means- and daily reports on my life. These books look wonderful-would be great resource tools for me.

    Angela DeWitt Averill says:

    Awesome!  I am very new to art journaling and just soak up info in new techniques like a sponge!  My journaling is so varied.  It might be about my day, or it might be just trying out a new techniqe I ran across on the internet.  And I tend to binge on certain items.  Like a week or two ago, all I wanted to do was daisies, last week it was strawberries and now I feel a sunflower binge coming on…..:-)

    Usairdoll says:

    What amazing journals! How fun it would be to create such a journal. I’m not real consistent about writing but my son is deploying in a matter of days and while he is away I plan on doing some kind of diary/journal about his son who is 18 months. I don’t want my son to miss anything that he doesn’t have to. Kids grow up so fast!

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.


    Gillwatson says:

    I would love love love to win this amazing book!
    I’m fairly new to journalling but mine are mostly about the natural world around me

    Elle Pukalo says:

    I have one of Gwen’s books.  I’m journaling about various techniques right now as I find my stride.  I need this new book.  Thanks!

    Elle Pukalo says:

    oops, I’m not eligible. I’m from Canada.  Seems it pays to read the fine print.  :(

    Sharon Lynn Payne says:

    I am journaling about what inspires me at the moment…. like a photo…. a pattern in fabric… something I’ve saved for years gone by…. a tidbit of something on my walking path….. these are the pages of my life

    Ashley Flesouras says:

    I journal mostly about day-to-day life, especially the little things I want to remember. Looks like an awesome book!

    ellen briggs says:

    I journal about day to day happenings. If I can’t sleep, I know something’s on my mind, so I get my journal out. I just write. I have created journal’s with decorated covers as gifts for friends using composition notebooks. I love getting craft ideas from any source and maybe if I win this contest I will start a more fun-to-look-at journal. 

    indyy says:

    I journal in the form of doodles and quotes (:

    Marilyn Buel says:

    I journal using Zentangles. I am always learning new tangles and try to make a zentangle that reflects what happened in my life on a particular day. For example, my grandson went to the zoo for the first time and I created a zentangle in the shape of a hippopotamus. Another zentangle in my journal commemorated our wedding anniversary. Here’s a site that explains all about Zentangles–http://www.zentangle.com/

    Dona says:

    Love the Butter Box journal and would really like the copy of The Complete Decorated Journal!  Mostly I journal about special occasions and will be journaling on my trip to Alaska in a couple of months. The journals presented in this article are truly amazing!

    Linda Penny says:

    I journal about a variety of things, doodles, quotes, travels, inspiration, feelings.  I would like to journal more with sketching, but I’m drawing challenged – working on it though!

    Mariastoller says:

    I spend time with my sketchbook every day.  With it I have learned not only to draw better but to to believe more in myself, gotten to know myself better, worked through my daily challenges, brainstormed, tried out different techniques, followed the blooming and dying of a flower, experienced every full moon for a year, etc., etc.,  I could not live without it!

    Beezus says:

    Mostly I journal about childhood memories and the lessons they taught me.  Sometimes, I just journal about my personal reflections on life, what I see going on around me, what I hope to do someday.  :)

    Susan R says:

    Love this!!! I’m trying to journal more travel things – including travel in my own town!

    Cbgrabowski57 says:

    Wow, what a great book of ideas! This would certainly add to my own ideas on journal-keeping and sketching. 

    Patricia Esparza says:

    I mostly journal about what is going on my life at the moment, also love travel journaling, Thank you for the opportunity to win such amazing prize!!

    henrietta zielinski says:

    I journal about my work, ideas for the work and sketches for my projects.  A lot of the overflow into the journal has to do with where my thoughts and emotions are so probably complete picture of my journey.  I do also keep a separate journal which is more about personal life issues – but the majority of the journaling is in my “creative journal.” 

