Meet the Craft-a-Doodlers!

September 17, 2013, 09:00 am  Posted by Lark


Last month, our newest bundle of joy, Craft-a-Doodle debuted to immediate success and delighted response from happy readers. Doodling is a popular trend, and the book was a sincere pleasure to publish, but most importantly, each and every contributing artist is extraordinary. Their beautiful doodles run the gamut from silly to surreal. What fun it is just to leaf through, before even picking up a doodling utensil of your own! Without further fanfare, let us introduce the Craft-a-Doodle artists:


Hanna Andersson, also known as iHanna, is a Swedish artist, journalist, and self-proclaimed notebook junkie who enjoys blogging about her creative adventures. To learn more about Hanna, visit her website.

Hanna Andersson


Julie Armbruster




Julie Armbruster.is a New Jersey native currently residing in Asheville, North Carolina. Her mixed media paintings have been displayed in galleries throughout the East Coast and as far as Venice, Italy. Go to Julie’s website to see more of her work.




Flora Chang





Flora Chang is a life-long doodler, currently residing in the Midwest. A full-time designer and illustrator, she divides her time between a job designing products for a greeting card company, maintaining her Etsy shop, and searching for treasures at flea markets. To learn more about Flora, visit her website.






Gemma Correll



Gemma Correll.is a freelance illustrator from Norwich, England, where she lives with her two trusty pugs. Known for her cleverly styled typography, comics, and illustrations, Gemma’s artwork has been featured in many publications and exhibitions across the globe. To learn more, visit her website.





Cori Dantini, of Pullman, Washington, can most often be found in her studio, covered in a mosaic of ink stains, glue dabs, and bits of paper. A full-time illustrator, mother, and wife, Cori’s designs and illustrations have graced canvasses, notecards, and fabric. To learn more about Cori, visit her website.

Cori Dantini


Corinne Dean lives and creates in Chicago, Illinois. Drawing since she could hold a crayon, she has since earned a BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and now spends her time painting, illustrating, and creating charming miniatures for dollhouses. To learn more, visit her website.

Corinne Dean



Pamela Keravuori

Pamela Keravuori is a painter, illustrator, and teacher living in Virginia. Her studies, as well as her husband’s military career, have taken her all over the world, providing opportunities todisplay her abstract paintings in both American and German galleries. To learn more, visit her blog.




Stephanie Kubo





Stephanie Kubo is a freelance illustrator and tea aficionado living in Oakland, California. A graduate of California College of the Arts, Stephanie has an eye for creating colorful, abstract patterns, intricate lettering styles, and linocuts. To learn more, visit her website.




Mafalda Laezza





Mafalda Laezza.is an Italian artist who is passionate about illustration. She often works with unique materials, creating hand-painted, eco-friendly goods to sell in her Etsy shop. She also enjoys browsing flea markets and shooting with her Polaroid and toy cameras. To learn more about Mafalda, visit her blog.




Teresa McFayden






Teresa McFayden.is a mixed-media artist with an independent streak. Her lifelong passion for teaching has led her to conduct more than 25 online art courses over the past 5 years. Teresa lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband, three children, and beloved yorkie, Lilly. To learn more about Teresa, visit her website.





Dinara Mirtalipova




Dinara Mirtalipova.graduated with a degree in Computer Science before realizing her true passion was for drawing and doodling. She now illustrates greeting cards and children’s books. Originally from Uzbekistan, she now lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her family and cat, Matilda. To learn more about Dinara, visit her website.



Jessie Oleson Moore





Jessie Oleson Moore, known to many as CakeSpy, is an avid blogger and professional seeker of sweetness. As a freelance writer and illustrator, Jessie has authored two cookbooks and is a regular contributor to Taste of Home magazine. She lives in Philadelphia with her pug, Porkchop. To learn more, visit her website.







Teesha Moore is a mixed-media artist, journaler, and the creative force behind annual gatherings such as Artfest, Fiberfest, and Journalfest. She lives in Issaquah, Washington. Click here to go to her website.

Teesha Moore



Aimee Ray



Aimee Ray.is an indie business owner with a passion for crafting, nature, and sci-fi. She is the author of two books on creative embroidery: Doodle Stitching (Lark, 2007; 2010). A Midwestern Illinois girl at heart, Aimee currently resides in Arkansas with her husband, Josh, and their two dogs. To learn more about her, visit her website.




Cynthia Shaffer





Cynthia Shaffer.is a mixed media artist, quilter, and creative sewer. She is the author of Stash Happy Patchwork (Lark, 2011) and Stash Happy Appliqué (Lark, 2012). Cynthia lives in Orange, California. To learn more, visit her website.




Dawn DeVries Sokol






Dawn DeVries Sokol.is an author, lettering illustrator, book designer, and avid doodler. When she’s not inspiring artists at her doodling retreats and online workshops, she is often busy creating in her home studio alongside Lucy, her black lab. To learn more, visit her blog.




Carla Sonheim





Carla Sonheim.is a painter, illustrator, published author, and creativity workshop instructor who encourages artists to celebrate the spontaneous, playful side of creativity. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her photographer husband and game-playing teenager. To learn more about Carla, visit her website.





Jennifer Taylor





Jennifer Taylor.is a California State University graduate who works as an editor for a publishing company. Her passion is painting and she recently displayed her colorful canvases at a local art show. Jennifer also enjoys photography and blogging about her creative journey. To learn more about her, visit her blog.


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