The DeStash Diaries, Vol. 6—Love Letters

June 08, 2010, 16:10 pm  Posted by needlearts

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More fabric love from me this week. I often have a hard time parting with remnants of fabric, so I stash them to use when I make cards. I started creating cards with fabric a few years ago, when I grew frustrated looking for cards that expressed what I wanted to express to the special people to whom I wished to express something. So now I make them, and my peeps get a unique greeting from my hands and my heart. I get a chance to repurpose some beautiful pieces of cloth in the process, too.

You can spend as little, or as much, time as you want on cards. Most of my designs are pretty simple, because that’s the way I roll! I go through different phases, like adding lots of hand stitching for a while, then using lots of machine stitching for a bit, maybe adding some bling with sequins or metallic thread. I generally use something to fuse the pieces in place before I stitch, either an iron-on fusible (if I’m using a fabric ground) or just a dab from a glue stick. I also go through periods of using certain motifs, like hearts or birds. (I’m a birder, so they’re in pretty steady rotation.) Sometime I just use fabric as if it were a ribbon (as you see in the photo above) for a little bit of decoration. Remember my very first post about kimono scraps? I use lots and lots of those in my card making. The pad of handmade papers in the photo was a gift that Son #2 brought back to me from the semester he spent in Jaipur, India.

I usually stitch right through the card itself and then glue a “page” on the inside to cover the handwork, on which I write the greeting. I also started making my own envelopes for the cards I deliver in person; I get most of my paper from a great place here in Asheville, True Blue Art Supply.

Here are some examples of cards I’ve made. The one thing you see here that’s not exactly a card is a scroll I made for my sister’s 10th wedding anniversary, when she and her husband renewed their vows. Some of the hearts were made from fabric I designed in a fabulous workshop I took with Lisa Engelbrecht at the International Quilt Market and Festival a few years back. The scroll has ten different hearts on it, one for each year of wedded bliss. See—I told you this post was all about love….


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    Gavin Young says:

    I still have a Christmas card you made me hanging on my bulletin board at work—it's a beautiful stitched peace sign. I love seeing it each morning!

    sy says:

    that's a good idea to glue on the inside to cover the stitches. i love the christmas cards.

    PaigeGilchrist says:

    And I still have a birthday card you made me years ago — diaphanous tulle and ribbon. You're not only destashing, you're creating keepsakes!

    amber565 says:

    What a great idea! I always have tons of left over fabric that I don't know what to do with, and I love making cards.

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