    Mysticrev1 says:

    I journal about my life as it unfolds. I often include collage, drawings, and paintings that reflect what is going on. It may be as simple as a sketch of one of my orchids that is blooming, or an abstract sketch to reflect the emotion that has been a big part of the day. It may be as mindless as an automatic doodle, or as detailed as a life size botanical sketch. My past journals have an important space in my library and I “mine” them on a regular basis. Thanks for the chance to participate in this drawing!

    Glenda Hoagland says:

    I think that this is a wonderful giveaway. I usually find that I journal during my travels and when I return.  It is so much fun looking through the ephemera and placing it in the journal, painting the background pages and writing the memories.  I have made a book about Paris and am beginning to work on one for Italy

    Julazul says:

    I like to journal about my several passions in life…brazil, music, dreams, creating, dogs.  Gwen has been a wonderful inspiration! 

    Oh I am so looking forward to getting this book! THANK YOU for this chance to win one of her AWESOME butter box journals!

    Otgjen says:

    I love to sketch flowers at the local botanic gardens!

    Twyla Marti says:

    I absolutely love Gwen’s work and although I have both of her books, would love to have the compilation of both. Love the Butter Box journal!

    Michele says:

    Oh, my!  Updated, new material?  A Gwem Deihn-made journal?  I am so for all of these good things!

    Dorothy Yuki says:

    Wow.  Great stuff…I would love to win this hand made journal.  What a wonderful re-purpose project!

    Dorothy Yuki says:

    Wow.  Great stuff…I would love to win this hand made journal.  What a wonderful re-purpose project!

    Like those who’ve commented before me, I love Gwen’s work.  I have made 3 books from recipes in her books.   I only wish there was Kate’s Butter here in California.  It’s fun to see what others are doing with their journals.  I’m very new at this so it’s great to be inspired.

    Lucy says:

    I sure would love this book. Please pick me…. Thanks for showing us these.

    Lucy says:

    I sure would love this book. Please pick me…. Thanks for showing us these.

    Cacollie says:

    I would love to win the book and butter book! I’m a big fan of Gwen Diehn’s but I feel like there is much more to learn and review. I am trying to do a  better, more attractive way of journaling and this would definitely help!!

    Raye Mayo says:

    I journal about whatever is streaming across my brainpan…flowers that might be blooming in front of me, the memories an object might evoke, dreams and plans for the week ahead. I keep more than one journal, including the Gwen-inspired “Book of Fortnights”. Gwen’s books and blog have been a huge inspiration to me.

    Nancy Jackson-Reno says:

    I have had journals since High School days (1960s!), but mostly wrote in them until I discovered you could create a decorated journal. Not just drawing, but collages of papers, nature, textures,  . . . whatever flows as it unfolds. I was given your older book as a gift and love it. Would love your new one.
    Thank you!

    Dali Lobo says:

    Like many people, I sketch with pencil, ink and watercolor, when I travel or when I am at home.  It is relaxing and helps me to see what is in front of me.

    Gwen’s books are lovely and filled with great information.

    Kathleen says:

    I mostly do stream of consciousness, everyday life journal writing, but would enjoy learning to embellish the written page, and and to create my own journals.  Thank you for this giveaway opportunity.  Gwen’s book looks amazing.


    Bicemama says:

    I write and paint or draw in my journals every day.  I do landscapes, portraits of my pets, quickie portraits in restaurants, sketches in museums, it is a written and illustrated documentary of my daily life.  I have The Decorated Journal, and I would love to add this book as well as one of Gwen’s handmade books to my collection.  I’m currently working in a book I made from the bookbinding section in the aformentioned book, always more fun to work in a journal you crafted yourself!

    I would love to win this! I’m such a fan of Gwen’s other books. I still employ many of her techniques and philosophies in my sketchbooks and bookmaking today!

    I would love to win this! I’m such a fan of Gwen’s other books. I still employ many of her techniques and philosophies in my sketchbooks and bookmaking today!

    Lucy says:

    I would LOVE to give this book to my mom. She’s a painter and has kept visual and written journals since I can remember. This book looks beautiful!

    Lucy says:

    I would LOVE to give this book to my mom. She’s a painter and has kept visual and written journals since I can remember. This book looks beautiful!

    Jonee says:

    I have one of Gwen’s books and would love to own this collection. I have journals of all types from personal to art journaling but they don’t hold a candle to these.

    Chriss Johns says:

    Oh I would love to win!  I have one of Gwen’s books, her first and I love it-inspiring.  I love to make books and journal about life.  Thanks for the chance!  The Butter Journal looks like a fun book block to make…love to see the directions.  

    Janel Gradowski says:

    I love making recycled journals as gifts. What a beautiful book and I would love to win it!

    Sue Maib says:

    i usually journal about day-to-day life. i love looking back and reading about what i was doing a year ago, two years ago, five years ago….thanks for sharing this giveaway.

    Vicky says:

    Looks like a fabulous book! I sketch and journal nearly every day, usually in journals I bind myself (thanks for your “Real Life Journals” book!!!). My pages cover anything and everything — whatever image catches my eye along with quotes, Bible verses or devotions, places I go, grandchildren (sketched from snapshots most of the time but sometimes “live” as they paint with me), botanical sketches from life, piles of books I’m currently reading, my Scottie and Maine Coon cat. Everything is fair game when my sketchbook is in hand!

    Njsparks says:

    I journal about things that happen in our lives, at our home and with our family – call it Camp Sparky -  micron pen and watercolor pencils in a moleskin journal.  Love Gwen’s work!

    My journal is a watercolor sketch journal. I go out near my home and sketch what is around me. Last week I went to a park and sketched about the robins and the trees. It was a very pleasant time. This week I want to sketch closer to home.. Maybe in my yard.

    DonnettaK says:

    I use my journaling mostly as an outlet to try and heal myself from all the various stresses that come along in life.  Thus my journaling is pretty random, but I have a dream, a desire, a hope, that I will be able to expand my journaling and a book of techniques and design such as this would be very beneficial to my journaling.

    Kristin says:

    I journal most often about my daily life or whatever happens to be on my mind during that day. I want to leave my kids and grandkids something special and amazing someday. :) My journals have become sort of mini-scrapbooks, because I cut and paste things into them as well as write and sketch.

    Kristin says:

    I journal most often about my daily life or whatever happens to be on my mind during that day. I want to leave my kids and grandkids something special and amazing someday. :) My journals have become sort of mini-scrapbooks, because I cut and paste things into them as well as write and sketch.

    Jenny says:

    Oh my goodness this book looks wonderful! I have been keeping a journal since I was in the third grade. Some years I think my journal was my best friend. I include life’s stories, creative “to do” lists, poetry and tiny drawings.  Now I have two daughters of my own and encourage them to use this wonderful creative outlet. I’d love to win this book! :)

    Caroline Dimmick says:

    Wonderful ideas!  Sure would love to win this book!!!  I journal nearly every day and my journal is BORING!  Thanks for the chance to win.

    I journal every day, mostly sketches, some cartoons, a quote and the weather of the day… I’d love to have the book, and the Journal… I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  See my blog/journal here http://captelaine.blogspot.com

    Gwen B says:

    i already own the decorated page book and found it very inspiring. To win the new compilation book would be great an would give me more ideas to journal. I don´t journal everyday  and when I do it relates to my life at large (travels, new flowers, habits, quotes,…).

    Sarah Wolfman-Robichaud says:

    I’ve been a followed of Sweet Mess blog for years and I’m so happy to see her featured in your book!  I’d love the opportunity to be entered into the draw…thank you!

    Barb Smith says:

    This book looks awesome and it appears to be filled with mountains of ideas, techniques, and inspiration.  I’d love to win it . . . and that darling butter box journal!  Thanks for the opportunity.

    Sharlyn says:

    What a neat book!  I’d love to win it.  I recently took a trip to Venice, Italy and did a travel journal.  It was my first experience with journaling and I’d love to learn more so I can do more!

    Zdesign says:

    Love it!  So inspiring!

    Beadsophisticate says:

    I mostly journal about artistic experiences.  I have The Decorated Page but am looking forward to this book.  It looks fantastic.

    Sarah says:

    I have several journals going: my Inner Work Journal; several sketchbook/journals in which I sketch and comment on my sketching ‘progress’; a down-and-dirty work-it-out-journal, where I scribble and sketch ideas/comments/designs for whatever project is in progress. Love them all. Gwen has been an inspiration to me with her many journals.

    Tessarickard says:

    Wonderful Books and ideas!  My sketchbook is my journal….

    Amelia says:

    This is an excellent idea! I’m so glad to see more and more about artist books!

    Sue Cutter says:

    How exciting!  Crossing my fingers.  My jounaling is generally about what I see around me, whether I’m traveling or out to lunch.  Flowers, table settings, my cats…whatever grabs my attention.

    Kathryn says:

    I would love to win this book for a friend of mine… she and I took a class with Gwen a couple of years ago and had a great time.  My own journaling… mostly day to day stuff, what I did, who I talked to, how I felt about things.

    Sharnegregory says:

    I would love a chance to win Gwens book.  I started a journal when I was on holiday, but ran out of ideas so sadly never finished it.  If I was lucky enough to win, might give me the kick start I need to complete it.

    CindyVH says:

    An artist who inspires me with her lovely journaling was inspired by Gwen’s books.  What a treat to find such a wonderful teacher in Gwen!  I’d love to learn more.  I aspire to be a naturalist, capturing what I find around me with watercolors.

    shirley says:

    I would love this book, I have been collecting some mediums to start journal my Heart and my love, mostly my grandkids,,, my family and what they mean to me.

    Saschafrow says:

    I am involved with a collaborative Art Journal Group.  We meet on a monthly basis and complete a piece for another member’s journal according to their theme.  We each have our own theme.  I also do an art journal when I travel.  would LOVE to have this book!  Sascha

    Wordygirl says:

    I have fallen behind on journalling–years behind, I am ashamed to admit.  But I have begun to write down family stories, such as the stories I remember my parents telling about our family life, our childhoods, my cousins, etc.  I share these stories with the people featured in them, so that they can “hear” the sweet things my mom and dad used to say about them, can bask in that warm glow that comes from being reminded that you were treasured as a child and that your special qualities were recalled long after you left childhood behind.  

    Maryvonneclement says:

    Actually I’m journaling about dreams and nightmares and I just finished an art journal about farm animals.

    Alice says:

    I mostly journal about my garden, but I have started to include my thoughts and dreams.

    Bonnie says:

    My journals are full of quotes, daily records from weather to  what is going on in our lives, prayers, a sort of Smash book at times, a sort of art journal with pens, watercolors, etc…. It is a place for me to be quiet, to think, to record, to perserve the present for the future.

    Molly Faircloth says:

    I generally journal to try new techniques or mediums…mostly to play.

    Gini Cooper says:

    I have one of Gwen’s books and would love to have this amazing book and butter box. Need some inspiration! I have several journals, one mainly written in which I write about the ups and downs of life and other random musings. I have a personal planner that has become a mix of doodling, sample swatches when I get new supplies, and daily record. I’ve also got a few art journals going, two are pages from online classes and one is an altered composition book that I started as a sample journal for a visioning class I taught and has now become the focus for my goal of healing. Thanks for the great review and giveaway!

    Libby says:

    Just about anything can end up in my journal – from a flower in my garden to a pretty new pair of socks that make my feet feel oh, so cozy!

    caf says:

    I have both of her books and hold them dear. I always go back to them for inspiration!

    Carol Sloan says:

    I love Gwen’s books! In my written journal, I contemplate what is happening in my life, my garden and my art. In my visual journal, I record urban sketching outings, art techniques and just any ol’ thing that I want to!

    MoniqueHasana says:

    This giveaway is God sent. I just start making soap and this journal would be perfect to keep my recipes and ideas. Thanks for this giveaway and have a blessed day

    Annette Emms says:

    I love Gwens books! I also love working in my daily art journal book. X

    Chrissie Stewart says:

    Such a nifty book. It’s smallness pulls out the squee in me! I think it would be perfect for my workbench, a handy thing to note down ideas, record what worked, what didn’t. Or just look through it for inspiration and procrastination!

    Miss T says:

    My daily journal is where I do quick sketches to improve my skills and my eye — anything around me is fair game.

    Marjorie DeQuincy says:

    I have a copy of Gwen’s The Decorated Page. My journals keep my ideas (sketches and text) for art projects and quotations.  The Butter Box Journal is great!  

    Anonymous says:

    Hope Gwen’s book will get me started journaling.

    SamanthaF says:

    These books look terrific!  I love the butter box journal! It looks like there are a lot of great ideas and techniques here.

    FranT says:

    this looks terrific. I journal about every day things, food, family and my surroundings

    SarahWarrs says:

    I’ve only just started to journal but i’m taking so much inspiration from you and others. I wake up everyday now excited to work in my book! At the moment my joutnal is quite random as i like doodles and patterns. And i can’t stop making homemade journals so lots to now fill!

    Penney says:

    This book looks terrific.  I’ve always kept visual journals and like to learn new techniques.

    Diana says:

    I am new to Gwen’s work, a friend sent me to her blog, and what a treat!!! I mostly journal about daily things, and I usually have more than one journal going at once. Thanks for the chance to get all of these neat books and such!!

    Jeanine says:

    These are beautiful.  I like to make journals when my daughter and I take a trip.

    Elaineboston says:

    Wow I can’t wait to start my artistic journal, thanks for the inspiration

    barbfox says:

    I am just beginning to sketch in a journal and I’ve decided to sketch every day for the month of May; light pencil sketch following up with waterproof fine marker. I think this will get me ready for my travel to France in July. I love the idea of capturing bits and pieces of my travels…  (By the way, love your blog. I found your link on Melanie Testa’s blog  :-)

    What a wonderful prize! I enjoy journaling about my daily life. Many times I will incorporate inspirational quotes in my journal that complement my images.

    Stephanie says:

    I love the Decorated Page.  I would love to have the journal one too.  I am new to journaling but most often I tend to journal about every day life.  I have always wondered what my mother’s or her mother’s day to day was like.  I am sure it wasn’t much different than mine but I would love to read something from them in their own handwriting.

    Sherri says:

    Wow, what an opportunity!
    I journal about almost everything…but I’ve made a point to find the positives in my day, rather than have a journal full of grumping.  The positives end up being the memories I want to keep, anyway.  I’ve journaled about my son, my husband, a trip to Germany (a whole journal to itself), Hawaii, St. Louis, and other closer places.  I’ve journaled most about the funny things that happen in my day, that will give me a smile in the future.  Never enough smiles!!!

    I’ve been a journal keeper since I was given a diary at age 8. My journal is mostly observations on my day to day life and how the outside impacts the inside – and vice versa. Later in life – when I was twenty-something – I added visual journalling to the mix and more recently, I’ve been making my own journals – Thank you Gwen Diehn and others for your mentorship and inspiration. Thank you Lark Books for your contribution to the world of craft.

    Bjcallig says:

    I love this site, and Gwen’s book. I love to keep a journal to doodle and draw in and add random thoughts and quotes I find along the way.

    Tammy says:

    Although I don’t live in the U.S., I will definitely look for this lovely book when it comes to Canadian bookshelves.  

    LAB says:

    I loved the original books and look forward to reading this new compiled version with updating!

    Nan Robkin says:

    Love the book’s looks and concept! A good addition to any book maker’s library! Love the butterbox book!

    Beckysoules21 says:

    I love the clear directions in Gwen’s books.  They are a staple in my art library

    jan b. says:

    I have yet to enter the artistic realm of journaling but I do keep a book handy to jot down art ideas, rough sketches, techniques, books or blogs to peruse, quotes, or a wide array of thoughts that enter my mind.  

    Jessica says:

    I would LOVE to win this!!! It’s beautiful & creative!!!

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